How Far Is Acapulco From Cancun? – The Ultimate Distance Guide

Tourists worldwide flock to Acapulco and Cancun for their pristine beaches, vibrant nightlife, and rich cultural heritage. While Acapulco is located on Mexico’s Pacific coast and Cancun on its Caribbean coast, both cities offer a unique blend of attractions and experiences visitors can enjoy.

Mexico is a popular travel destination for many people, with its beautiful beaches, rich culture, and vibrant atmosphere. If you’re planning a trip to Mexico, you may wonder how far Acapulco is from Cancun.

While this may seem like a long journey, many transportation options, including flights, buses, and rental cars, are available. We will provide all the information on How Far Is Acapulco From Cancun you need to plan your trip seamlessly.

From understanding the different modes of transportation to choosing the best route, we have got you covered. We will also guide you through some of the must-see attractions in both cities so that you can make the most out of your trip. Prepare for an adventure as we explore the estimated distance between Far Acapulco And Cancun.

How Far Is Acapulco From Cancun

The Estimated Distance How Far Is Acapulco From Cancun

The Estimated Distance Is Acapulco From Cancun.

Here to know How Far Is Acapulco From Cancun. Whether you’re looking for an estimate of the distance or want to know what’s included in the travel time, we’ve got you covered. So put on your comfortable shoes and travel to Acapulco.  However, If you’re planning a trip to Mexico and want to explore both Acapulco and Cancun, it’s essential to know how far apart they are.

The estimated distance between Acapulco and Cancun is approximately 1,040 miles or 1,675 kilometers. This distance can be covered by various means of transportation, such as flights, buses, or cars. The travel time is around 2 hours and 15 minutes by air, making it the quickest option.

However, if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option or want to see more of the country, taking a bus or driving can be a great way to enjoy the scenery and make stops. Regardless of how you choose to travel, both destinations offer beautiful beaches, vibrant nightlife, and rich cultural experiences that will make your trip memorable.

Understanding The Distance Between Acapulco And Cancun


When traveling between Acapulco and Cancun, understanding the distance is crucial. Although the two cities are approximately 1,100 kilometers apart, the travel time can vary greatly depending on several factors. Flights generally take around 2 hours, while driving can take up to 19 hours due to traffic and road conditions.

Be sure to plan your trip accordingly and choose the best transportation for you. Exploring Your Transportation OptionsAs mentioned earlier, there are several transportation options available when traveling between Acapulco and Cancun.

Driving From Acapulco To Cancun: The Route And Distance


The route from Acapulco to Cancun involves driving on the Mexico 180D highway, which covers 1,200 miles. Although this route is the most direct, it can take around 22 hours due to traffic and road conditions. Planning for stops along the way is recommended to make the journey more comfortable and break up the long drive.

It’s important to note that driving in Mexico can be challenging, especially for those unfamiliar with the roads and traffic laws. It’s highly recommended to rent a car with a GPS and drive during daylight hours.

Flying From Acapulco To Cancun: The Duration and Distance


Flying from Acapulco to Cancun is the most convenient and efficient way to travel between these two popular Mexican destinations. With a flight duration of around 2 hours and 20 minutes, you’ll have plenty of time to relax before reaching your goal.

Airlines such as Aeromexico, Inter jet, and Viva Aero bus offer regular flights between the two cities, making finding a schedule that fits your needs easy. Be sure to check for prices beforehand to get the best deal on your flight.

Planning Your Trip from Acapulco To Cancun


When planning a trip from Acapulco to Cancun, it’s essential to consider the available travel options. While flying is the fastest and most convenient option, driving allows you to see more of Mexico’s beautiful landscape and take in the local culture.

Alternatively, taking a bus can be more affordable than flying or driving, although it may take longer. Whichever method you choose, plan to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip.

Best Ways To Travel From Acapulco To Cancun


When it comes to traveling from Acapulco to Cancun, there are several options available. While flying is the fastest and most convenient option, it can be expensive. On the other hand, taking a bus is a more budget-friendly alternative that allows for some sightseeing along the way.

Driving is also an option but requires careful planning for rest stops and fuel stations. Consider your budget, travel time, and personal preferences before deciding on the best mode of transportation for your trip.

What to See And Do In Acapulco And Cancun

What to See And Do In Acapulco And Cancun

When visiting Acapulco and Cancun, there are plenty of activities and sights to explore. Acapulco is known for its famous cliff divers, stunning beaches, and vibrant nightlife, while Cancun is a popular tourist destination with beautiful beaches, ancient ruins, and world-class resorts.

Plan your trip well in advance and factor in travel time between the two cities to make the most out of your visit. Don’t miss out on experiencing the historic Fort of San Diego or witnessing the exhilarating La Quebrada Cliff Divers Show in Acapulco. In Cancun, take a trip to Chichen Itza archaeological site or explore the underwater sculptures at the MUSA Underwater Museum.

How To Calculate The Distance Between Two Locations

You must first know their geographic coordinates to calculate the distance between Cancun and Acapulco. Cancun’s geographic coordinates are 18.7139 degrees North latitude and -96.05 degrees West longitude, while Acapulco’s are 17.0736 degrees North latitude and -85.5236 degrees West longitude.

