How Do You Pack Healthy Food For A Road Trip? Food Ideas

Food is a part of our lives; we all love eating. Whether savoury or sweet, everything tastes better when served on a plate. Don’t think twice when craving something particular before heading out for food.

While driving, it is easier to fall into the trap of stopping at a fast-food restaurant and binging on junk food. But it need not be that way. With some planning and creativity, you can pack healthy snacks to keep your energy levels up and make you feel full.

We have listed the 15 best healthy food items for a road trip that will nourish your body and mind. These food items are easily available at any grocery store and can be prepared quickly.

We also have tips to help you save money while packing healthy food items on your next road trip. Read on to know how easy and fun eating healthy on a road trip can be.

How Do You Pack Healthy Food For A Road Trip

15 Best To Pack Healthy Food For A Road Trip

15 Best To Pack Healthy Food For A Road Trip

Being on a road trip can sometimes mean unhealthy and unbalanced meals, but with some planning, you can pack tasty and healthy food for the road. Some good ideas are fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts, and seeds, which are nutritious and require little to no early preparation.

Healthy pre-made snacks like granola bars, trail mix, and protein bars are excellent options that keep you satiated throughout the day. Pack plenty of water and beverages like unsweetened tea and juice to stay hydrated. However, avoiding processed foods and sugary snacks like candy and chips is essential when packing for a road trip.

1. Beef Jerky

Beef Jerky

Regarding packing healthy food for a road trip, a beef jerky is a great option. It is high in protein, low in carbs and does not require refrigeration, making it an easy snack to pack for the journey. Organic, grass-fed beef jerky is recommended as the healthiest option as it has lower preservatives and sodium levels.

2. Popcorn


Popcorn is a great option to consider when packing healthy food for a road trip. It’s low in calories and whole grain, providing filling fibres to help keep you satisfied on long drives.

One great option is the Rosemary Parmesan Popcorn, a tasty and gluten-free snack. It contains 113 calories, 4g of saturated fat, 5g of carbohydrates, 1g of fibre, and 1g of protein per cup. In addition to popcorn, there are several other healthy snack options for a road trip.

3. Greek Yoghurt

Greek Yoghurt

Greek yoghurt is one of the best healthy snacks for a road trip. It is convenient, nutritious, and provides both protein and calcium. Greek yoghurt can also be mixed with other healthy snacks such as nuts and seeds, nut and seed butter, and dry-roasted edamame or chickpeas to make a full-fledged meal.

Another benefit of Greek yoghurt is that it is a source of monounsaturated fat and is low in calories, making it a great snack for those on the go. In addition, Greek yoghurt is a good source of fibre, potassium, and other nutrients, making it a great choice for those looking for a balanced snack. So next time you plan a road trip, pack some Greek yoghurt and other healthy snacks to energise you.

4. Chocolate Date Energy Balls

Chocolate Date Energy Balls

Chocolate Date Energy Balls are a great option for a healthy and sweet snack on a road trip. Made with dates, cocoa powder, nuts, and almond butter, these no-refined sugar snacks pack a nutritious punch.

Each ball has 125 calories, 2 grams of saturated fat, 14 grams of carbohydrates, 2 grams of fibre, and 2 grams of protein, making them a great energy source during a long drive.

5. Baked Chickpeas

Baked Chickpeas

Baked chickpeas are an excellent option for packing healthy food for a road trip. They are easy to make, portable, and packed with nutrients. Tinned legumes and pulses, in general, are a great way to add protein to your road trip diet while on the go.

Roasting chickpeas is a perfect way to reap their nutritional benefits, and Cheese & Onion Crispy Roasted Chickpeas are a delicious and nutritious snack option.

Baked chickpeas are high in fibre, magnesium, folate, and zinc, making them a healthy and convenient snack. Plus, they can be seasoned with various spices and flavours to add extra taste and variety to your road trip food options. So next time you plan a trip, consider packing some baked chickpeas as a nutritious and tasty snack.

6. Boiled Eggs

Boiled Eggs

Boiled eggs are a fantastic and healthy snack option to pack for a road trip. They are versatile and can be enjoyed as breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Boiled eggs can be packed in several ways, including as a standalone snack, in an omelette, or as part of a deviled egg recipe.

