Carry-on Luggage Weight Limit [Airlines Limitation Explained]

Carry-on luggage weight limit. During the vacation, you will never want to face the trouble of carrying on luggage on the airlines. So you must want to carry all the necessary travel gear in a moderate range of your carry-on luggage. And when you can fit all your necessary gear into carry-on luggage and fit the luggage overhead bin, you will have peace of mind.

But you can’t simply pack your bag when you travel internationally. Some airlines have to carry bags of approved size where you may not be able to hold all the gear you need. In addition, many airlines have a specific weight limit, especially in the C cabin of international airlines. And that weight limit is lower than the average carry-on luggage.

Carry-on Luggage Weight Limit

Is There A Carry-on Luggage Weight Limit?

They usually have specific weight limits according to the airlines. But if you travel to the United States all the time, you never have to worry about the weight of your luggage. Because so far, there is no weight limit on luggage at major American airlines such as American, Delta, and United.

Besides, domestic carriers have size restrictions but no weight restrictions. Even US airlines do not have a weight monitor at the gate to measure weight. There is no scale at the boarding gate.

But on international airlines, even code share airlines in the United States, the bag’s weight must be considered. And it affects what you can carry and what you can’t. Most of the time, the airlines that have a weight limit will weigh your bag while check-in. But if you ever leave a device while boarding, you have to pay for this mistake.

Because it happens in many cases that since there is no scale at the gate, they do not understand whether their bag is overweight or not. But when the bag is overweight at check-in, you have to pay for it.

Because the bag is weighed during boarding, and if your bag crosses the limit, you must pay a fine for it. And you don’t want to spend it because it’s costly.

How Much does Carry-on Luggage Weight?

How Much does Carry-on Luggage Weight

Usually, during international traveling, a traveler can squeeze all his or her necessities into a carry-on. But most of the time, his bag exceeds the weight limit of the aircraft.

The weight limit of carry-on luggage will depend on the different airlines. Because some airlines have no weight limit, there is a weight limit in the case of international airlines.

Here are some of the major airlines’ weight limits for economy class flights:

  • Air New Zealand: 15 pounds
  • American: There are no weight restrictions.
  • Ana: 22 pounds
  • Delta: Most flights have no weight control.
  • Emirates: 15 pounds
  • Icelander: 22 pounds
  • Korean Air: 25 lbs
  • Lufthansa: 17.6 lbs
  • Norwegian: 22 pounds
  • Qantas 15 pounds
  • Switzerland: 17.6 lbs
  • United: There is no weight control on most flights.

Why Should You Still Be Interested In Carry-On?

Why should you still be interested in Carry-On

Carry-on luggage allows you to fit the gear you need quickly. On the other hand, you need to spend valuable time and effort to fit all the necessary travel gear in a suitcase. However, it will be easier to navigate public transport with a small bag.

Also, your bag will fit easily.  Also, a small bag will be easy to lift, even taking up less space in a small hotel room. Moreover, introduces the whole host to the challenge by checking a bag. It also saves you from waiting for a baggage claim with your carry-on luggage when you arrive at the destination.

Do Airlines Weight Carry-On Bags?

Do Airlines Weight Carry-On Bags

In the case of airlines, especially in the United States, carry-on bags are not weighed. Involved in traveling since about ten years ago, but it weighed only twice the bag at the airlines. Most of the time, it is seen that the airlines do not keep the weight limit of the bag.

However, some international airlines have weight restrictions. However, you need to follow some tips so that your bag does not weigh down.

The goal is not to focus on yourself:

Bags that look big and heavy are weighed on airlines. So if your bag looks big and heavy, the airlines will be more likely to weigh your bag. Although most of the time we traveled with a backpack when the backpack looked clearer and heavier than a suitcase. However, backpacks weigh less than heavy suitcases.

Here are some tips to help you reduce the weight of your luggage and not to weigh your luggage at the airport.

Check-in Online

Check-in Online

Print the boarding pass at Advanced to avoid any problems at the airport. It will make it easier for you to avoid the check-in desk. And you can go to safety with your luggage. The check-in desk is the place where your bag is most likely to weigh.

Use Your Item

Use Your Item

If you have to deal with a check-in desk, use your items. Because some airlines allow personal items, when checking, take out personal items such as laptops, cameras, or packing cubes that make your luggage heavy. Then, at the end of checking, you can put these back in your bag. That will save your bag from being overweight.

If you can weigh in at the gate, you can follow these tricks. However, it is unnecessary to check if your item’s allowance has not been increased to the maximum amount.

According to the rules of most airlines, they do not include personal items by weight restrictions. However, some airlines have different rules. So before flying, you must check the website of the airline.

Wear It

Wear It

Wear your heaviest shoes and the heaviest jacket to avoid overweight luggage. However, if you feel hot wearing a jacket, carry it or tie it around your waist. It will reduce the weight of your bag, and you will be able to carry the other travel gear you need in your bag.



You need to pay attention to the bag packing so that your luggage does not look heavy. Use packing cubes or compression bags to reduce the size of your fabric when packing bags.

Shrink bag scraps if you want to make your bag smaller. If your bag does not look big and heavy, then the chances of your bag weighing on the airlines will be very low.

Traveling With A Bag

Traveling With A Bag

If you travel by bag, you should make yourself less conspicuous. In this case, your goal is not to focus on yourself. Airlines usually check the bags of people who seem to be burdened with luggage.

Fill Your Pockets

Fill Your Pockets

If the airline’s rules are stringent and your bag looks overweight, you should fill the pocket of your pants or jacket with extra items. You can carry your travel gear on your jacket.



If you do not weigh your luggage, and your luggage may show overweight at check-in. If you encounter such a situation, you have to pay or throw out any of your items. And this cost will undoubtedly be painful for you. But if you are polite, talk to the airline staff and understand them, they can consider it.

But the worst thing is that your bag becomes overweight and forces you to check in. If you encounter such a situation and you do not have a bag of second personal items, make a backup plan to deal with this situation.

Weight-related problems will not stop you from traveling with your carry-on. But you have to pay a fine for overweight your bag, and that is costly. So try to lose weight all the time and follow the tips above. Because if your bag is overweighed, every airline will check it in. So to avoid check-in, make sure your bag does not look overweighed.

Tips for Meeting Airlines’ Carry-on Weight Restrictions

Tips for Meeting Airlines’ Carry-on Weight Restrictions

If you are going to meet the airline’s carry-on-weight restrictions, you need a plan.

  • First of all, before taking any step, check the weight restrictions on the airline’s website.
  • Do not count on the fact that you can avoid the eyes of the airlines. Because international airlines are very strict about the weight of luggage.
  • Consider buying ultra-lightweight luggage.
  • Set the travel gears and trim as much weight as possible.
  • Move heavy items to balance the weight of your carry-on and personal items.

Final Thought

Carrying on luggage size is prohibited when traveling on an aircraft. However, when you travel with international airlines, consider the weight of the luggage. So before you fly, you must check the size and weight restrictions from the airline’s website.

Otherwise, you will have to face something costly for you. I hope now you understand the airline’s carry-on luggage weight limit.

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