Chicago To Seattle Distance [Is That Very Far?]

If you have ever flown from Chicago to Seattle, you know that the journey takes about three hours and twenty minutes. Do you know about Chicago to Seattle distance?

You may also be familiar with the fact that this trip can take up to 5-6 hours depending on weather conditions. Here’s how long it will take you to get from Chicago to Seattle by car.

Weather If there is little rain or snow in Chicago, the temperature will be warmer and you can get both buses and trains from Chicago to Seattle. Check out our brief tutorial if your trip weather conditions are uncertain!

However, a lot of people choose to go on the road during winter because then they don’t have problems with weather-related reasons such as traffic jams or breakdowns (especially when driving around major cities).

Chicago To Seattle Distance


A person from Chicago traveling to Seattle will be traveling an average of 863 miles (1,355 km) in a single day. This is an approximate distance between the two cities. The whole trip will take about 13 hours and 37 minutes, depending on the route taken.

Chicago To Seattle Distance – Details Guide

Chicago To Seattle Distance

If you are planning on taking a plane from Chicago to Seattle, then your flight will take 2 hours and 15 minutes. When traveling by car, the trip is estimated at being 461 miles (730 km) long; this distance involves 1 stop-over of 25 minutes during which the traveler can take a restroom break.

Or grab some snacks. In addition, people have taken an additional 10 minute rest to stand outside near the airplane door for air pressure consistency!

Chicago To Seattle – 7 Ways To Travel

Chicago To Seattle - 7 Ways To Travel

There are a number of ways to travel between Chicago and Seattle, depending on your preferences and budget. Here are some of the most popular options:

  1. Fly – Flying is probably the most common way to travel between the two cities, and it’s also the cheapest option. You can fly either direct or via a connecting city.
  2. Take a train – Trains are another popular option for travelling between Chicago and Seattle. You can take Amtrak or BoltBus, both of which offer great value for your money.
  3. Drive – If you’re comfortable driving, you can take your car between Chicago and Seattle. The drive will take about eight hours, but it’s definitely an option if you want to save money on transportation costs.
  4. Rent a car – If you want to explore more of either city than either flying or taking the train can offer, renting a car might be a good choice for you. You can find great deals on rental cars online and in local outlets.
  5. Cycle – If cycling isn’t your thing, but you still want to get between Chicago and Seattle, renting a bike might be the best option for you. Both cities have great cycling routes that will take you anywhere you want to go.

6 . Walk – If you’re up for a bit of a hike between the two cities, walking might be the best option for you. Chicago and Seattle are both big cities, so covering the distance between them won’t be too difficult.

  1. Take public transportation – Some people prefer to use public transportation when traveling between cities rather than relying on taxis or driving themselves. Several bus lines run between Chicago and Seattle, as well as Amtrak trains that stop in many major hubs across both states.

Driving Non-Stop From Chicago To Seattle

Non-Stop Driving

If you need friends taking shifts as drivers so that you can make the entire trip by car without stopping, here’s the brief answer. Nonstop drive: 2,064 miles or 3322 kilometers per hour, with a driving time of 30 hours and 2 minutes. This is a very long drive, so it’s not very realistic to travel nonstop.

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Flying Non-Stop From Chicago To Seattle


You can fly non-stop from Chicago to Seattle with a direct flight on Delta, United or American Airlines.

Non-stop drive: 1,908 miles or 3231 km

Driving time: 36 hours, 30 minutes

If you’d rather drive and get a more accurate estimate of how long it would take, these calculations should help you determine how many hours without stops. Also note that the quickest flight saves less than 2 hours of driving!

If you’re going from Toronto, there’s also an excellent range of flights via Montreal . Choose your departure dates carefully and see for yourself just how quick your driving time can be.

Driving distance from Chicago to Seattle by vehicle (non-stop)

Drive: 636 miles or 1,017 km (1 day, 15 hours and 37 minutes). Please note that this trip requires you to travel non-stop on one direction due it’s pair during speeds spanning more than a tiny portion of 266 mph .

Chicago To Seattle Airports And Flights

Chicago To Seattle Airports And Flights

You can fly non-stop from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport to Seattle’s Boeing Field.

Non-stop drive: 2,064 miles or 3322 km per hour , with a driving time of 30 hours and 2 minutes . This is an extremely long drive that might not be feasible for the sake of inconvenience! If you’re coming from Montreal there are even quicker options via Toronto !

Choose your departure dates carefully and see for yourself just how easy it is to get around during your busy schedule. Don’t forget also that if you’re flying all over North America this way, varying flight time is nothing new as you only have to deal with some staggered hour changes.

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Chicago To Seattle Road Trip

Chicago To Seattle Road Trip

You can drive from Chicago to Seattle thanks to the driving distance of 666 miles or 1,037 km. This also requires a non-stop ride because you’re going faster than one mile per hour constantly!