Boiled eggs are also an excellent choice for on-the-go snacking because they are low in calories, protein, and cholesterol. They can keep you full longer, making them a great option for busy travellers. So next time you’re preparing for a road trip, consider packing boiled eggs as a healthy and convenient snack.

7. Fresh Fruit

Fresh Fruit

Fresh fruit is a great option for packing healthy road trip food. Fruits like apples, oranges, grapes, and bananas are easy to pack and provide a variety of nutrients to help keep you energized during your trip.

It’s also recommended to bring shelf-stable fruits such as freeze-dried fruits, fruit leather, applesauce pouches, and dried fruits. Combining fresh and shelf-stable fruits can help maximize the nutritional value and variety of the food you bring.

In addition to fruits, consider packing jerky and cheese sticks, pepperoni, cans or pouches of tuna with crackers, nuts, granola bars, bread, peanut butter, jelly, bagels, and cream cheese.

These items are easy to pack and provide a source of protein and carbohydrates to help keep you full and satisfied during the trip. Remember to pack snacks and meals that are healthy, filling, and enjoyable to eat to ensure that your road trip is a success.

8. Crackly Sugar Cookies

Crackly Sugar Cookies

While crackly sugar cookies may be a delicious treat, they may not be the healthiest option for a road trip. Instead, consider packing healthier options like boiled eggs, fresh fruit, jerky and cheese sticks, tuna cans or pouches with crackers, nuts, and granola bars. These options balance protein, carbohydrates, and nutrients to energise you throughout your journey.

9. Pitted Medjool Dates

Pitted Medjool Dates

When packing healthy food for a road trip, Pitted Medjool dates are an excellent option. These dates are filling and have a sweet flavour that can help satisfy your cravings for something sugary without consuming junk food. They can be easily packed in a container, eaten as a snack, or added to recipes such as oatmeal or yoghurt to add a natural sweetness.

In addition to their taste, Pitted Medjool dates also offer added nutritional benefits. They are a good source of fibre, potassium, and vitamins A and E. This makes them an ideal snack choice for those looking to maintain a healthy diet while on the go. So add some Pitted Medjool dates to your next road trip snack list for a sweet and nutritious treat.

10.  Frozen Water Bottles

Frozen Water Bottles

One of the best ways to pack healthy food for a road trip is to bring frozen water bottles. They provide a convenient and practical way to keep drinks, smoothies, and even frozen meals cool and fresh throughout your journey.

Frozen water bottles are lightweight and compact, which makes them easy to pack and transport. This is especially beneficial for those who want to avoid carrying heavy luggage on planes, buses or cars.

With frozen water bottles, you can easily bring along nutritious and delicious food options on your next road trip without worrying about spoilage or weight constraints.

11. Cheese Sticks

Cheese Sticks

Cheese sticks are an easy and convenient for packing healthy food for a road trip. They come in various semi-hard kinds of cheese, such as mozzarella, Colby, or pepper jack and are pre-wrapped for convenience.

Cheese sticks are high in protein, making them a healthy snack to bring on the road. They go well with lunches or crackers and can be individually wrapped for easy consumption.

To save time, consider slicing and wrapping cheese sticks at the beginning of the week so they’re ready to go when it’s time to hit the road. With their portable and nutritious qualities, cheese sticks are a great addition to any healthy road trip snack list.

12. Carrots


Carrots are a crunchy and healthy option to pack for a road trip. They are high in fibre, low in calories, and loaded with nutrients like vitamin A, making them a great snack to help keep you full and satisfied on long journeys.

Carrots can be easily prepped by washing, slicing, and storing in a resealable bag or container. They pair well with hummus or other dips for added flavour and nutrients.

To keep them fresh and crisp, store them in a small cooler or insulated bag with an ice pack to maintain their crunchiness throughout the trip. Don’t forget to add carrots to your list of healthy road trip snacks for a delicious and nutritious option.

13. Grapes


Grapes are a tasty and healthy snack to pack for a road trip. They are easy to transport without worrying about crushing or bruising, making them a convenient option for on-the-go snacking.

Grapes are a good source of fibre, vitamin C, and other essential nutrients, making them a smart choice for a healthy road trip treat. Rinse and dry grapes before packing them in a resealable bag or container to keep them fresh during the trip.

