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How to be a traveler what makes tourist go on tours too often, we call them tourists or travelers. But did you know that an actual traveler would not accept it if we addressed them as tourists? If you ask any regular but authentic traveler to understand what is so interesting about being a traveler, you may get your answer.

Yes, there are thousands of fantastic rumors to make you interested in being a traveler rather than a tourist. You may be interested in becoming a traveler if possible. If so, would you like to know how to be a traveler and not a tourist?

Becoming a genuine traveler is far more different than pretending to be so. Unlike locals, there is some crucial etiquette to follow before being a traveler.

One thing about tourists is gross; they are needle movers in the tourism industry worldwide. They are like immature travelers who only spend their vacation on a sudden tour.

How to Be a Traveler What Makes Tourist

What Makes a Traveler More Authentic Than a Tourist – Full Details

What Makes a Traveler More Authentic Than a Tourist

Traveling helps to stress our minds, gather knowledge and find inner peace. By the term from vocabulary, you may find a similar idea of what a traveler and a tourist are. But in real life, both travelers and tourists are not the same.

  1. Travelers often travel here and there worldwide, but tourists don’t. Tourists like to go for big crowd attractions and travel only on weekends.
  2. Travelers are experts in travel gear and expenses, but tourists are not.
  3. Travelers look like locals; on the other hand, tourists look like dirty jerks.
  4. Travelers stay on local boar dings, but tourists check in expensive hotels.
  5. Travelers adjust to every place gracefully, but tourists often get ripped off.
  6. Tourists go sightseeing frequently, but travelers don’t follow such beaten tracks.



A traveler is someone who travels more than usual. They dream every day of traveling far and near to gather authentic experiences. They travel not only to spend their holidays but also on regular schedules.

Like business and other essential trips, a traveler may starve for an exciting outing by themselves every single time.

Traveler loves to know about local foreign culture, and they also pretend to understand as if they are also locals.

A traveler may like to spend their time visiting ordinary local places. They often mix up and disguise themselves as local people. They would try having local foods from commoners. And more precisely, they love to explore the lifestyle of local people. A traveler is someone who would travel anywhere without showing off their alien existence.



Well, a tourist is also a traveler but in the shortest way. Tourists only go for amusement and to experience beauty. There are seasons for tourists to go to tourist spots.

A tourist may visit a considerable number of attractive places. What they wander after, having thousands of stories and pictures to make gossip about and share.

Generally, tourists intend to visit only famous places, and they don’t much care about local culture and history.  Not wasting their time by visiting sites that have fewer tourist attractions. They will rush to go and grab an opportunity to attend any famous and place crowds.

They try whatever they get expensive in restaurants near tourist spots. In some cases, they often face harassment for their ignorance of local traits. Tourists are most likely famous for making fuss and mess everywhere abroad.

Which Etiquette Counts You as a Traveler

Which Etiquette Counts You as a Traveler 

To be a traveler and avoid appearing as a random tourist, you need to understand something unique—some important etiquette with another level of insight. You will feel way more interesting in being a traveler as it is a somewhat genuine perspective of traveling . Here we will explain those unique things related to being a traveler.

Hunger for Traveling:

To be a real traveler, you need to have passion for it. A real traveler never gets bored by the thought of repetitive tours again and again. Every possible time they get an opportunity and utilize it to discover unique unrevealed places. They have an actual hunger for traveling through the world. They never want to miss any chance to explore the unknown.

Immuring Yourself in Natural Sight:

You have to grow feelings for nature’s beauty more than having an interest in modern architecture. Thus, you won’t increase bored from exploring new places further. A genuine traveler intends to immerse themselves in the sight of nature. This is an important thing that is common in every generation of travelers.

Cravings For New Experience:

A traveler’s precious dream is to get enough time and opportunities to go out for new experiences. They crave to explore new places. Each time they go on a trip, they enjoy it and dream of another traveling on the way to returning home.

Enjoying Every Step Towards Destination:

A traveler will make their journey towards the destination enjoyable throughout the way. Like other travelers, tourists don’t enjoy their road journeys that much. Tourists do book air tickets and sleep until they reach the tourist spot. But an actual traveler won’t do the same thing.

Love for Merging With Locals:

A traveler would love to merge with local people than being a wanderer with no clues. Most true travelers do the same thing in making friends with local people. They avoid central streets, explore local roads, and ask commoners for directions.

Interest in Learning Local Languages:

Most aesthetic travelers do show interest in learning local languages. Especially before arriving at their destination, they often research those places. Like, their cultural festivals, their local norms, belief, and especially their languages. It helps those travelers to catch up on interesting trends and make their expedition even more exciting.

Try local Greetings:

Local greetings are one of the most exciting parts whenever you go on a travel. Suppose you know how to greet local people that will help you to widen your journey of making local friends. Most travelers do what; they mix up with locals, try their languages, and pretend to know them deeply.

