Pump is one of the most essential and common gear that you need to ensure bike riding consistency. Every time might check the tires of your bike before leaving home because unless having enough pump in tires you might be a big hassle. However to pump properly and enjoy exciting riding experience you must choose a good bike pump. Although pump has many importance but as not easy to choose as easy to use. You should know that how to choose a bicycle pump.

Here is a complete guide that help you to find a perfect pump for your bicycle.

Floor Pump

Floor pump is the most efficient and uses bicycle pump. Due to its low price range and other benefits it has much popularity to every riders. Among its other significant advantages it is easy to use and low cost are most remarkable. Although this type of pump is not to carry somewhere but it can work under pressure as well as its availability is everywhere. The best uses of this type of pump that you can keep the pump at home and pump your bicycle whether you go out. Due to its heavy duty performance, you can use this pump to any kind of bicycle tires. However, there is a meter with the pump that measure the pressure as well as you can get to know that capability of tires.

Frame Fit Pump

Frame fit pump is another type of popular pump. Due to its lightweight design and comparatively low weight this type of pumps are mostly using to directly for road. However, this type of pumps are lightweight that you can carry anywhere you go. It has portable settings that you can change its size. This type of pumps are not too large but has ability to work even for large size tires. The most significant advantage of this kind of pump that it can pump faster than any other similar kind of pump and keep you worries free even while you are on long trip.

Mini Pump

The most updated pumps are mini pump because the tine of using a large size pump has over due to many reasons. Mini pumps are the most efficient pump due to their lightweight design and small size. However this pump is easy to carry even you can set them with your water bottle too. Most of the mountain bikers like to hold the pump safety inside your hydraulic pack. Although this pumps are small in size but it has high level of psi capacity that can pump even a large size bicycle tire.

Although there are some other kind of pumps are in the market but these three types are much popular. This different type of pumps come with variety of features and functions. You can choose one of the on the basis of your need. Moreover the type and size of require pump depend on your bicycle because different bike has different type of tires so whether you plan to choose a pump you can consider above mentioned guidelines.


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