What Are The Disadvantages Of Travelling?

Travelling is a very important part of life, but it can also be the most stressful and exhausting experience. So, we have compiled a list of disadvantages of travelling. These disadvantages may seem small at first, but over time they can have a significant impact on your well-being.

Most of us would love to go on a vacation but due to our busy schedules we find it difficult to do so. The good news is that there are a few ways you can make the most of your travel without losing too much time and money. Here’s how you can travel better with less money and time.

Disadvantages Of Travelling

Time dilation, also known as time dilatation or time distortion, describes the way in which one feels a sense of passing time slower when travelling. Time dilation can be explained through mathematical relativity by measuring and analysing changes in ones’ perceptions of duration. An individual’s perception will affect their own subjective measure when travelling: for example an individual may perceive that a journey has only taken 10 hours but on returning home they will notice it was fifteen hours because 15 is easier to comprehend than ten  (if someone asked you how long did your trip last – would you say ‘five hours’ or ‘ten’).

I am sure you must have heard this before, so I will bet some of my famous quotes. And that is:  Time flies when you are having fun … ;  Time stands still for no man ….;  Time can heal a broken heart but time does make the flower grow…; and finally, Nobody makes me laugh like an Irishman!

Well, as a result of this phenomenon, we tend to perceive the world around us in ways that are not entirely accurate. Our own memories can be stretched: for example we may remember things happening on one day and decide it took two days instead; what actually happened was five hours shorter than our perception of time (as noted previously), so only four ‘days’ were spent travelling.

This is probably why some tourists feel they have travelled more when they haven’t – by spending less time reading brochures or online travel guides! If you love nature photography then you will enjoy The National Parks Project.

Advantage Of Travelling

Lungs doing the business lungs no longer have to bust out of our chest cavity when we inhale. The same is true for the heart, allowing it room to beat in peace-ful and rhythmic pattern a whole lot more frequently…

Advantage of travelling   Travelling helps us discover things about ourselves that might not otherwise be discovered by living within boundries in one’s own country or town – this includes physical abilities yet unfamiliar motivations, passions & desires as well.  If you believe your honest need may be met while on vacation then take advantage! You can do anything including art , writing, gardening, cooking or sculpting.  Anything creative you do when on vacation will probably be better and more pleasing than any work upon your return home – usually!

Advantage of travelling For example:   My wife (Debra) wanted to visit four Nations so we took a Greyhound bus from Melbourne via Adelaide General Santos/Manila Tilapia Cebu. The only time I ever felt sick during this road trip was one morning in Manila – where the local custom is for everyone to greet each other by removing their shoes & socks if they haven’t done so before – and then proceed to jump with their bare feet all over one another – including the bus driver. After watching (and feeling sorry for) this group of people I joined in & before arriving in Cebu we were both almost cured!

Advantage of travelling* People ‘get it’ better when you’re truthful, open-minded and honest . *When Debra first visited Indonesia she had a very hard time understanding what these different cultures believed or did because they weren’t at all similar culture groups. She later called me out on her assumptions (which were wrong). You see just how similar people are . *A lot of Australians think visiting Indonesia is boring but Debra and I though it was fantastic. In fact we really enjoyed spending time with the other travellers that were there – most from different countries yet all united in their common pleasures to be had during a few weeks travel, whether on land or by canoe! We attended parties where Indonesian philosophy would shine through any final words made therein… then later laughed at such things together too.

Advantage of travelling* It can help teach you how much foreigners (those who don’t know where you’ve been) enjoy what residing within.


I always get this question when I tell people about my life as a digital nomad. Here are some of the disadvantages of travelling that might be of interest to you. – You have to take extra care with your health. – You’re not working, so you can’t earn money or invest it in something productive. – You may be spending more on travel expenses than you would normally spend if you were working at home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is A Disadvantage Of Travelling?

A: In my opinion, the biggest disadvantage that comes along with taking on this lifestyle (and I know from experience) is health care. More specifically few countries offer affordable healthcare in comparison to your home country and the language barrier can be really hard when it comes to communicating about illness or injuries. I feel this has been one of the greatest challenges for me as a traveling digital nomad because there are many illnesses that can easily spread quickly when others don’t understand you better speaking their own language.

Q: Why Don’t You Work?

A: Many digital nomads travel and work online, making us available to be hired any time we’re in a new location. Sometimes I’m asked what my job is (it’s not as simple as working online) – but usually this question can be answered by telling them that I want to create passive income while traveling the world!

Q: Do You Spend More On Travel Expenses Than You Would Normally?

A: Probably, but it’s not the case for everyone. I recommend finding a cheaper alternative to going by plane and picking up work online from wherever possible in order to free up some extra cash – even just enough money for food if necessary.

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