Flixbus Luggage – What You Need To Know

When travelling by bus, you must consider the amount and type of luggage you’ll bring. That’s where FlixBus luggage comes in. FlixBus is a popular bus company that operates in Europe and the United States.

They have specific guidelines for what types of luggage allow on their buses. This luggage can include checked and carry-on bags and additional items like strollers or sports equipment. It’s important to note that FlixBus has specific size and weight restrictions for each type of luggage. So it’s important to check their website before packing.

Travelling with the luggage is important for ensuring that you’re following their guidelines and helps ensure that. The boarding process goes smoothly. By packing within the guidelines. You can easily store your luggage in the designated areas on the bus and avoid any delays or complications.

Flixbus Luggage

Flixbus Luggage – Tips For Easy Boarding

Flixbus Luggage - Tips For Easy Boarding

FlixBus has a generous luggage policy that allows passengers to bring one carry-on bag and one checked bag for free. The carry-on bag must fit under the seat or the overhead compartment. The checked bag must stow in the luggage compartment. FlixBus also allows passengers to bring additional or special luggage, such as bikes, musical instruments, sports equipment, pets, etc., for a fee and with prior reservation. Here now explained about flixbus luggage.

Luggage For Children

Children travelling on FlixBus can bring the same amount of luggage as adults, i.e., one carry-on bag and one checked bag for free. Children under 15 can also bring a stroller or a car seat for free if it is foldable and does not exceed 120 x 60 x 15 cm. The stroller or car seat must label with the child’s name and address and stowed in the luggage compartment. Children over 15 can bring a stroller or a car seat as additional luggage for a fee.

Luggage For Pets

FlixBus generally does not allow pets, except for guide dogs or assistance dogs accompanying passengers with disabilities. FlixBus allows guide dogs or assistance dogs to travel for free. But the owner must always keep them on a leash and wear a muzzle and a harness. They must also have a valid vaccination certificate and an EU pet passport. Guide dogs or assistance dogs can sit next to their owners on the bus but cannot occupy a seat or block the aisle.

Luggage For Sports Equipment

Luggage For Sports Equipment

Sports equipment, such as skis, snowboards, surfboards, golf bags, etc., can transport on FlixBus as special luggage for a fee and with prior reservation. The sports equipment must pack in a suitable case or bag and labelled with the passenger’s name and address. The maximum dimensions of the sports equipment are 240 x 80 x 40 cm, and the maximum weight is 30 kg. The sports equipment must stow in the luggage compartment and cannot carry on board.

Luggage For Musical Instruments

You can transport musical instruments, such as guitars, violins, flutes, etc., on FlixBus as special luggage for a fee and with a prior reservation. The musical instruments must pack in a hard case or bag and labelled with the passenger’s name and address. The maximum dimensions of the musical instruments are 135 x 48 x 35 cm, and the maximum weight is 30 kg. The musical instruments must stow in the luggage compartment and cannot carry on board.

Luggage For Fragile Or Valuable Items

You should carry on board in a carry-on bag fragile or valuable items, such as laptops, cameras, jewellery, etc., instead of packing them in a checked bag or special luggage.  FlixBus is not liable for any damage or loss of fragile or valuable items packed in the checked bag or the special luggage. Passengers are responsible for their belongings and should always keep them within their sight.

Luggage Insurance Options

Luggage Insurance Options

FlixBus does not offer any specific luggage insurance options for passengers. However, passengers can purchase travel insurance from FlixBus’s partner, Allianz Global Assistance. Which covers various risks such as cancellation, interruption, medical expenses, personal liability, etc. Travel insurance does not cover damage or loss of luggage. But it may cover theft of personal belongings under certain conditions. Passengers can also check their insurance policies to see if they cover luggage-related issues.

Luggage Fees

FlixBus does not charge any fees for the carry-on bag or the checked bag included in the ticket price. However, FlixBus charges fees for additional or special luggage that exceed the standard allowance. The fees vary depending on the type and size of the luggage and the destination and duration of the trip. The fees range from €2 to €19 per item per trip. Passengers can check the fees on FlixBus’s website or app before booking their tickets.