Dressing as Usual Like Local People:

You can try dressing up as casual as it won’t mark you awkward anywhere out of the blue. Yes, it should be as simple but don’t try fancy things like dressing like a monk when visiting temples! In some places, having tattoos of national idols is inappropriate manners. Try to keep ideas on such tricky matters.

Having Interest in Local culture and Places:

Being a traveler won’t work if you don’t feel any interest in local culture and related places. Gathering interest in new tribes and peoples will make your taste better. Eventually, you will enjoy to attach with new people and have more opportunities to explore.

Try Cheap Ways For All Sorts of  Work:

A traveler makes his way comfortable as it is also a part of his expedition. An ordinary tourist may spend lavishly and simultaneously become halfway out of all money. But this won’t happen to a true traveler. Among travelers, spending money with a wise perspective is very common. They spend a meager amount onboarding and very little on what they eat.

Join Local Festivals Spontaneously:

Joining local festivals helps to get ideas about local cultures and the people. What happens? Festivals are wide open for people inside and out. So you will get a free and warm welcome from locals. This is what a traveler loves to experience the most.

Valuable Techniques to Avoid Being a Tourist

Valuable Techniques to Avoid Being a Tourist

You can have no universal rules behind getting the right impression of being a random traveler. But only a few clues to make it way more casual. Like table manners, dressing etiquette, greeting etiquette, etc. Try to keep in mind some of those valuable techniques to cope with new locals easily. See below.

Avoid Offensive Hand Gestures and Body Language:

The most common rumor about tourists, which spread all over the world, is about their gestures and body language. So be careful about using hand gestures while you approach any locals for help. Also, don’t show any unusual signs to grab attention that may address you as a random tourist. Because not every sign you use in your locality may not be proper to display in other localities

Don’t Act as Foreigners:

One essential etiquette in being a true traveler is not to act like an outsider. Try to copy what a local person is doing, like where they will drink and eat, etc. Screaming out loud out of nowhere in the next second, seeing any exciting thing or scene is counted under ill-manners.

Don’t Make Your Travel Route Short:

Don’t just book couples of plane tickets and rush on big spots of attraction. This is what an ordinary tourist will do. A tourist will only go sightseeing and snore back home. Try enjoying whatever you’ll see on the route. It would be way more fun if you could drive to your travel destination. Gather experiences to share what you have enjoyed on the way.

Don’t Get Caught in Taking Random Selfies:

This is very important to understand which gesture will address you as a tourist. Please don’t hold all your attention only taking selfies here and there at tourist spots. Rushing on tourist spots and having countless snaps is one of the prominent nasty rumors about tourists. It would be best to control your amateur mind from such mistakes to avoid signaling like a tourist.

Not Making Your Tour an Expensive Show-off:

Yes, trying all the expensive rides or showing off what you are carrying with yourself is not a wise thing to do. What happens is that it grabs all the attention toward bad people like pick pocket and hijackers. As a result, many tourists got ripped by facing awkward situations like being robbed or else.

Not Rushing for Famous Places:

Most tourists do plan to spend their holiday traveling to famous places. They rush to get a chance or grab a couple of tickets to fly over there. This is relatively uncommon in travelers because they don’t run for a famous one. They will spontaneously go to any ordinary place and enjoy it very much.

Try to Learn Local Norms and Culture:

If you can learn some valuable norms and have ideas on where you are going, it will help. This will help you understand what to do as a traveler and avoid unnecessary mishaps like ordinary tourists. However, tourists don’t try to know or research tourist spots and rush to grab fun all the way.

Try Joining Local Bars and Drink as Locals do:

You can try joining local bars and food corners to avoid being a tourist. This helps to befriend locals, which is common among most travelers.

Try Understanding When to Tip or Tip not:

You also need to understand the system of giving tips while roaming any locality. It is counted as an essential norm when you won’t want to be spotted as a tourist.

Wrapping Up:

As we know, the label of being a tourist is very disgusting to hear and bear. On the other hand, being a traveler is impressive and somehow like a hobby for everyone. Well, you had questions about how to be a traveler, not a tourist, and we’ve discussed helping you.

But still, there is something to say about being a genuine tourist. It would help if you had passion and liking to be as casual as a real traveler seems to be.

A traveler loves to travel around even a somewhat less popular place. They are genuine adventure eaters and intend to travel for an extended period.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Should I Study Before I Travel To Any Random Place?

Knowing the history and culture helps to understand the local system and people. Before going to any random place, you should read their records at least to confirm their authentic homes. Also, routes to understand how to reach.

Which Professions Are Friendly To Travel The World?

There are plenty of professions you may love to hear about the travel-friendly professions. , travel agents, photographers, translators job, writers, sports recruiters, travel nursing, tourist guide, etc. These are some of the most interesting travel-friendly professions.

How To Choose A Travel Destination?

To choose a travel destination, you must first check the season and weather. Then you will need to make a budget and choose a travel partner if necessary. And then, you need to make a well-planned strategy to execute your travel.

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