Who Owns The Caribbean Islands?

Not all Caribbean islands are sovereign states. In fact, the majority of them are actually islands that are under the jurisdiction of other countries. They are governed by the laws of those countries, and people who live on them must abide by those laws.

In this post we will talk about the history of Caribbean Islands. So, stay with us.

Some Historical Facts About Who Owns the Caribbean Islands

Some Historical Facts About Who Owns the Caribbean Islands

There are a number of historical facts about who owns the Caribbean islands.

Caribbean Islands were originally inhabited by indigenous peoples, but European explorers and colonists began to arrive in the 15th century.

The Caribbean islands were first colonized by Spain, France, and England with the Netherlands taking over in 1650. The United States took control of the region in 1821. In 1965, these countries formed a treaty establishing an independent organization called CARICOM (Caribbean Community).

Most modern Caribbean countries have been independent of one another, but Haiti is the only sovereign country in which all major decisions must be ratified by a majority of voters.

Caribbean islands were originally inhabited by indigenous peoples, but European explorers and colonists began to arrive in the 15th century. The Caribbean islands were taken over by Spain, then France, and England. They later became a region under United States control. Currently there are two countries that make up most of the Caribbean – Panama and Trinidad-Tobago who also have partial claims to other nations.

During the 1500s, Spanish explorers made contact with Maya peoples of Mexico. They began to settle which eventually resulted in slavery being established on the islands for captive Native Americans. During this time period most Caribbean’s embraced Catholicism becoming very devout in their religion and opposed language changes

Caribbean Islands were discovered by Europeans early in history during “The Age of Discovery.” However, those who reached them did not colonize or exploit economically because they believed it was inhabited by mythological people called “Caribbean’s” who were believed to live on islands that could only be seen through a thick fog.

The Caribbean is located in the northern Atlantic Ocean, north of Central America and between North America and South America.

Border of Caribbean Islands

In addition, other countries bordering the Caribbean include: Mexico – Panamanian border to east, Nicaragua – Honduran border to west (Carupano),

Colombia – Panama and Costa Rica borders to northeast

The Caribbean region of the world is composed of two countries: Republic of Trinidad-Tobago, which runs from Mexico’s border with Guatemala down through Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama into Colombia. The second country is the nation named Panama, a landlocked Central American country that also claims some rights to other lands within its territory in addition to other countries not addressed here.

Some of the countries that own the Caribbean islands are:

  1. The United States
  2. Panama
  3. Venezuela
  4. Cuba
  5. Mexico
  6. Belize
  7. Bahamas
  8. Dominican Republic
  9. Bermuda

Who colonized the Caribbean?

The Spanish, the British, and the French all colonized the Caribbean.

  1. The British Colonized the Caribbean
  2. Haiti became close to French when France invaded from 1794-1804 and then back into an English colony
  3. Britain is the main colonizer in this part of the world.

Why did the British colonize the Caribbean?

The main reason why Britain wanted to control and exploit the Eastern world was so they could get more raw materials such as: silver, baubles, gold, iron ore and other metals. These were needed in order for them build their empire.

Tropical cyclones may also form just off the coast of Cuba and affect both southern Florida and Puerto Rico. These storms often bring strong winds, heavy rain, dangerous surf conditions (swells), major beach erosion in low-lying areas, flooding of coastal towns with seawater up to a few blocks inland as well as temporary evacuation for those who find themselves caught out in swells because shelter is not immediately available near shoreline. Moreover, the storms also affect Panama and other Central American countries.


The Caribbean islands are an interesting part of the world, but many people don’t know who owns them. Many countries want to claim ownership over these islands, but some are independent.

In this article we answered who owns the Caribbean islands. We also provided some facts about the ownership of the islands.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Caribbean Island Does The US Own?

The US owns Cuba, the Bahamas, and Puerto Rico

Where Does Venezuela Go?

Venezuela goes west to the end of its borders into Colombia and Brazil.

What Countries Own Belize?

Belize is a country that shares its northern border with Guatemala, two smaller South American countries (Costa Rica and Honduras) and Mexico. Costa Rica is on the mainland side, so their shared border with each other makes them both coastal states.

Who Rules Caribbean Islands?

This is a difficult question to answer because there are different types of rulers.

In the case of most islands, it would be the chief or president. Some islands may have a governor and in others, there may be no specific ruler at all.

Does Caribbean Belong To Us?

Caribbean belongs to the Caribbean. The Caribbean is a region of North America that consists of the following countries:

  1. Cuba
  2. Dominican Republic
  3. Haiti
  4. Jamaica
  5. Puerto Rico
  6. Trinidad and Tobago
  7. Venezuela
  8. Jamaica

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