Baby Inserts To Use In Adult Cloth Diapers – A Compressive Guide

Suppose you’re using cloth diapers, baby inserts to use in adult cloth diapers. Various inserts are available on the market; deciding which is right for you can take time. The most crucial factor to consider when choosing an insert is its fit. You want it snug enough not to move around and create leaks but not so tight that it’s uncomfortable.

Some babies prefer a soft insert, while others prefer a firmer one. And, of course, the Insert should fit well in your cloth diaper system overall. We’ll introduce you to baby inserts for adult cloth diapers and recommend the best ones for use with adult cloth diapers. We’ll also provide a list of the most popular baby inserts and tips on choosing the right one for your needs.

Baby Inserts To Use In Adult Cloth Diapers

5 Best Baby Inserts To Use In Adult Cloth Diapers

5 Best Baby Inserts To Use In Adult Cloth Diapers

You can choose from a few different types when using inserts in adult cloth diapers. Each has its benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to research which is best for you. You can use a variety of baby inserts with adult cloth diapers. However, the following five consider the best ones for this purpose:

1. Stay Dry Inserts

Stay Dry Inserts

Finding the right Insert is vital when using adult cloth diapers for baby care. A stay-dry insert is one of the best options, which helps keep your baby feeling dry and comfortable. This Insert, made from materials like microfiber or fleece, wicks away moisture from the skin and prevents irritation.

You can also use them with other types of inserts for added absorbency. Stay-dry inserts are an excellent choice for parents who want to keep their babies cosy and dry day and night. Plus, they’re easy to wash and reuse, making them a cost-effective option for eco-conscious families.

We designed this waterproof fabric insert to keep your child dry and comfortable throughout the night. It also has a contoured shape that helps evenly distribute your child’s weight, so you don’t have to worry about it causing pain or discomfort.

2. Bumgenius Diaper Inserts

Bumgenius Diaper Inserts

Finding the right Insert is critical for maximum comfort and absorbency when using adult cloth diapers. The Bumgenius diaper insert, which is designed specifically for use with adult cloth diapers, is one popular option.

Made from soft and absorbent materials, these inserts are perfect for those who need extra protection against leaks or overnight wetness. They come in various sizes and thicknesses to meet the needs of different users and can be easily washed and reused multiple times.

With their high-quality construction and reliable performance, Bumgenius diaper inserts are a top choice for anyone looking to get the most out of their adult cloth diapers.

These inserts are made from a breathable microfiber fabric designed to absorb moisture quickly and evenly. They also come with an inner lining that helps retain heat, which is helpful during cold weather.

3. Thirsties Duo-Dry Cloth Diaper Inserts

Thirsties Duo-Dry Cloth Diaper Inserts

If you’re looking for the best baby inserts in adult cloth diapers, Thirsties Duo-Dry Cloth Diaper Inserts are a great option. These inserts are designed with multiple layers of absorbent material, making them perfect for heavy wetters or overnight use.

The microfiber and hemp materials in these inserts are also incredibly soft and comfortable against the skin, ensuring your baby stays dry and comfortable throughout the day or night.

Plus, since they are designed to fit inside adult cloth diapers, they offer a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative to disposable options. So if you’re looking for a reliable and high-quality baby insert for your adult cloth diapers, check out Thirsties Duo-Dry Cloth Diaper Inserts.

These inserts are made from two types of fabric – one that absorbs moisture and one that helps lock it in place so it doesn’t leak out while wearing your diaper. They also come with a built-in absorbency system, so you won’t need to add any additional absorbency materials.

4. Little Monkeys Bamboo Inserts

Little Monkeys Bamboo Inserts

Little Monkeys Bamboo Inserts are popular for parents who use cloth diapers on their babies. These inserts are made from organic bamboo, known for its absorbency and softness. They are designed to fit into most adult-sized cloth diapers, making them an excellent option for adults who need extra absorbency or protection.

