Best Way To Ship Luggage –  Expert Tips For Shipping Luggage

Shipping luggage can be a great option for many travelers, whether because they have too much baggage to carry on a plane or they’re planning an extended trip and don’t want to be weighed down by heavy suitcases.

But with so many different shipping methods available, it can be difficult to determine the best way to ship luggage. Fortunately, there are a number of factors to consider when making this decision, including the size and weight of your luggage, the distance it needs to travel, and your budget.

By taking the time to consider each of these factors carefully, you can choose the shipping method that is best suited to your needs and ensure that your luggage arrives at its destination safely and on time. So whether you’re planning a cross-country move or a relaxing vacation, shipping your luggage can be a great way to simplify your travel plans and reduce stress.

Best Way To Ship Luggage

Types Of Luggage That Can Be Shipped

It’s important to note that some shipping companies may restrict certain types of luggage due to size, weight, or contents. Always check with the shipping carrier to ensure compliance with their guidelines and regulations. Several types of luggage can be shipped to various destinations. These include:

  • Suitcases: Travelers commonly ship traditional suitcases with wheels and handles when moving or flying to distant locations.
  • Duffel Bags: Duffel bags are versatile and can be used for sports, travel, or general storage. They are easy to ship due to their flexible nature.
  • Backpacks: Backpacks are popular for adventurers and backpackers and relatively easy to ship.
  • Trunks: Larger and sturdier trunks are suitable for shipping belongings securely over long distances.
  • Garment Bags: They design to protect clothing during transportation, often used for formal and delicate garments.
  • Golf Bags: Golf enthusiasts may need to ship their golf bags when traveling to golfing destinations.
  • Skis and Snowboards: You can ship skiing and snowboarding equipment to winter resorts or rental locations.
  • Bicycles: Cyclists often need to transport their bikes for races or leisure trips; shipping them is a viable option.
  • Musical Instruments: They design to protect clothing during transportation and are often used for formal and delicate garments.

Best Way To Ship Luggage – Traveling Stress-Free

Best Way To Ship Luggage - Traveling Stress-Free

Shipping luggage is a convenient and practical solution, especially when traveling long distances or for extended periods. The way to ship luggage depends on several factors, such as the size and weight of your luggage, the destination, and the level of security you require. Several options include postal services, courier companies, and specialty luggage shipping companies.

Postal services such as USPS, UPS, and FedEx offer various shipping options for luggage. They provide services such as ground, express, and international shipping. These services are generally cost-effective but may limit the size and weight of the luggage you can ship.

Courier companies such as DHL and UPS also offer luggage shipping services. They provide door-to-door shipping and offer tracking and insurance options. These services are generally faster and more secure than postal services but can be more expensive.

Specialty luggage shipping companies like Luggage Forward and Send My Bag offer tailored luggage shipping services. They provide pick-up and delivery services, tracking, and insurance options. Here are some tips on the Best way to ship luggage

Determine The Best Shipping Method For Your Luggage

Selecting the optimal shipping method for your luggage ensures a seamless journey. Consider factors such as destination, size, weight, and delivery timeframe. Air freight may be the fastest option for long distances or international shipping, albeit relatively expensive.

Ground shipping is more budget-friendly and suitable for domestic trips. If you require a balance of speed and affordability, express courier services can be great. Evaluate your specific needs to make an informed decision and enjoy hassle-free luggage shipping.

Pack Your Luggage Securely For Shipping

Pack Your Luggage Securely For Shipping

Proper packing is essential to safeguard your belongings during transit. Start by choosing a sturdy box or suitcase with enough padding. Bubble wrap and packing peanuts help protect fragile items, while clothing can cushion non-breakable items. Securely tape all openings to prevent accidental spills or damages.

Distribute the weight evenly to avoid excessive strain on one side. Finally, double-check the closures and use “Fragile” labels when appropriate. Well-packed luggage ensures peace of mind throughout the shipping process.

Label Your Luggage Clearly And Accurately

Precise and accurate labeling is paramount for smooth luggage shipping. Use a bold, waterproof marker to write the recipient’s name, address, and contact information. Include a return address in case of any issues during delivery. Stick the label flat and securely, ensuring it won’t be easily torn off.

Additionally, consider adding an extra label inside the luggage if the outer one gets damaged. Following these steps increases the chances of your luggage reaching its intended destination promptly and without complications.

Consider Insurance Options For Your Shipment

While shipping your luggage, opting for insurance provides a safety net against unforeseen circumstances. Check with your chosen shipping carrier for insurance options that cover the value of your belongings.

Insurance ensures that you can receive compensation for the declared value if your luggage is lost, damaged, or stolen during transit. Evaluate the insurance costs and coverage limits to make an informed decision based on the items’ worth and your peace of mind.

