Combat has made the Maxum – 12 baseball bat which is light and gives the player more hitting surface (up to 40%) as compared to other bats. The bats have been made through the advanced PMT technology (Precision Molding Technology).

These bats are the lightest compared to previous bats by a full ounce and comes in a one-piece composite design. The product comes with a warranty and in various lengths.

They range from 27-7 inches, to 28-8 inches, to 29-9 inches, to 30-10 inches, to 31-11.5 inches and finally 32-12 inches. The product has been approved for baseball leagues. Due to its composite barrel diameter, you are able to achieve more results and gives you the boost you need to keep going.

Having been constructed seamlessly, the bat user is guaranteed that there will not be cuts, slices or even weak spots within the bat. Below is a discussion of some of the features for this product

Composite Barrel Diameter

The 2.25 inch barrel diameter offers the largest sweet spot for the youths in the baseball sports. This also offers the largest diameter used for the youth leagues.

Despite having the largest diameter, it also provides the lightest swing weight. The Maxum bat has a long and extended barrel which not only provides a balanced swing weight but also a lightweight feel.

The long barrel ensures that the player has a huge sweet spot for playing the baseball. This will therefore minimize foul balls during play.

Single Wall Construction

Baseball sporting professionals prefer a single-walled bat as compared to the double-walled one. The single wall provides the popping action which allows the ball to travel to a greater distance.

In order to ensure it doesn’t break easily, combat has used the PMT process to ensure that the seamless carbon sleeves are injected with liquid resin under intense pressure.

This ensures the wall has no seams or weak points and hence minimizes breakages characteristic of the previous bats. This also ensures perfect performance over a long period of time.

Lizard Skin Grip

The lizard skin grip is a nice inclusion on the bat. This kind of grip provides extra softness for the bat. It also provides a tacky grip on the bat as compared to the pine tar grip.

Lizard skins has a reputation ranging back to the year 1993 when it started as a bicycle accessories company. The lizard skin bat tape comes in varying degrees of thickness.

They range from 1.8mm, 1.1mmand 0.5mm. The 0.5mm grip is the one popularly used and since it is more than three times thinner than the 1.8mm one, it maintains the lightness of the bat.

Fully Composite Design

Combat has designed the Maxum bat from the ground up to act in the same manner as the wooden bat. The bat therefore combines the strengths of an unbreakable handle and with a hard rock-like maple barrel.

The composite design can also be used for a wide selection of combat’s swing weights. This ensures there is maximum performance and also enhanced sweetspot size. The great one-piece design gives it a balanced outlook and a niche above other typical composite bats.

Manufacturer’s Warranty

Combat is so confident about their Combat Youth 2019 Maxum bat, that they are backing each sold model with a period of 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

If the buyer is not satisfied with the performance of the MAXUM within money-back guarantee period, they can send it back to the sellers to receive a full refund of their money.

The model comes with a Twelve (12) Month Manufacturer’s Warranty. This therefore ensures the customer is guaranteed to use the product for at least a period of one year with limited bat warranty such as one time repair or replacement.


  • Lots of pop as the ball comes off very fast from the bat
  • Excellent lizard skin grip
  • Large sweetspot especially towards the handle
  • The bat is lighter and easy to adjust to a dropping pitch
  • The barrel is long and hence sweet spot is huge


  • Although the sweet spot is longer, balls hit out on the end will barely come off
  • The composite material is not as solid as compared to previous combats

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My son is turning 11years old, will this be the best bat for him?

A: Yes, at 11 years old, your son requires the 2016 Combat Maxum – 12 Youth Bat

Q: Which of your youth maxum combat bats would you recommend for my son which is Dixie Youth approved?

A: For Dixie Youth you are going to use a 2 ¼ inch barrel for all the youths below 11 years old. I would recommend that you buy the COMBAT MAXUM – 12 Youth Baseball Bat (MAXYB112).

Q: I have heard that the smaller barrel bats are better for my 10 year old son, is this correct? Which one would you recommend for him?

A: Your son requires the COMBAT MAXUM -12 Youth Baseball Bat (MAXYB112).

Final Verdict

The Combat bat has emerged as a great product in the market andhas pushed through the ceilings of what was even thought of as possible with a composite bat design.

COMBAT MAXUM offers a better combination of a light swing weight and a large sweetspot. Combat 2019 Maxum -12 Youth Bat gives you up to 20 – 40 percent more hitting surface without compromising the swing weight and the feel.


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