The Little Monkeys Bamboo Inserts are also eco-friendly and sustainable, as they can be washed and reused multiple times before needing to be replaced. Overall, these inserts are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a comfortable and effective solution to their incontinence needs.

These inserts are made from 100% bamboo fibres and are highly absorbent​ and soft​ enough for babies to get comfortable in them immediately. They come in different sizes and can use with various cloth diaper brands.

5. Charlie Banana Inserts

Charlie Banana Inserts

Charlie Banana inserts are a great option if you’re looking for a reliable and effective baby insert in adult cloth diapers. Made with organic cotton and hemp, these inserts are super absorbent and can hold up to multiple washings without losing shape or effectiveness.

They are also incredibly soft, essential for keeping your baby comfortable and preventing irritation. Plus, they come in various sizes to fit your specific needs. Whether you’re a seasoned cloth diaper user or just starting, Charlie Banana inserts are worth considering.

This Insert is made from bamboo and hemp fabric and is designed to absorb up to 10 times its weight in moisture, which helps keep your child comfortable all night long. It also comes in different sizes for various diaper styles and two cute designs – the Panda Bear Insert (pictured) and The Gorilla insert.

Large or X-large Sized Inserts

Certainly! Adult cloth diapers often require inserts for added absorbency. The two standard sizes for adult cloth diaper inserts are large and extra-large (X-large). These inserts are designed to fit the corresponding sizes of cloth diapers.

Large adult cloth diaper inserts typically have dimensions that suit the needs of individuals who wear large-sized adult cloth diapers. These inserts provide additional absorbency and help prevent leaks. They are generally wider and longer than inserts for smaller-sized adult cloth diapers.

Extra-large (X-large) adult cloth diaper inserts are specifically designed for individuals who wear X-large-sized adult cloth diapers. These inserts offer even more absorbency and coverage compared to large-sized inserts. They provide maximum protection and comfort for those who require larger-sized diapers.

It’s important to note that the availability and specific dimensions of adult cloth diaper inserts can vary depending on the manufacturer or brand. It’s recommended to check with the supplier or retailer to ensure you get the right size and fit for your adult cloth diapers.

How To Use Baby Inserts In Adult Cloth Diapers

How To Use Baby Inserts In Adult Cloth Diapers

Fitted cloth diapers are contoured in shape and very absorbent, often favoured for overnight use and heavy wetters. Baby inserts are a great way to make your cloth diapers more comfortable and absorbent. They’re also a great way to prevent leaks and reduce the waste you produce.

To use baby inserts, place them inside your diaper before you put them on your baby. They will help distribute their weight evenly, making the diaper more comfortable and absorbent. They’ll also help keep the urine and faeces from leaking out of the diaper.

Though they’re unnecessary, baby inserts can also be helpful in cases of urinary tract infections or other medical issues. If you have baby inserts, you shouldn’t need disposable diapers as much – saving you money in the long run.

Pros And Cons Of Using Baby Inserts In Adult Cloth Diapers

There are pros and cons to using baby inserts in adult cloth diapers. The pros of using baby inserts in adult cloth diapers are that they make the diaper more comfortable to wear and help prevent leaks. They also help save wear and tear on your clothes since the diaper will absorb more liquid than usual. There are many benefits to using baby inserts in adult cloth diapers, but there are also some potential cons. Here are some of the pros and cons of using baby inserts:


  • They can help reduce leaks and make diaper changes easier.
  • They increase the absorbency of the diaper, which means it will hold more moisture and prevent blisters.
  • It can make wearing diapers more comfortable for people with a high sensitivity to absorption.
  • They make it possible to wear diapers for a more extended period without having to change them as often.
  • They can keep your child’s rear end clean and free from irritation.


  • Some people find that they don’t fit very well in adult cloth diapers, and they have to use a different type of Insert or add an extra layer of padding to their diapers to make them fit properly.
  • They may increase the overall cost of cloth diapering.

