Ever since the invention of the internet, everything has become easy to find. I remember the days my sister and I would save for a whole school term to buy movies. Back then, movies were stored in computers. Only the rich had these. The rest of us had to have them copied on CDs. These days everything is easily accessible. You can watch a movie online as long as you have an internet connection and a viewing device.

There are a couple of sites that make online viewing possible. They allow you to either stream or download movies in under a minute. One of the websites that do this is Rainierland.

What is Rainierland?

Rainierland is a movie watching website that is absolutely free. You can enjoy rainierland movies without paying. Unlike sites like Netflix, you don’t need to subscribe or pay any amount of money for use. Although sites like Netflix go the legal way of uploading contents without violating any laws, this site violates copyright laws. This is why it is referred to as an illegal website.

Some of the features that make it so popular include;

  • It is a free site
  • It offers a wide variety of movies, series, dramas and much more to its users
  • The videos are of high quality
  • You can easily catch up to your favorite movie or tv show with a few clicks
  • There are no ads to interrupt you when watching
  • It is effortless to use. Even first-timers can navigate the site with ease
  • Has no downloads
  • Regular content update so that everything is up to speed
  • No subscription required
  • Has a selection of movies as suggestions that you might want to watch
  • Updates all the popular tv shows

All these features and the fact that they are free to make people wonder whether it is a legal site or not. Like most sites that don’t upload their content or produce its own, it is an illegal site. Since they have no authority to broadcast the content, the site is violating copyright laws.

This does not necessarily mean that you are committing a crime when using it. If you want to use the site but are afraid, there is something you can do. You can turn off your location setting before using the website. This hides your IP address and helps you steer clear of legal complications.

Is Rainierland Still Working?

The owner of the website was arrested in 2016. He had named the website after himself. After his arrest, people feared that it would be shut down. For customer satisfaction, the site remained untouched. There are rumors that it stopped streaming videos.

Although some people find it hard to access the website, it is still up and running. It is hard to access ever since Rainier Tamayo; the creator was arrested. Those in charge try to make it accessible, but they have to be on the lookout. This is because the legal enforcement agencies are breathing down their necks. They shut the site’s clones. This is done to observe copyright infringement and licensing laws.

Even with all these problems, the website is still operational. The operators keep coming up with different URLs to retain their site.

Is Rainierland down?

Worried about rainierland shut down? Some people can use rainierland with no problems. There are others; however, that cannot open the site. However, it is easy to get rainierland unblocked. If that is so in your case, do not panic. You can resolve this by communicating. Use the URL https://www.issitedownrightnow.com. You can explain to them why the site is not working.

Another method is by refreshing your browser. You can do this by pressing CTRL+F5. This might make it possible for you to access the website.

If not, follow the next steps;

  • If the refreshing doesn’t work, switch off your Wi-Fi, modem, or mobile phone internet connection. Switch your computer, laptop, or phone off. Switch it back on, clear the cookies and cache and try again.
  • If it still doesn’t work, the problem might be with your firewall. Your firewall might have prevented the use of the website. To deal with this, disable your firewall that is running in the background temporarily. If this works, it will mean that your security software is malfunctioning. Add rainierland into your trusted site set. This means it won’t disturb you again.
  • If the problem still persists, then the DNS might be at fault. The DNS is service that turns website names into an IP address. This is a computer-readable address. If only this site or a few others won’t open, then it must be corrupt. You can fix this by going to a computer specialist.

Is Rainierland a scam website?

Since it is an illegal website, its validity is questioned. It might be a high-risk website so protect your computer. You can do this by downloading an antivirus. This will remove any harmful material that can be from the website.

To find out if a website is a scam or not;

  • Look at the URL. Read the whole address to find out whether the website is genuine or a phishing site.
  • Check connection security indicator. The most secure connections have a padlock icon or a green address bar.
  • View certificate details.
  • Look for trust seals
  • Consult the Google Safe Browsing Transparency Report

Is it legal to use?

As we have said before, rainierland is not a legal website. This is because it does not upload its own content. Neither does it produce its own content. It does not have the copyright for the videos uploaded on the site. This is why it is said to have broken the copyright infringement rule.