Chicago (O’Hare International airport) ↔ Seattle Boeing Field : Distance • 669 mi / 1128 km 8 hours 34 mins O’Hare International Airport Terminal 2 Arrival Concourse − Boeing FBO Building 200A Departure Flight Information Check in: Between 11AM and 7PM Hours:

Monday-Saturday 5 AM – 10 PM; Sunday & Holidays 9 AM – 10 PM Boeing Field Airport Terminal 3 Parking: 24hr parking fee Law Enforcement Security Service Hours: 5 AM until midnight and then weekends 7 AM to 10 PM Accessible Shuttle Bus Pick up at car rental inn Arrival: Between 8AM & 6PM (approx) Departure : Saturday morning, Sunday afternoon 1230-530.

Plan A Trip To Seattle

Plan A Trip To Seattle

You can easily fly to the airport Seattle in this article thanks to two different directions: Oklahoma City International Airport (OKC) – Seattle Municipal Airport (SEA), which requires 8 hours and 32 minutes of driving total; and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport-Seattle Municipal, United States Air Force Base , with a drive time of 2 hours 35 minutes.

Aside from it being very simple also rather straightforward, you might have noticed that traveling via DFW is considerably faster than any other way! So before making a booking for your flights consider around 3 or 4 daily outbound round trips through Dallas as there is a chance to save big with these routes.

Driving distance from Dallas airport (DFW) to Seattle is 438 miles or 705 kilometers and takes about 3 hours 35 minutes; you can start the trip by driving along I-35 E . It’s not particularly easy, but better than it seems at first sight!

The road is under construction for most of the duration and will require many stops on both sides of the highway due date in order to speed up our journey. You should also take into consideration that taking public transportation during your trip may be tricky as few trains are going south and those that you can find aren’t sufficient to serve most passengers.

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Day 1:

Drive from the airport Dallas (DFW) to Fort Worth-DFW, driver’s License and Car rentals Driver Coach : 2939 USD, 6 nights in a motel – cheap car driving service More drivers coach rate / learn more here TRAVEL TIME Guided Tour Group SFG Portland 21 days Starting October 31st Traveling all throughout Northern California including Sacramento , San Francisco , Napa Valley, Tahoe…

And back along I-80 East. Rates Departure city Destination City Cost of rental vehicle Single occupancy Available services New York Houston Free Brooklyn , Manhattan Single room 1250 USD US Wide (not Alaska or Hawaii) San Francisco Denver $ 1035 / person single occupancy available 04/29 – 05/05 6 nights Tulsa.

Oklahoma City Albuquerque Boston cost of rental vehicle are 250-310 USD Phoenix Los Angeles 320 incl.airport charges 2400 USD Southbound Savannah Charleston Cancun Philadelphia Pittsburgh Orlando Charlotte Washington DC Seattle Fort Worth ($15 one way ferry crossing from Mukilteo to Port Townsend.) Miami

Day 2:

drive from DFW via Irving to Dallas with a stopover in Addison -DFW area, Texas Close to Dallas Love Field Airport and Dealey Plaza with its famous building complex, the sole survivor of R.F.K.’s assassination.

The destination is DFW International Airport in Irving about 60 miles south-west from Dallas , so we’ll have a 45 minutes ride on our way back home which will include the perspective into American history as well ample opportunity to witness historical skyline,

Amazing red brick houses or dilapidated abandoned schools spirit comes across us while traveling through all these townships LESSONS FROM ARRIVAL On day 2 after arrival there should be no other pressing matters except fitness, food and computer-related tasks, so everyone should choose places for dormitories before the actual arrival.

How Far Is It The Other Way?

Flight from Istanbul to Newark on Turkish Airlines takes 2 1/2 hours (380 km) Enough time for rest and preparing – the difference being that it is not such a short distance as we’ll fly in between Houston and Dallas.

What Hotel Would Be Suitable?

What Hotel Would Be Suitable

The conference will take place at Radisson Premier Hotel-Courtyard by Marriot Tysons, so all of participants should have their arrival done know on Thursday, which means they can choose either to get settled now or opt out until Sunday. And although most of people haven’t yet booked even hotels if possible – better still decide already today or tomorrow.

Is Seattle Close To New York?

No it is not, but 2650 KM away in approx. 7 hours of flying time – that’s more than half an entire day traveling on board the plane.

The opportunity to see The Four Seasons Hotel and other tourist attractions while journeyning through Seattle I would consider it a fantastic experience. It will give everyone chances to swim in Pike Place Market, couple days at museums as Seattle Art Gallery or even have dinner pricey restaurants;

Nice tour that may be well worth taking if anyone chooses still delay before reaching back home! In short – This is one occasion when go slow approach isn’t very helpful.