Recommendations For Using Baby Inserts In Adult Cloth Diapers

Recommendations For Using Baby Inserts In Adult Cloth Diapers

Baby inserts are a great addition to adult cloth diaper use. They provide extra absorbency and protection for your baby, which you can use in various ways. The most important thing when using inserts is choosing ones designed for cloth diapers. This will ensure the inserts fit properly and provide the absorbency you need for your baby.

In addition to choosing the proper inserts, you must follow the diaper’s insert guidelines. These guidelines outline how many inserts should use, how often they should change, and other important information. Changing inserts every two to four hours is essential, depending on your baby’s bowel movements. This will help prevent leaks and rashes.

Don’t overstuff or over-insert the inserts, as this can cause leaks or rash development. Instead, use the inserts as directed to ensure your baby has proper protection and absorbency without any leaking or irritation issues.

Tips for Maintaining and Cleaning Your Cloth Diaper Inserts

What Are The Benefits Of Using Baby Inserts

Maintaining and cleaning your cloth diaper inserts ensures they last as long as possible. Here are some tips to help you keep your baby inserts in top condition:

  • Pre-wash your inserts before use. This will help to remove any chemicals or residues from the manufacturing process.
  • Use a detergent free from fragrances and dyes, as these can irritate your baby’s skin.
  • Avoid fabric softeners or dryer sheets, as these can coat the fibres of the inserts and reduce their absorbency.
  • Wash your inserts on hot water with a heavy-duty cycle, which will help to remove any stains or buildup. You may also want to add a second rinse cycle to ensure that all detergent is removed.
  •  Hang dry your inserts whenever possible, as this will help to preserve their shape and prevent shrinkage. If you must use a dryer, use a low heat setting and avoid over-drying.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your cloth diaper inserts remain clean, absorbent, and in good condition for future use.

How To Choose The Right Type Of Baby Insert For Your Cloth Diapers

How To Choose The Right Type Of Baby Insert For Your Cloth Diapers

Cloth diaper inserts are bad or good based on how much they can absorb and how fast they can absorb it, so the short answer is that hemp inserts are the most absorbent, but microfiber inserts absorb the fastest.

When choosing the right type of baby insert for your cloth diapers, there are a few things to consider. You first need to decide what kind of diaper you’re using. Three types of cloth diapers are fitted, prefold, and flat. Each requires a different type of baby insert.

Fitted diapers require an insert between the clothes and the diaper itself. This type of Insert is usually made of soft material and has a pocket that holds urine and faeces away from your baby’s skin. Prefold diapers use a disposable insert (traditionally made of plastic) that is folded in half to form two layers.

When changing the diaper, you unfurl it, add the new one, and fold it back up again. Flat diapers don’t require inserts – they work like disposable diapers, with absorbent strips attached to fabric instead.

Many different brands and types of baby inserts are available on the market, so choosing one that matches your specific needs and preferences is essential. You can read reviews or experiment with different inserts until you find one that works well for you and your child.

Essential Things To Remember When Using Baby Inserts

When it comes to using baby inserts, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. First and foremost, ensure they’re comfortable for you and your baby. Second, make sure that they fit snugly and do not move around. And finally, be sure to change them regularly – every three or four months is usually enough. Here are a few tips:

  • Make certain the baby inserts are comfortable and fit well.
  • Choose an absorbent baby insert that fits your cloth diaper style.
  • Keep the baby inserts clean and dry to avoid irritation or infection.
  • Store the baby inserts in a dry place for easy access.
  • If you notice a change in the absorbency of the Insert, replace it as needed, based on how much urine and faeces the Insert has absorbed.

This will ensure that your cloth diaper is adequately cared for and can absorb as much liquid as possible. Avoid using newborn baby inserts, as they irritate sensitive skin, and diapers may become too bulky to fit easily.

Instead, use a smaller baby insert made for cloth diapers to provide extra absorbency when needed. But keep newborn baby inserts clean and dry to avoid irritation or infection.

