How Many Hours From New York To Florida By Car? [A Practical Guide]

Before the month of June, many people search about how many hours from New York to Florida by car. Well, the answer is 19 hours.

These are two popular states of America. Many people like to visit Florida for their tour or livelihood. But you can also enjoy the journey.

Going to Florida by car is a pleasure because of well roads and good facilities for a traveler. You may find good hotels and restaurants to stay in and eat. There are long routes to enjoy driving.

How Many Hours From New York to Florida By Car

If you have a car, just set out for the trip with the necessary items and companions. Who knows, you can find the journey more pleasurable than the destination.

Follow Some Tips When You Start New York To Florida East Coast Road Trip:

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  • First, don’t plan for too many sights: If you are going for a night or have a tight schedule, don’t plan many. You cannot enjoy or see that place in a hurry. But see a short number of places which is allowing to visit peacefully.
  • Avoid too much booking: It may leave you overwhelmed and tired. You can leave room spontaneously of you book less.
  • Fill up gas: Never go for a trip with little gas in a car. Some stops to get gas in the car are far away. It is better to fill up gas and then start the journey.
  • Check the vehicle: Before heading for the destination, check your vehicle correctly as it may save you from accidents and gives you a pleasant journey.
  • Car documents: It is essential to get the car papers with you. You can show them to the officer to claim your car and proof that your car is legal.

Various Expenses You Need To Bear

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Want to go on a trip? It would help if you thought about the coming expenses. Some significant expenses are given below: 

  • Gas: Expenses for gas(fuel) is dependable on the current price. Sometimes you can find $2 or $4 per gallon. Keep full gas in the car for the journey without trouble.
  • Tolls: Having cash with you is a wise decision. It helps you to give tolls on various places during the long journey.
  • Accommodation: Yes, you need some accommodation placement. To stay and get some rest you need accommodation. For example, hotels, camps, resorts, etc. Then, a handsome amount of expense happens.
  • Food and drinks: Have some snacks and cold drinks to enjoy. You can also cook for your meal.
  • Activities:  You should visit where you like to go. For example, don’t visit a Museum unless you like it. Do like what you like to do. 

Choosing Companions

Choosing the right travel companion

It can take you a long to decide whom to take with you or not. You can take your family members or friends on a trip.

Especially a close person who can cook or have a car is suitable for your journey. It helps with cooking and driving. If you can share your room with 3 companions, then you can reduce expenses extremely.

Things To Pack On

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Some necessary items you should take with you for your east coast road trip. As it is a long journey, so you need some basic things to meet up your demands. A shortlist is given below: 

  • Packing cubes: Many travelers pack cubes to take with them.
  • Devices and charger: Take your mobile or another device with a charger bank. It will help you to connect or see maps on google.
  • Cooler: It will keep you cool in the warm season. The journey becomes a bit easy while you can relieve from hot weather.
  • Antibacterial wipes: It’s an important item to keep you safe from unwanted bacteria or virus attacks.
  • Reusable water bottle: carrying a water bottle is a good habit. Water is beneficial for dehydration. But one water bottle is not enough for a long journey. So you may use reusable bottles to fill up the bottle with water again and again throughout your long journey.
  • Pillow and blanket: A neck pillow is good for your neck while driving for a long time. New York to Florida is a long way. You should take a neck pillow and a blanket to keep yourself comfortable.
  • Snacks: Some snacks throughout the journey can meet up your hunger and give you a good mood.
  • First aid kit: We don’t know wherever an accident happens. Keep first aid kid with yourself for emergency treatment. It can really save your health and recover injuries.
  • Good playlist: Some enjoy music while driving or going on a journey. So keep a good playlist of your desire songs to cheer you up.
  • Games: You can also take some board games to play. It can give you quality time with your journey mates.
  • Tools: 400;”>Carrying some useful tools for your car can help you in a helpless time. Your car may get stopped or damaged and can not find help or a garage near the place. Then you can help yourself with some useful tools to repair your car instantly.


How Long will I Need to go to New York From Florida by my Car?

 It will take 19 hours to reach New York from Florida. You can go there by driving a car. The trip begins from New York and ends in Florida. To reach Florida on the exact date, pack your bag and left New York 19 hours before.

How Much Money do I Need to Drive from New York to Florida?

It will cost you $143.39 if you only go to New York at a current gas price. That means it is a one-way trip cost. The round trip cost is $286.79. So you need a total of $286.79 to go and get back from Florida. $2.90 per gallon is the regular fuel cost.

Where is the Halfway Between New York and Florida?

Ans. Autryville is the halfway point in the trip between New York and Florida. Therefore, it is called the geographical halfway point. Autryville is in North Carolina.


I guess you know well now about how many hours from New York to Florida by car. It can vary if your car gets stopped, or you may spend extra time on the beach. Without any interruption, you can complete your journey in 19 hours.

But you may find pleasure in beaches, hotels and excellent roads. Make some memories with your companions to keep with you till old age. You can also try to go there by train or flight. But a journey by car can give you the extra pleasure of seeing the sights, enjoying the ride, and getting stops to have wonderful moments.

Going to Florida from New York by car takes time, but I would suggest you choose a car. It gives you a lovely journey.

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