Verify Any Shipping Restrictions Or Requirements

Before shipping your luggage, thoroughly research any shipping restrictions or requirements for certain items. Different carriers may have specific rules about what can and cannot be shipped, particularly regarding hazardous materials, perishables, or restricted goods.

Comply with these regulations to avoid delays, confiscations, or penalties. Being well-informed about shipping restrictions ensures a smooth and compliant journey for your luggage.

Choose Your Shipping Carrier And Service Level

Selecting the right shipping carrier and service level significantly impacts the efficiency and cost of your luggage shipment. Research reputable carriers that offer services aligned with your requirements. Consider factors such as delivery speed, tracking options, and customer reviews.

Balance your budget and urgency to find the most suitable service level – standard, expedited, or overnight. A reliable carrier and appropriate service level contribute to a seamless shipping experience.

Get A Quote For Your Shipment

Before finalizing your luggage shipment, obtain a detailed quote from your chosen shipping carrier. Provide accurate weight, dimensions, and destination information to receive an accurate estimate.

Compare quotes from different carriers to find the best value for your money. Consider any additional services like insurance or signature confirmation that may affect the total cost. Obtaining a quote helps you budget effectively and avoid unexpected expenses.

Schedule Your Luggage Pickup Or Drop-Off

Schedule Your Luggage Pickup Or Drop-Off

Once you have chosen a shipping carrier and service, schedule the pickup or drop-off of your luggage. Arrange a convenient date and time for the carrier to collect your items. If you opt for drop-off, find the nearest shipping location and ensure it aligns with your schedule. For pickup, ensure someone can hand the luggage to the carrier. Proper scheduling ensures your luggage starts its journey on time.

Track Your Shipment In Transit

With modern technology, tracking your luggage during transit has become a standard feature most shipping carriers offer. Take advantage of this service by using the provided tracking number to monitor the progress of your shipment.

Regularly check the tracking status to stay informed about estimated delivery dates and potential delays. Tracking allows you to plan for arrival and ensures peace of mind throughout shipping.

Receive And Inspect Your Luggage Upon Delivery

Once your luggage arrives, promptly receive it and inspect its condition. Verify that the contents match the inventory and ensure no damages or missing items. If you notice any issues, contact the shipping carrier immediately to initiate a claim if you have purchased insurance. The timely inspection helps resolve any problems efficiently and ensures a successful end to the shipping process.

Factors To Consider When Deciding To Ship Luggage

Factors To Consider When Deciding To Ship Luggage

Deciding whether to ship your luggage or bring it on your travels can be tough. Here are a few factors to consider: Shipping your luggage can be more expensive than checking it in at the airport.

However, if you have excess baggage or oversized items, shipping them may be more cost-effective. Carrying your luggage with you can be a hassle, especially if you have multiple bags or heavy items. Shipping your luggage can be more convenient, as it will be picked up and delivered to your destination.

Shipping your luggage can take longer than carrying it with you. If you need your items to arrive at your destination by a certain time, bringing them with you on your travels may be better. Shipping your luggage can be more secure than checking it in at the airport. Shipping companies often provide tracking and insurance, giving you peace of mind that your items will arrive safely.


Choosing the best way to ship luggage is of utmost importance when traveling. Being specific about your requirements and choosing a reliable shipping company can yield successful results. By selecting the way to ship luggage, you can ensure that your belongings arrive at their destination safely and on time, without any damages or losses.

Moreover, shipping your luggage can also save you from the hassle of carrying heavy bags around airports and train stations, giving you more time to enjoy your trip. With the right shipping method, you can travel with peace of mind and focus on making the most of your journey. Therefore, it is crucial to research and select the way to ship luggage that suits your needs and budget.


Can I Ship My Luggage Internationally?

Yes, you can ship luggage internationally using various shipping carriers and services. Ensure you comply with customs regulations and provide accurate shipping details to avoid delays or issues.

What Is The Best Way To Pack My Luggage For Shipping?

Pack your luggage securely with bubble wrap or foam to protect fragile items. Use sturdy boxes and fill empty spaces to prevent shifting during transit. Label the package clearly with both sender and recipient details.

How Can I Track My Luggage During Shipment?

Most shipping carriers offer online tracking services. Keep the tracking number handy, and you can monitor your luggage’s whereabouts and estimated delivery date on their website or through a tracking app.

Is Insurance Necessary For Shipping Luggage?

While not mandatory, getting insurance for valuable or fragile items is advisable. It provides protection against loss or damage during transit. Check the shipping carrier’s insurance policies and consider purchasing extra coverage.

Can I Ship Oversized Luggage, Such As Golf Clubs Or Ski Equipment?

Yes, shipping carriers often accommodate oversized luggage. Check with the carrier for size or weight restrictions, and consider using specialized shipping services for such items.

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