Best Places to Buy Cloth Incontinence Products

There are several reputable places where you can buy cloth incontinence products. Consider product quality, size availability, absorbency, and customer reviews when choosing where to buy cloth incontinence products. It’s also a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional or incontinence specialist to ensure you select the most suitable products for your specific needs. Here are some of the best options:

  1. Online Retailers: Websites like Amazon, eBay, and offer a wide range of cloth incontinence products. You can browse their selections, read customer reviews, and compare prices to find the best option.
  2. Specialty Incontinence Retailers: Some online retailers specialize in incontinence products. These websites often have a dedicated section for cloth incontinence products, including diapers, inserts, and accessories. Examples include NorthShore Care Supply, XP Medical, and The CareGiver Partnership.
  3. Local Medical Supply Stores: Many cities have local medical supply stores that carry cloth incontinence products. These stores may have a more comprehensive selection than general retailers, and the staff can provide expert advice and assistance in choosing the right products.
  4. Adult Diaper Banks: Some communities have diaper banks or charitable organizations providing free or low-cost cloth incontinence products to needy people. These organizations aim to support individuals with limited financial resources or facing other challenges. Check with local community centres, social services agencies, or nonprofits to see if they offer such services.
  5. Manufacturer Websites: Some manufacturers of cloth incontinence products have websites where you can purchase directly from them. This allows you to explore their full range of products and take advantage of any special offers or discounts they may have.



Whether baby inserts To use in adult cloth diapers or not, your cloth diapers will absorb the leaks from your newborn baby’s diaper. This reduces diaper blowouts and ensures a comfortable diaper for your little one. Additionally, inserts provide extra absorbency beneficial for newborns who tend to leak a lot in their cloth diapers.

But choosing the correct inserts and following instructions carefully is essential to ensure your newborn’s safe and successful home cloth diaper experience. We have explored some of the best baby inserts for adult cloth diapering and provide tips on choosing the suitable Insert for your needs. Using these inserts can avoid common issues like leaks and discomfort.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What Are The Advantages Of Using Diaper Liners For Adults?

Ans: A few significant advantages to using diaper liners for adults exist. Firstly, you will avoid excessively cleaning your diaper area when using adult diaper liners. This is because the absorbency of the liner will help to soak up any moisture and Gross-Out bacteria that may be present. In addition, using adult diaper liners can also help to prevent leaks and protect your clothing from foul-smelling diapers.

2. How Do You Choose A Good Diaper Liner For Adults?

Ans: When choosing a good diaper liner for adults, you’ll want to consider a few things. Some factors to consider include the type of material, absorbency, and fit. Some popular baby inserts often used with adult cloth diapers include pre-folds, fitted, and pocket diapers. When choosing an insert, it’s essential to consider the type of absorbency you need.

3. Are There Any Drawbacks To Using Diaper Liners For Adults?

Ans: A few potential drawbacks to using diaper liners for adults exist. However, weighing these risks against the benefits is essential before deciding. Some potential drawbacks to using adult diaper liners include the risk of leaks and less absorbency. It is also important to experiment with different types and brands of baby inserts before deciding.

4. Can I Use Regular Diapers With A Diaper Liner, Or Should I Use Waterproof Ones Only?

Ans: It depends on your situation. However, you can generally use regular diapers with a diaper liner. This is especially helpful if you are prone to leaks or have difficulty maintaining a dry diaper area. A diaper liner can also help absorb extra fluid and provide additional absorbency. If you use a diaper liner, choose one specifically designed for this purpose, as some can be too thin or flimsy and cause leakage.

5. Are There Other Ways To Use Up My Used Diaper Inserts Besides Putting Them Into A Laundry Load?

Ans: Yes, there are a few other ways to use up your used diaper inserts other than just putting them into the laundry load. You can:

  1. Put used diaper inserts into the washing machine with other clothes. This will help to clean them and remove any excess wetness or smells.
  2. You can also compost used diaper inserts. By doing this, you’re helping to decompose organic matter and break down harmful chemicals that may be present in disposable diapers.

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