Almost everyone would advise you to use torrenting when you want to premium content. We use the internet to search for virtually any content that we need. However, if the content is not available, the other option that you have is to use torrents. There are many torrenting sites that you can find, and one of them is Limetorrents. Many people in different parts of the world are unable to access this site because of the many geo-restrictions from the government. So, if you want to access limetorrents unblocked, I will show you how to unblock Limetorrents with proxies & mirror sites.

Most Government bodies have restricted and blocked Limetorrents to prevent access. This is why we have prepared this article to show you how you can access Limetorrents from any place. There are different ways in which you can use to unblock Limetorrents. But the easiest and most feasible is using proxies & mirror sites. This article will help you access blocked Limetorrents. Additionally, you will find more information on how you can access Limetorrents safely and much more.

What is Limetorrents?

Before we dig deeper, let us familiarize ourselves with Limetorrents. You need to know what Limetorrents is so that you can understand how to unblock it. But first, what is torrent? I’m sure you must have come across the word torrent. This is a tech word that is used to refer to a computer file with metadata that hold different information.

Basically, a torrent file has an extension .torrent and it doesn’t have the real information that is to be distributed. Instead, BitTorrent software like uTorrent use the information and eventually allows you to download the files to your PC.

Now that you know what a torrent is, let us go straight and know about Limetorrents. In simple terms, Limetorrents refers to a torrent site that was founded in 2009. The site has gained popularity over the years and it was rated the best torrent site in the year 2008. So, you can enjoy limetorrents free download movies from this site. Apart from putting its focus on TV shows, games and movies, Limetorrents also offers active torrents for different categories.

Unlike other torrents sites, this site is the most trusted because they mind the users. In as much as every category might be overcrowded, there is no need to worry about malware or fake torrents when you are downloading any content from Limetorrents.

With all that, many governments in different countries have banned lime torrents and other famous torrent sites. This means that users cannot enjoy the services of this great site. If you are having trouble accessing this site, you can enjoy limetorrent unblocked with the tips that I will discuss on this guide on how to unblock Limetorrents with proxies & mirror sites.

Why LimeTorrents is Banned?

If you are trying to visit Limetorrents but in vain, several reasons can prevent you from accessing the site. Some of the most common problems might be:

  • The government in your country banned the site because of copyright issues.
  • The site could be down for various reasons.
  • Your network firewall is preventing you from accessing the site.
  • The site could have been blocked by your ISP to prevent legal action.

Any of the above could be the main reasons why you are unable to access Limetorrents. Many governments have blocked Limetorrents in different countries. This means that users cannot enjoy using this site anymore. But what is the main reason for banning a torrent site? Violation of copyright laws is one of the major reason why schools and government agencies impose the ban Limetorrents.

Over the years, Limetorrents has faced many problems because it is a major source of pirated contents. Some years back, a music group by the name IFPI seized their servers, and the operator of the site was involved in a lawsuit. Despite all these issues, the site runs and lately it changes its domain to and a new homepage to bring the site back so that Google can index it.

The new homepage doesn’t contain links that lead to pirated materials, and this means that copyright holders don’t have a reason to let goggle remove the site from the search index.

How to Unblock Limetorrents

Many people use Limetorrents to download torrents, which are useful in downloading the video file, audio file, and other software. Most of the files are distributed legally but you can still find other files that have copyrighted content. However, Limetorrents doesn’t hold copyrighted files. In countries like US, UK, Australia and India, this site has been blocked to prevent people in these places from accessing all the contents.

Luckily, there I an easier way to unblock Limetorrents access it anywhere. If you visit the site and find out that you don’t have access, it could be it is blocked in your country. But how does this exactly take place? Before blocking a site, government officials determine whether the site should be blocked or not. After they make the decision, the particular site is added to a , and it is passed to differ ISPs in the country which enforce the blocks by diverting the traffic for that domain.

This means that you cannot access Limetorrents if the country has blocked it. The blocks can either be permanent or temporary so you might not know when you can revisit the site. The good news is that you can still access Limetorrents even in countries that have blocked the site. You need to have a VPN proxy server in the country where Limetorrents is blocked. This means that the IPS will not know you are trying to gain access to the site.

Simple Steps to Unblock Limetorrents

How exactly can you unblock Limetorrents? Well, the following are some simple steps that will help you unblock the site and enjoy its services.

