Nowadays, whenever you want to acquire a movie or a film on the internet, you get it through torrent websites.  Tamilrockers is a website that enables distribution of copyrighted materials, like TV shows, movies, and even music, probably without the legal rights to do so. You can enjoy tamilrockers hd when downloading your favorite contents.

The website was discovered to have leaked a latest Bollywood clip. This identified Tamilrockers as a piracy website that does leaking of latest films as soon as they are out.  In the recent days, the website was all over the news after leaking the super thirty a Bollywood movie Super 30 starring Hrithik Roshan.

Who Are The Owners Of Tamilrockers?

A rouge website like Tamilrockers, its membership is still anonymous. Tamilrockers administrators until date remain anonymous to the public and not even a proof of them is available. In the last few months, about February, some corps made random arrests on movie piracy websites. They were speculations that those were the Tamilrockers owners and associates, but nobody had proof and so NO they were not.

What makes them so much unknown is the fact that they shift their domains now and then. In several occasions, the website is blocked, hacked, but the owners and the admins change their domains and revive again. Most local authorities, especially in the southern states, have opened case files against the anti-piracy.

Police have made efforts to uncover the owner by vetting bank accounts. And it was discovered that the owner of Tamilrockers makes quite some lump sum amount of money about Rs 1 per every film downloaded.

How do Tamilrockers operate?

In file storage technology, there is what we refer to as magnetic links.  Tamilrockers website allows you to search and download a copyright material and after that maybe share and then it goes viral, especially if it was a hit.

The website is a fake site, and it offers free downloads of latest hits, it has membership like all over the world, majorly the expatriate Tamils. The Tamilrockers do a recording of a film and upload it on their website. They offer payment to their members, especially whoever has the highest number of downloads.

The gone-rogue website has multiple URL (Uniform Resource Locator) hyperlinks. So, whenever they experience a shut down by the local agencies of any country, they immediately shift and employ another URL ASAP. The piracy websites are getting infamous with time. However, its membership doubles up each day.

Their slogan being “free movies” to all lovers, justifies their rouge actions. Tamilrockers advanced from Tamil movies to now leaking both Nollywood and Hollywood movies. Any outstanding movie that has been released in the last two to three months ago it’s freely available on the website.

For instance, when a producer calls a press briefing about a film that is to be released in a day or two. The briefing normally takes place in a closed briefing room or a theater of about thirty people. A movie always before being released it will receive certification from the relevant authorities. So In unedited format, the clip is shown at a glance to the few press guys.

So the press records and that’s where the Tamilrockers agents take advantage. They will be after the studio guys who recorded the raw clip during the briefing, pay some few pounds maybe forty thousand. Then, before the official release date, the Tamilrockers guy will walk to the producer. They show him the clip and ask him it’s either he pays something, or the clip will be uploaded to the net for free. Since the producer will go at some loss whenever that happens, he will be forced to pay.

In cases where the producer doesn’t corporate, then Tamilrockers will upload the clip on the site he will get downloads and get his money back still, even by a bigger margin. It also happens that some movies do not really get that good feedback. Therefore, the Tamilrockers are approached to give a glance and a trail of the raw clip either on YouTube or torrent. It then ends up receiving more likes, and people make it a hit thereafter. Tamilrockers operate in a manner that they take advantage of a situation and maximize out of it, however much it’s wrong.

In another method that they apply is acquiring an unreleased movie from worldwide film distribution technology. In abroad, where we have multiple screens to live stream a movie, the Tamilrockers wait for moments when the links to the clips are stored in various servers across the world and in the process confiscate a number of links and convert them into their websites.

That becomes a major blow to the filmmaker. So like before, the Tamilrockers get in touch with somebody registered with a world film distributor, and in the process, they collude a few dollars and then boom!! The film goes viral in a few days. It is after these circumstances. The world film distributors found out and changed their mode of logins and encrypted their servers.

The last mechanism is where the Tamilrockers have relatives and friends in other countries such that, due to regulations the WFD, have to send a clip maybe two hours or three before. The exhibitors union in the process has to record and forward it to the local authorities or committees for reviews, in the process a leak is experienced.

Tamilrockers being part of major contributors to films, kids go to theaters watch a clip, and they record and in the process after a payment, they get the recorded clip and again it leaks.

Why Tamil Rockers change their URL links?

Have you seen the tamilrockers new domain? Tamil rockers changed their links for one sole reason so that they cannot be caught in their piracy business with the tamilrockers latest url. The fact that they have so many YRL links makes it hard to shut them down. The Tamil rockers host a website and codes just like any other website, so shifting from one to another may not be a big deal.

They own websites such as,, and, among others. Recently they were blocked by Google a leading search engine after Tamilrockers agents were arrested, so Tamilrockers changes their tamilrockers new link for security reasons.

Another reason why the website changes its URL is to continue entertaining their clients by all means. After Google blocked their links, they are still available in other search engines like Mozilla. Police sources indicate that Tamil Rockers have almost nineteen domains, and in case one is blocked by the authority they are still available in other domains.

Is it illegal to download a movie from Tamil Rockers?

The fact that Tamil rockers run illegal piracy business it is therefore illegal to be part of their activities including downloading tamilrockers movie.  When you acquire an uploaded clip from Tamilrockers and other black market sites, you will be promoting illegal site business. Filmmakers bear a loss of millions, when Tamilrockers upload their clips because they are freely available contrary to the maker of the film so you don’t have to worry about tamilrockers movies download.

In India, for instance, the court ordered the blockage of about twelve thousand websites. Among all these, more two thousand belonged to Tamilrockers, this is to justify that their business across the world is illegal and a threat to filmmakers.

Is it illegal to download a movie from Tamil Rockers

Why Tamil Rocker is banned in India?

Tamilrockers happened to have gone rogue almost in the entire world because of the illegal business that it does. In India Tamilrockers is a threat to the film industry at all costs. Filmmakers and producers lose millions of money because of the inappropriate launch of their movies before time.

Tamilrockers as well as offer pirated movies and films on their website which is against the laws of India. The fake site possesses several URLs, appearing to be conning people and availing short cut-related material, at the expense of the filmmaker and the producer.

It is in that perspective that it is banned in India. However, it is not only I India that Tamilrockers are banned, but all across the world, that’s why a global search engine like Google blocks them from their website.

Technology has played a bigger role in the world and more so in making things run effectively. However, fake sites like Tamilrockers and others shouldn’t be entertained since they are a threat to a generation of filmmakers that are yet to come, not only in India but the entire world.

Fake websites are prone to spreading wrong advice, and end up wrongly influencing the society at large. The government of India, through its authorities, is standing up against this kind of hypocrisy, and the whole world should come together against fake websites derailing an entire industry down.

It’s the responsibility of the society to stand up against fake websites and fake technology that brings illegalities to society and end up draining the efforts of others. Speak up don’t be left out, for the sake of the future generation.


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