The time is over to wash a bike with water and detergent because they are harmful to both for metallic components as well as the color of your bike. As a result of long time research experts has found many efficient and effective ways that you can clean your bike without using water or detergent. Although there are many kinds of gears are in the market which is not water, but most of them are not good enough to clean perfect and bring actual brightness to your bike.

At this case best suggestion to avoid any dirt that hares harmful to your bike but still, you will be, need to clean after a sudden time. You will be happy to know that I am going to talk about few things that will save your metallic bike components as well as color because they are not Water.

Before starting the cleaning process of your bike, you may consider few this that what you are going to use as alternatives to water and how you need to clean. The most suggest cleaners are given blew.


Nowadays there are many kinds of sprays are exist in the market with a variety of inside elements. You can use a spray which a not vary strong or harmful for the color of your bike. Moreover, some liquid spray which is strong acid-free and that doesn’t damage any color. The most suggested spray which has made with natural reminders that bring extra brightness to your bike. Whether you choose any natural cleaner that will be cleaner your bike properly as well as save everything like before.

Plain Cloths

Cloths are another option to clean your bike without water. All the time you are not going to make your bike very dirty even sometimes you might need to clean for a small reason. Whether it is not too dirty, then you don’t need to use any spray. At this situation, you can clean your bike with only clothes. Just wipe the parts of your bike simply by cloths and enjoy fresh bike riding experience.

Soft Tissue for Sensitive Parts

With your bike, all the parts are not to strong even some parts are very sensitive even you can’t touch with any hard metallic cleaner. However whenever you need to clean somewhere like gears cassette, you have work very carefully. Due to their sensitive consideration, they can be broken if you use any had tools or metallic cleaners. For those components, you can use some soft tissue to very soft cloths that are not harmful as well as you will get excellent cleaning performance. The most important things to remember that you have to clean gears cassettes properly unless doing a perfect clean the Cain may fail to index at the right position as well as it would be dirty immediately.

Clean Everyday

It is much better to spend some time to clean your bike without water you go out with the bike. Because if you don’t keep it clean on a regular basis then it would be necessary to clean everything with a long time. However, the best suggestion to spend at least 5 minutes to clean every that will bring extra brightness to your mountain bikes.


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