Is Seattle Close To California?

2 hours by car from Seattle to California means the same distance as sea journey which takes about 10 times longer. That’s why hotels are in nearby San Fransisco or any other city – Costa Rica with its Pacific Ocean beaches is actually a bit closer, especially if trekking there on foot !

Is Seattle Very Expensive?

Is Seattle Very Expensive

Seattle, Washington is not exactly cheap to stay in. In terms of major cities which are on the same level as New York City and London – Seattle has more expensive prices than them. However there will be lots of good conferences around town for people who don’t have a lot money,

So it’s better if you look out for cheaper places instead – such as libraries or museums (although all guests will have access to some part-time membership providing discounts).

Where Should We Stay?

Where Should We Stay

It would be best suited with other participants staying at Radisson Premier Hotel because they already prebooked their hotel for the conference and it’s included in their price. However – next to Radisson there is another hotel right on the same block –

The Westin Seattle Hotel with its Swiss architecture (another major hotels chain) I would also consider too because they are often offering relatively cheaper rates than other places mentioned above.

It has already been booked by some participants but only till Thursday, which means you can decide either get to know more comfortable place now or opt out until Sunday if someone still haven’t done so yet this week.

What Should We See?

As the conference will be located at Seattle Foundation for Culture & Arts – their location is quite close with following places where we can spend some time :

Library of Congress 1001 Fifth Avenue, N.E., Washington DC 20540 Hotels: Radisson Blu (see below)

Railroad Museum 1201 S Fairview Street Humans Museums New York Botanical Gardens on Madison Ave Package tourists / attractions may differ though Please make sure to see all these cards! From Mid-Sept 2015 onwards they’ll mostly have new ones but you should still equip yourself with info about them before then 🙂

Final Words

No matter where you are coming from – if looking for lovely city to be in, Seattle is definitely one of the top choices. If you are looking for more opportunities – Seattle is definitely top choice and one of the best conferences to attend in US.

Last but not least – if you aim at career growth, this conference provides awesome platform as it allows interaction with all professionals from other industries (from Hospitality industry) and activates your network on new people which we can rely upon throughout our careers.

There’s also a chance to get an internship opportunity at local clients , so that could be another part of experience even better. I hope now you know about Chicago to Seattle distance.

FAQ’s [ Frequently Asked Questions ]

How Far Is Chicago To Seattle?

Chicago is located at a latitude of 41.8333 degrees north and a longitude of -87.6167 degrees west, with an elevation of 602 feet above sea level.

Seattle is located at a latitude of 47.0166 degrees north and a longitude of -122.3389 degrees west, with an elevation of 1511 feet above sea level.

How Much Does It Cost To Fly From Chicago To Seattle?

The average cost of a one-way flight from Chicago to Seattle is $370.

Airlines usually have different rates for different routes, so check with your airline for the cheapest possible rate.

For instance, Alaska Airlines offers flights from Chicago to Seattle for as low as $315 roundtrip when booked in advance.

Is There Any Way I Can Save Money On This Trip By Staying Somewhere Else Besides A Hotel And Using Public Transportation Instead Of A Car Rental Company’s Service?

In order to answer this question, we need to understand some key things related to the topic such as:

What is a hotel?
What are the benefits of staying in a hotel?
What are the benefits of using public transportation instead of car rental company’s service?
How can I save money on this trip by staying somewhere else besides a hotel and using public transportation instead of a car rental company’s service?

What Are The Best Hotels In Seattle For A Weekend Trip To Visit Family Or Friends?

The best hotels in seattle for a weekend trip to visit family or friends are the Hotel Murano, Hotel Monaco Seattle, and Hotel Andaz.

Hotel Murano is a luxury hotel located in downtown Seattle with an elegant and luxurious lobby that welcomes guests into a world of modern design.

Hotel Monaco Seattle is a contemporary boutique hotel with art-filled guest rooms and suites that offer access to the Pacific Ocean and Belltown neighborhood.

Finally, Hotel Andaz is situated on Capitol Hill with easy access to downtown’s nightlife, restaurants, shopping and entertainment.

Which One Is Faster: Bus, Train Or Plane?

A bus is the slowest of all these modes of transport.
A train has the advantage of being able to reach stations without going through traffic and can be more efficient than a bus or plane.

A plane can travel faster but it takes time to board and disembark, so it’s not always the fastest option.

What Is The Best Highway Driving Route Chicago To Seattle?

The best highway driving route Chicago to Seattle is Route 66.

In order to answer this question, we need to understand some key things related to highways like: What is a highway? and finally what are the steps involved in finding the best highway driving route.

Simply put: A highway is a road for motor vehicles with no grade separation or other traffic control devices between them and other roads at any point.

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