In this #Jowable review, different features, the plot as well as main characters are present. If it’s your first time to come across the Jowable report, then reading this review, it’s a great ideal. The Jowable film began perfect and ended well. This Jowabkle movie handles different fields in the form of today’s life. The film is suitable for all generations and has both a long and short plot that gives the film a fantastic flow.

The Major Characters

  • Kim Molina who played the role of Elsa
  • Cai Cortez as the Karissa
  • Chad Kinis is another main character as Facky/Facundo
  • Jerald Napoles acts as Bumbay
  • Another major character is the Kakai Bautista, who serves as Elsa’s mother

Kim Molina

The Summary

The first two actors of the jowable film feel more like gags. They build up a story and an extended joke that proceeds in most of the parts of the film. Jowable was officially launched in early September. The film’s creator, Darry Yap, is among the best directors as writers who are known for their excellent work.

The Great about the Film

The film Jowable written by Darryl, follows the story in the book about the life of Elsa. Elsa in the movie seems to be bitter because she does not have a boyfriend. She argues that she has never had a boyfriend since birth. However, Elsa turns abrasive to her friends in childhood life. Also, she turns her abrasives to her mother, Kakai Bautista, workmates Fancy, Nuna as well as Karrissa.

In the story, she shares a meaningful conversation with her workmate, Candy. Later, Elsa attends Miss Manalili’s funeral. Miss Manalili was her school teacher in her childhood. Her teacher remained single up to the last day when she passed away. Before her death, Elsa surprisingly encounters several years along with her, whereby later, she makes some changes in Elisa’s life. Elisa’s teacher encouraged on how she should remain focused; therefore, Elisa ended up changing her life. At the end of the subplot, Elisa goes back to the teacher with her different view of her life.

In the story, we see how one day, Elsa’s bitterness makes her rant to God in the church. In some fate, she meets Jerald Napoles. Jerald makes the story to pick up a new direction as he appeared as the tool Elsa has been searching for.

The film features beautiful and amazing realizations, but instead of delivering, it explicitly presents. This film also features a segment with Kim Maulina and Kakai Bautista. This segment cuts the entire story in the movie. The level of streets and vulgarity provides a great view of the story. The two discuss how Put angina can result in angry, happy, or sad. In this jowable review, we can’t afford to fail to mention about Yung Meta levels. In this segment, Elisa realizes her first act of the film. Kim Maulina’s exemplary acting made the section more relevant and enjoyable.

The Facts about Jowable

  • In the film #Jowable, it was not the first time director Direk Darryl worked with the great actress Kim. Kim starred in another movie where she played the role of an office girl.
  • Jobelyn Manuel known as theater actress was the original film of Elsa in the #Jowable
  • The film’s director Darryl began as a theater actor. Therefore, he wrote the movie before getting into directing
  • The most challenging scene in the film that Kim has was her intimate scene, together with her friend Jerald.
  • Kim Molina, together with a lover Jerald Napoles in the film Jowable is married in real life. They got engaged in the music Rak of Aegis.

Final Verdict

The Jowable movie is among the best films that you can intend watching. The video starts well and ends up well, which is not the case with most of the movies. The back-story telling of the film creatively translated correctly to the current days. The scenes follow each other in an orderly manner, which provides an excellent flow.

This move’s not all about love, but it handles other factors. #Jowable has some touching moments that will impress you. Besides, the story does not focus on humor, but it has a scene of valuable wisdom and lessons. Therefore if you need a classic film, then Jowable is the best for you.


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