  1. Visit and check if you are eligible to access it. If you are having problems accessing the site, it could be it is blocked. To unlock the site, you need to follow these steps.
  2. Get an account with VPN provider.
  3. There is a software that you will get from VPN provider. Install it to your device that you want to use when visiting Limetorrents. Follow the instructions that are provided to complete the installation.
  4. When you have installed the software, open it, and then use it to get connected to servers in countries like Sweden, Canada, Germany, Mexico, and Netherlands.
  5. When the VPN is connected to any of these countries, open your browser and visit Limetorrents site. If by now, you can access the site, you can enjoy downloading audio and video files. If you cannot access the website, go to the next steps.
  6. Revisit your VPN software and connect the server to another country and try accessing Limetorrents.
  7. You can try servers in various countries until you get access to Limetorrents website.

Limetorrents Proxy/Mirror list:

There are several Limetorrent mirror sites that you can find. When you open the sites, you will find a site that is similar to Limetorrent. This is actually limetorrent only that the domain name is different. If you find that the torrent is already blocked in your country, then use LimeTorrents Proxy servers to get limetorrent unblocked.

You can also use limetorrents mirror sites which will help you download the contents that you want.

If the government blocks limetorrents in your country, you can use mirror sites or Limetorrents proxy to download your content. However, it is advisable to use a VPN when you are using limetorrents. The following are limetorrents proxy list:

  • Win
  • fux0r
  • Top
  • Info
  • Com

Why A VPN Is Essential For Torrents Users

If you are a torrent user, then you need to understand the importance of using a VPN. A VPN is important because it encrypts your information and then routes your traffic to the selected server thereby bypassing ISP server. This means that the VPN will replace the given ISP IP address with another unique IP that is not recognized.

Therefore, using a VPN will protect your identity, especially when you are accessing sites that have been blocked. Using a VPN helps you to access Web Wide Web in a secure and encrypted tunnel. ISP or other government bodies do not monitor all the data that passes through this tunnel. Additionally, you can access to almost any internet resource without worries.

So, any online activity that you do is not monitored hence making you actions anonymous. There are so many VPN services that you can find on the market. It is important to choose the right one that will protect you. The following are some recommended VPN providers that you can try.

List of Best VPN in 2019:

This is a large VPN service that is popular among many people. Many users love this VPV because of its excellent speed, user-friendly apps, secure encryption, and it is great for Android and iOS apps. Additionally, it is excellent for Netflix streaming. You can enjoy unlimited music, video and much more worldwide.


  • Nordvpn

This is another private and secure way to access the internet. This VPN is hack-proof, and no one can see your internet data. You don’t have to worry when you are in public Wi-Fi. Additionally, you can protect all your devices since it can offer security up to 6 devices simultaneously.


  • Purevpn

This is one of the affordable VPN services that will give you a fast experience when you are browsing, streaming, and file sharing, among others. You will enjoy access to content, high speed, security, and anonymity, among other great features. It can support Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Firefox, and Chrome.


  • Cyberghostvpn

The company has over 15 years of experience, and they give you privacy when you are using the internet. With this VPN, you can by-pass closedowns, geo-restrictions, and digital censorship. You can also access blocked websites, stream sports, play region-locked games, and unblock streaming services, among other online deals.


  • Torguard

This VPN provides you an anonymous IP address and encrypts your internet access. It protects your online identity, so you don’t have to risk your privacy. You will also enjoy anonymous proxy, stealth VPN, and private email.


How to Download Limetorrents Movies:

  • Downloading movies and other files is easy. You need to follow these steps.
  • Download and then install Bittorrent desktop software for your computer-based the OS.
  • Go to the Limetorrent sire and search the title of the movie that you want to download in the search box.
  • Copy the file URL
  • Open the Bittorrent on your computer and then click the hyperlink icon. Next, paste the URL file and clock okay to start downloading the file.

Other few Sites like Limetorrents:

Other similar sites provide the same services as Limetorrents. They include the following:

  • Kickass Proxy

This is another popular website that you can use to download torrents. The original site was banned; however, there have been many mirror sites. You can get a wide range of torrent files to download your contents on this site.

  • Pirate Proxy

It is a fast proxy site that and the proxies get tested automatically after every 30 minutes approximately. You can also use Pirate Bay Mirror sites to unblock piratebay using pox IP and eliminate ISP restriction.

  • YIFY Proxy

This is another great site to download files in different formats like Blu-Ray, 720, 1080, and 1080. The site is free to use, and you can get high-quality videos with subtitles in various languages.

  • Extratorrents Proxy

This is another big site where you can download your contents. It provides a directory that is easy to use and different kinds of torrents. The visitors can upload torrents to the site and they also have high-quality torrents and a user-friendly site.

Final Words

I hope you have found the content resourceful. I have provided you with more information that will help you enjoy limetorrents unblocked if Limetorrent is blocked in your country. With the easy steps outlined above, you can access Limetorrent and enjoy downloading audio, video, and software files anywhere. I have also provided you with more details about the importance of VPN when using torrents and some recommended VPN providers.


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