Next, you need to figure out how far each location is from the center of the Earth. You can use Google Maps to measure the distance between Cancun and Acapulco’s poles. Finally, you add up these distances to get your total length. As it turns out, Cancun is located about 790 miles south of Acapulco regarding geographical reach. It takes about 14 hours by car to travel between these two locations using normal driving conditions.

Driving Directions From Acapulco To Cancun

Knowing the distance and driving directions is important if you’re planning a road trip from Acapulco to Cancun. The distance between these two popular Mexican destinations is approximately 1,100 kilometers or 680 miles. The estimated driving time is around 14 hours, depending on traffic conditions and stops.

From Acapulco, drive south on Highway 190 for about 90 minutes to reach the border city of Tecun Uman. From Tecun Uman, take the toll road (A1) and drive for about an hour to reach the city of Cancun. To get to Cancun from Acapulco, follow these driving directions:

  1. Start by heading north on the PR-228 highway.
  2. Drive until you reach the town of Villahermosa.
  3. From there, take the exit onto PR-152 and drive until you reach the city of Cancun.
  4. Once you’re in Cancun, take the first right onto Avenida Juarez and continue until you reach Calle 55 Norte (Calle 55 Norte becomes Calle 60 Norte once you hit Cancun).
  5. Turn left onto Calle 60 Norte and then turn left again onto Avenida Tulum just before it ends at Playa del Carmen Beach (Note: If you’re arriving in Playa del Carmen during daylight hours, make sure to drive slowly so that you don’t accidentally pass through the toll gate).
  6. Drive down Avenida Tulum until you reach Playa del Carmen Blvd., which will be on your right-hand side as soon as you enter town (Playa Del Carmen Blvd becomes Paseo de la Roca after it passes through a roundabout).
  7. Turn left onto Paseo de la Roca and continue towards Zocalo Plaza, where you’ll find a small street that leads directly to Hotel.

There Are Several Ways To Get To Cancun From Acapulco.

There Are Several Ways To Get To Cancun From Acapulco.

There are several ways to get to Cancun from Acapulco. You can fly, take a bus or train, or drive. The best way to get there varies depending on what you’re comfortable with and what you have available. The cheapest way to get from Cancún to Acapulco costs only $2530.

you can take a bus from Cancún to Acapulco via Córdoba in around 30h. Alternatively, you could rent a car and drive down together if traveling with friends or family. The journey will take about five hours and cost about $60 US per person.

If you’re taking a bus or train, the best route is usually the one that goes through the most exciting parts of Mexico City, which means it will be more scenic and takes longer than other routes. Buses depart from Mexico City daily, so finding one that fits your schedule is manageable. Trains also run regularly from Acapulco Railway Station, so this is another excellent option to travel in style. The trip will take around 30 hours and cost about $110 US per person.


The distance between Far Acapulco From Cancun can be covered by driving or flying. The route for driving is quite long and takes around 22 hours to protect, whereas a flight takes about 2 hours to complete. While both cities have their charm, there are plenty of things to do and see in each.

From admiring the natural beauty of Cancun’s beaches to experiencing the vibrant nightlife in Acapulco, you will never run out of options. After reading this comprehensive guide, you can answer all your questions about How Far Is Acapulco From Cancun.

Additionally, you can calculate the distance between the two locations using our easy driving directions. Furthermore, our guide will teach you about the different transportation options available and the time it will take you to reach your destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which Airlines Operate Direct Flights Between Acapulco And Cancun?

Ans: Many airlines fly between Acapulco and Cancun. However, the most popular ones include Aeromexico, American Airlines, British Airways, Copa Airlines, Delta Air Lines, and Iberia. The best time to travel between these two cities is April through November.

2. What Bus Companies Go From Acapulco To Cancun, And How Much Do They Cost?

Ans: The best way to get from Acapulco to Cancún is to fly, which takes 3h 36m and costs $2000 – $3200. Alternatively, you can take the bus, which costs $2200 – $5000 and takes 33h 50m.

3. What Time Does The First Bus Leave For Acapulco From Cancun, And What Time Does It Arrive In Cancun?

Ans: According to the bus schedule, the first bus leaves for Acapulco from Cancun at 5:00 am and arrives in Acapulco at 10:30 pm. The last bus leaves for Acapulco from Cancun at 11:00 pm, arriving in Acapulco at 1:00 am.

4. Which Airlines Operate Direct Flights Between Acapulco And Cancun?

Ans: A few airlines fly direct flights between Acapulco and Cancun. These include Aeromexico, Delta, Iberia, JetBlue, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Mexicana de Aviacion, and United Mexican Airways. The flights typically depart from Acapulco Airport and arrive in Cancun around the same time.

5. How Far Is Acapulco From -Cancun By Plane?

Ans: The total flight duration from Acapulco, Mexico, to Cancun, Mexico, is 2 hours and 19 minutes. If you’re planning a trip, remember to add more time for the plane to taxi between the gate and the airport runway. This can add up to a total flight duration of about 3 hours.

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