How Much Does It Cost To Drive From NY To Florida?

Are you planning a road trip from New York to Florida and worried about how much it will cost? Let’s see the clear picture first and then decide. Many of us choose driving over flying because of the ease and flexibility it offers.

But, if you are flying from New York to Florida, that is a long journey. So, before you start the journey, there are things you should know. The cost of driving depends on things like fuel cost and the route you are going to take. So, let’s talk about these things first.

How Much Does It Cost To Drive From NY To Florida

Driving Distance from NY to Florida

Driving Distance from NY to Florida

There are nine states you are going to drive through, and the driving distance is 1237 miles or 1991 km. Therefore, if you are driving, there are few routes you can choose from.

1. I-95 is considered the fastest route from NY to Florida.

2. You can also take the US-1 route. It starts from Fort Kent, Maine

3. As an alternative to I-95, you can drive I-81 to Knoxville and I-75 to Florida.

4. To avoid traffic in Philadelphia or Washington DC. drive towards the west and go through Allentown to Charlotte. Then meet I-95 again at the northwest of Charleston, South Carolina.

Estimated Driving Time

Estimated Driving Time

According to many websites, the estimated driving time is 17-20 hours. After that, though, it varies according to the road you take. Some roads provide scenic natural beauty; some provide the fastest route towards Florida. If you are going on a road trip, you surely do not want to miss the view of the coastal roads.

Moreover, if you are driving yourself or switching between your partners, you may want to have some rest in between. However, that might lose you some time. If we take 8 hours per day of driving time, it might take 2-3 days to drive the whole way. If you take a flight, the duration of the flight will be almost 2 hours 37 minutes.

But if you are planning to travel by air, you should at least consider 3 hours. As you will lose some time on the runway, and also after reaching the destination. However, this is the average time. In the case of rough weather, it might change. You can see the time difference is huge. But still, there are many reasons why you should choose a road trip over a boring flight.

Cost Of Driving From Ny To Florida

Cost Of Driving

Considering the current fuel price in the US, a trip from NY to Florida will cost you 141.24$. A round trip will cost 282.48$.

Though this price is not fixed, with the increase in fuel prices, it will change. So again, it depends on which route you choose. You have to start from NY, where the price of gas is 2.92$ on average. In Florida, it is 2.79$. So, the average price is 2.86$. For Diesel, the fuel price will be 3$ per gallon.

The average amount of gas you are going to need is 50 gallons or 187 L. As you can see the cost is something near 150$. So a road trip will cost you much less. The price I have estimated will change obviously. So, before your journey, check the current fuel price.

I have also checked the ticket prices of some airlines from NY to Florida. On American Airlines, it is 124$; On Delta, it is 197$. And this price is for a single person in the economy. These are nonstop flights. So, imagine how much you are saving if you are traveling with a group.

Another perk of this trip is having your own car in Florida. Otherwise, you would have to rent a car there. That would cost you more. Moreover, it would not be as flexible and comfortable as your own car. Remember, just fuel cost is not the only cost you have to think about. You have to pay for toll, hotel/motel, food, etc.

Cost Of Toll

Cost Of Toll

This cost varies from car to car. For an SUV or minivan, the toll from NY to Florida will be $25.15.


If you are thinking of a road trip, don’t forget to take small trips to major cities while crossing as you won’t find such flexibility of sight-seeing if you travel through the air. You are not just saving money; it can be an opportunity of a lifetime to visit remote places of America. So, enjoy it as much as you can.  


1.Is Driving from NY to Florida Cheaper than Flying for two People?

Answer: Yes, it is. For two people it is cheap. But, of course, if you are traveling with your family, it gets much cheaper. But you have to think about the night’s stay, food, and drinking.

2.Where will be a Good Halfway Stop?

Answer: The geographical half point will be in Autryville, South Carolina. But if you are looking for a place to make a stay, you can consider Clareston or Savannah. But remember, Clareston will cost you more.

3.How Much will be the Hotel Cost?

Answer: That depends on what kind of hotel or motel you are choosing. You will have to stay one night there. After that, you will find suitable accommodation in Clareston.

4.How many days does it Takes to Drive from NY to Florida?

Answer: As I have stated earlier, it is a 17-19 hour drive. So, 2-3 days will do.

5.Can I see the Ocean from I-95?

Answer: Unfortunately, No.

6.What is the Best Time to Drive from NY to Florida?

Answer: June will be the perfect time for such road trips.

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