Rainierland doesn’t own any of the stuff it shows, which is why the videos are free. You cannot be prosecuted for using the website. This is because you are an innocent who just happened to come across the site.

Best Sites Like Rainierland

Some people do not feel comfortable using rainierland because of its problems. Thankfully though, other sites also offer the ability to stream movies. Rainierland alternatives include;

  • PutLocker

Putlocker is a website that is used to search for movies and programs to stream. This website does not offer any content. It merely acts as a guide that helps you find sites that host content.

Putlocker is legal in most countries. It was banned in the UK. Some users also have copyright infringement notices sent to them when they open the site. This may be because they stream the material without the correct permission.

Some people think it is illegal to use because it offers links to copyrighted contents. It is also considered illegal because it allows users to stream their content through it.

Some fake sites use Putlocker, and this might make it unsafe to use. On the legit putlocker, there are various pop-ups that might contain viruses. These viruses will cause system malfunction, and so they may not be safe to use. Installing an antivirus software ensures that you protect your computer from harmful material.

Although there are many precautions to be taken before using it, it is one of the best movie sites there is.

  • Netflix

Netflix is a subscription service for movies and TV programs. Once subscribed, it allows you to watch different movies and shows on your device. It will enable you to stream an infinite number of things. Streaming means you can get the content immediately without having to wait.

It offers content in a variety of languages. This makes it accessible to many people in different countries. Not only does it have ownership rights to the contents, but it also creates their own shows.

There is a monthly subscription fee that you must pay to stream anything. It allows you to add or delete your browser history. This means that you can personalize your account the way you want. It has a media library, which means you can download and watch later.


It has a feature called ‘Netflix roulette’ that helps you choose what to watch when you’re not sure. This makes decision making easier for you. Your Netflix account is accessible in any part of the world.

It can help you learn a new language. You can do this by listening in the language you want to learn, but with subtitles, in a language, you can easily understand.


  • HubMovie

This site offers better service than others. It has no pop-up ads and gives real links. It ensures that the links used are valid. It does not upload movies on the server. It works by providing legit links to sites that stream videos.

It is continuously updated to ensure that it offers the best service. On the homepage, it gives a selection of movies for you to choose from. It has a search feature, so you don’t have to look for your video one by one.

It offers fast streaming services, better than most sites. It also gives links to other sites just in case the one they have does not work.

  • Geeker

Unlike most movie websites, Geeker provides movies, music, and books. You can get them easily once you create an account with them. It offers a 30-day free trial once you subscribe.

Sadly, people claim that the website is a scam. It does not offer any of the movies or books that they advertise. The site also continues to charge member’s credit cards even after they have unsubscribed. Those who reached company executives were told that they would be refunded, but they never were.

I would recommend that you do not use this website. It does not offer the services they claim to offer. It also charges its members even when they have unsubscribed. They take people’s credit card information and use them for extortion. They have bad customer support reviews. This is because they don’t respond or solve the needs of their customers when they are reported to them.

It is a scam site and should be avoided by everyone. If you had given your credit card details, it would be best to go to your bank and stop the payments early.

  • Movie4u

This is a streaming website that allows you to stream videos and movies. There are no ads that interfere with the process. It is a free website. There is no need for subscription or personal details. The videos offered are of high quality. There is no payment, monthly or otherwise, required.

It contains all classic movies. You can browse for the best movies. Offers top rated movies for free even though it is free, it is absolutely legal. Its contents are gotten from other sources. The contents are not pirated.

The site allows you to share and converse with other viewers. This will enable you to engage and get recommendations from the other viewers. It offers related content to what you are watching. This is perfect if you want to watch movies from the same genre. Since the content is not from this source, they cannot be downloaded.

The downside of using this site is that some of the images do not load even though the video will still work. Signing up for the site is optional but very hard. It is hard to find the registration page. The signup requirements might also be hard to follow. Its title selection is smaller than those of other sites.


There are many movie streaming sites on the internet. They make it easy for us to watch movies without having to wait for DVDs. However, you should always do your research before choosing a site to use. Some sites might be scams, like Geeker, and they will extort their subscribers. These sites may also harm and bring viruses to your computer or device. Rainierland is one of the best sites that allow you to stream movies. However, this site is illegal because it does not have the rights for the content it plays. But it is easy to use and offers a variety of options.


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