Consider freezing them beforehand for a refreshing and cool snack during the journey. Don’t forget to add grapes to your healthy road trip snacks list for a delicious and convenient option to enjoy while travelling.

14. Trail Mix

Trail Mix

Trail mix is a popular snack for road trips, providing a great balance of protein, healthy fats, and carbs. To make your trail mix, combine nuts, seeds, dried fruit, and a bit of dark chocolate for a satisfying and nutritious snack. You can also add spices or herbs for added flavour.

Be sure to portion out servings in resealable bags or containers to prevent overeating. Trail mix is a great healthy road trip snack that is easy to pack and can be enjoyed throughout the trip. Don’t forget to include it on your list of essential road trip snacks.

15. Tuna And Crackers

Tuna And Crackers

Tuna and crackers make for a healthy and protein-filled snack for a road trip. To prepare, pack a small can of tuna (in water, not oil) and crackers in a separate container. Opt for whole-wheat crackers or rice cakes for a healthier option.

Tuna is a great source of omega-3 fatty acids and protein, making it a filling and nutritious snack to enjoy while travelling. Just be sure to pack a spoon and napkins for easy eating on the go! Don’t forget to add tuna and crackers to your list of healthy road trip snacks.

Tips For Saving Money On Road Trip Food

Tips For Saving Money On Road Trip Food

Packing healthy food for a road trip doesn’t have to break the bank. To save money, consider packing food from home for lunch and snacks. This not only saves money but also ensures you’re eating healthier.

If you’re travelling with kids, you can give them a set budget to buy snacks from vending machines. Bringing a cooler is another great way to keep food fresh and save money by avoiding buying food on the go.

Easy-to-make meals such as wraps, sandwiches, salads, and pasta dishes can be prepared before going on the road. You can also buy pre-packaged snack boxes and hummus dips to make your journey fun and healthy.

Another option to save money is to use Amazon affiliate links to buy food products. By using these links, you can score exclusive discounts on various items. So, plan wisely and pack food items that are healthy and cost-effective for your next road trip!


Road trips can be a great opportunity to explore new places and try out new foods, but you don’t want to sacrifice healthy eating habits. With these 15 healthy food ideas, you can pack snacks that will keep you energized and satisfied during your road trip, all while staying within your budget.

From beef jerky to trail mix, there are plenty of options. You can also save money on road trip food by buying in bulk, packing reusable containers, and planning your meals. These tips and tricks allow you to enjoy healthy, affordable snacks on your next adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What Food Travels Well In A Suitcase?

Ans: When travelling with food in a suitcase, choosing non-perishable items that won’t spoil or leak is best. Some good options include nuts, dried fruit, protein bars, crackers, and jerky. Pack them in airtight containers or plastic bags to keep them fresh and prevent spills.

2.How Can I Eat Healthy And Cheap On The Road?

Ans: To eat healthy and cheap on the road, bring food from home, such as sandwiches, wraps, salads, and pasta dishes. Pre-packaged snack boxes and hummus dips are also good options. Bringing a cooler will help keep food fresh and save money by avoiding buying food on the go. You can also use Amazon affiliate links to score exclusive discounts on food items.

3.What Snacks Should You Bring On A Road Trip?

Ans: Ideal snacks to bring on a road trip are portable, mess-free, and nutritious. Some options include fresh fruit, trail mix, granola bars, crackers, jerky, veggie sticks, and hummus. You can also pre-pack some sandwiches or wraps and bring a cooler to keep them fresh.

4.Do I Need To Take Any Special Food On A Road Trip?

Ans: If you have specific dietary needs, such as gluten-free or vegan, you may need to pack special food for your road trip. Research restaurants and grocery stores along your route that cater to your dietary restrictions, and bring along any necessary supplements or snacks to ensure you have enough to eat.

5.Is It Better To Buy Or Make Your Food When You Go On A Road Trip?

Ans: It depends on your personal preferences and dietary needs. In some cases, purchasing snacks and meals on the road may be more convenient and cost-effective. However, if you have specific dietary restrictions or preferences, making your food ahead can ensure that you have healthy, satisfying options.

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