Easton XL3 Aluminium Youth Baseball Bat is an explosive well designed producton the market that all Baseball players have to lay their hands on. It is a very popular product and has the premium Hyperlite Alloy in its one-piece design.

The Hyperlite Alloy makes the bat to have not only more power but also much control. The bat also has improved durability. In order to improve its comfort and performance, the Easton believes in the use of the Performance Diamond Grip.

The XL3 model promotes excellence, and will likely bring players into beast mode in the near future. The effect of this makes the model perfect for big hitters, and may continually help other players excel on the field.

The XL3 model is approved for play in several places. They range from Little League, Pony, Babe Ruth, AABC,Dixie and has the USSSA 1.15 BPF Stamp. Below is a description of some of its features.

Extended Barrel Design

For those who need an extra-long hit, the extended barrel design will give you just that. The Hyperlite Matrix Alloywill on the other hand give young players an experience of a large sweet spot having greater durability with much control.

The barrel has been designed using an -11 speed hence creating more power through a faster swing speed.

The stability has also been provided using the ultra-thin 29/32 inch handle with 1.2mm grip. This is critical especially for providing an expanded hitting zone.

One-Piece, Fully Alloy Construction

The Alloy Construction is an industry leader in using Building Information Modelling fully integrated with fabrication.

The Hyperlite Alloy is used in the manufacturing of the XL3 Aluminium bat and this ensures there is an increase in control and power. Coming as a one-piece product makes it cheaper as compared to the two-piece bat.

This Alloy Construction also ensures expanded sweet spot and greater durability. Big hitters will be particularly happy about its end-loaded effect. You should probably give it a try by yourself and am sure you won’t be disappointed.

Diamond Grip

The 1.2mm Hyperskin grip assists in absorbing the shock and minimizing vibrations on the XL3 bat. The grip is textured with a soft surface which ensures enhanced grip and cushion.

The Hyperskin technology offers a lightweight, second-skin grip that enhances the feel and performance of the bat. The comfortable, textured surface offers a solid grip and is designed to maximize performance.

2 ¼ Inch Barrel Diameter

The 2 ¼ inch barrel diameter offers the standard barrel size for the youth leagues in the baseball sports. The Drop which is a weight-to-length ratio of a bat contributes greatly towards performance of a bat.

Drops are in most cases required or have limited use in different leagues. In the bat construction therefore, a double wall provides a trampoline-like effect which allows the ball to travel further.

The barrel is made of a composite material which brings about a combination of high performance and durability.

Manufacturer’s warranty

Easton gives the buyer an exclusive 1 year Manufacturer’s Warranty. It also provides Free Shipping services once the product has been purchased.

The warranty covers all manufacturing defects resulting from normal use of the bat such as denting. When sending your defective bat ensure you attach the proof of purchase.

Once you buy your bat therefore, ensure you retain the box your bat came in and the receipt as they may be very critical when needing warranty services.


  • The one piece aluminium gives the bat great pop, and a huge sweetspot
  • The bat feels more balanced as compared to other models
  • The bat makes the ball travel farther
  • It is durable
  • Due to its end-loaded effect the model is great for big hitters


  • The bat is made from aluminium which is not popular with a number of people

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does XL mean for the Easton bats?

A: Easton bat models that have “XL” in their name are meant to be end loaded more for power hitters.

Q:If I am 10 years old weighing 127 poundsand I’m 5’1, which bat model will be appropriate for me?

A: Based on the height and weight given, I would recommend that you use a 31 inch Easton XL3 Youth Baseball Bat as your preferred bat: YB15X3.

Q: Is this bat the same as a mako?

A: No, they are different. The Easton XL3 Youth Baseball Bat: YB15X3 is a product of Easton who also makes the MAKO model. However, this bat is different from the MAKO one.

Final Verdict

Easton XL3 has been approved for play for ages 12 & below in a number of leagues. They include Little League Baseball, PONY Baseball, Babe Ruth Baseball, AABC, Dixie Youth Baseball and USSSA.

I  can recommend it to anyone to anyone who wish to give his/her game the best.


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