Checked Luggage Size And Weight Restrictions

Checked Luggage Size And Weight Restrictions

The checked bag included in the ticket price must not exceed the dimensions of 80 x 50 x 30 cm and the weight of 20 kg. Passengers must label their checked bags with their name and address and stow them in the luggage compartment. You can’t carry checked bags on board. If the checked bag exceeds the size or weight limit. FlixBus may refuse to transport it or charge an excess baggage fee.

What Items Are Prohibited On Flixbus

FlixBus prohibits passengers from bringing any illegal, dangerous, hazardous, or offensive items on board or in the luggage compartment. We prohibit the following items: weapons, explosives, flammable liquids, drugs, toxic substances, animals (excluding guide dogs or assistance dogs), perishable goods, etc. FlixBus reserves the right to inspect and confiscate prohibited items and deny boarding or remove passengers who violate this policy.

Luggage Restrictions For International Travel On Flixbus

Luggage Restrictions For International Travel On Flixbus

If you are planning to travel internationally on Flixbus, it is important to be aware of their luggage restrictions to avoid any surprises or additional fees at the time of travel.

Flixbus allows passengers to bring one piece of hand luggage on board, which must not exceed 7kg in weight and 42x30x18cm in size. In addition, passengers can bring one piece of checked luggage on board, which must not exceed 20kg in weight and 67x50x27cm in size.

If you need to bring additional luggage, you can purchase an extra luggage allowance online or at the bus station. However, it is important to note that excess luggage is subject to availability, and additional fees may apply.

It is also important to note that certain items are not allowed on board Flixbus, such as dangerous goods, drugs, and live animals (with the exception of guide dogs). If you are unsure whether an item can be brought on board, checking with Flixbus customer service before your trip is best.

Lost Or Damaged Luggage On Flixbus

Losing or damaging luggage can be a frustrating experience, but fortunately, Flixbus has a clear process for handling these situations. You should report any lost or damaged luggage during your Flixbus journey to the Flixbus customer service team as soon as possible.

To report lost or damaged luggage to Flixbus, contact their customer service team by phone, email, or through their website. When reporting the issue, you should provide as much information as possible about your journey and the lost or damaged item, including your booking number, the location and time of the incident, and a detailed description.

Flixbus will then work to locate your lost item or compensate you for any damage to your luggage. Flixbus is committed to resolving these issues quickly and smoothly, even though the process may take some time.

In the future, taking steps to minimize the risk of losing or damaging your luggage while travelling with Flixbus may also be helpful. This can include labelling your bags clearly with your name and contact information, choosing sturdy and durable luggage, and keeping your bags with you during your journey.


Flixbus luggage policies are paramount to ensure a successful and efficient travel experience. With specific guidelines, passengers can be assured that their luggage will be handled carefully and that the bus will not be overcrowded with excess baggage. Flixbus’s commitment to enforcing these policies has resulted in a smoother and more enjoyable travel experience for all passengers.

The success of Flixbus’s luggage policies can be seen in the positive feedback from satisfied customers who have appreciated the specificity and clarity of the guidelines. As such, it is evident that Flixbus’s luggage policies are a crucial aspect of their services, and we can trust in their continued commitment to ensuring that all passengers’ belongings are handled with care and responsibility.


What Is The Luggage Policy On Flixbus?

FlixBus allows passengers to bring one piece of free hand luggage and up to three checked bags with specific size and weight restrictions. Additional luggage or oversized items may require pre-booking or extra fees.

Can I Bring A Bicycle Or Sports Equipment To Flixbus?

FlixBus allows bicycles and sports equipment, but they must be pre-booked due to limited space. There is usually an extra fee for transporting such items.

Can I Store Luggage On The Bus During The Journey?

You can store hand luggage in the overhead compartments or under the seat during the journey. Checked luggage is placed in the designated luggage compartment.

Can I Change Or Cancel My Luggage Reservation On Flixbus?

You can change or cancel your luggage reservation on FlixBus, but it’s recommended to do so before your travel date. Policies and fees may vary, so check their website or contact customer support for specific details.

How Can I Ensure My Luggage Is Secure During The Journey?

To ensure your luggage’s security, keep your valuables in your hand luggage. Use sturdy luggage tags with your contact details and carefully handle your bags when stowing them on the bus.

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