20 Things To Bring On A Deserted Island Funny – Adventure Guide

Island adventure is an experience like no other. Whether you are looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life or simply seeking an adventure in a tropical paradise, islands offer a unique blend of natural beauty, peace, and luxury.

From white sandy beaches to crystal clear waters, island adventures offer an opportunity to explore a new world. Ever dreamt of being stranded on a deserted island? While we don’t encourage it, you can still have fun imagining the possibilities. After all, who wouldn’t want to be like Tom Hanks in the movie Cast Away?

To ensure you’re well-prepared for such an adventurous trip, we’ve listed 20 things you should take with you to a deserted island – and we made it fun. Of course, we couldn’t resist adding our sense of humor to the list. Read on to find out if you’re ready for a deserted island adventure.

20 Things To Bring On A Deserted Island Funny

20 Things To Bring On A Deserted Island Funny


If stranded on a deserted island, one needs to have 20 specific things to carry to survive. Packing snacks, sunscreen, and a first-aid kit should be your topmost priority. Pack a fishing net to catch fish to provide you with the necessary nutrition. A hatchet, a knife, and fire starter materials are essential for building a shelter and starting a fire.

Ensure you also carry a waterproof map, compass, and navigation aids such as a VHF radio, a satellite phone, or a GPS unit to help locate your current position and find your way to civilization. Besides, it is also necessary to carry extra clothes and entertainment (books, games, movies, music) to keep yourself engaged while surviving your days on the island.

1. A Knife

A Knife

Don’t forget to bring a trusty knife when packing for a deserted island adventure. A knife is an essential tool that will come in handy for various tasks, such as cutting food, opening cans, and building shelters. It can also be used for hunting and gathering, making it a crucial item for survival.

A Swiss Army knife is a great choice for an all-purpose knife, as it has different blades and tools that can be used in various situations. A sturdy pocket knife is also good for camping and outdoor activities. In addition to its survival uses a Swiss Army knife can also be used for everyday tasks such as cutting meat or bread. So, the next time you’re packing for a deserted island adventure, include a reliable knife!

2. A Water Bottle

A Water Bottle

A water bottle is one of the most important items to bring on a deserted island, whether funny or not. A durable water bottle you ca use for more than just drinking water and you should stay hydrated for survival. It can also store food and beverages and protect them from the elements.

When choosing a water bottle for your deserted island adventure, make sure it is durable and has a straw or cup attachment for easy drinking. This will make it more versatile for use in various outdoor activities, such as hiking and camping. So, don’t forget to pack a reliable water bottle for your next deserted island adventure, no matter how funny or serious it may be!

3. Sunscreen


When packing for a deserted island adventure, don’t forget the sunscreen. This essential item will protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays, which can cause sunburn, skin damage, and even skin cancer. An easy-to-pack option is a reef-safe sunscreen, which is available for purchase online.

In addition to sunscreen, it’s a good idea to bring along a windproof travel umbrella in case of sudden tropical storms. Remember to reapply your sunscreen often when out in the sun, and consider wearing a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses for additional protection. With these items in tow, you’ll be better prepared to enjoy your deserted island adventure while staying safe and sunburn-free.

4. Towels


When preparing for a deserted island adventure, towels are an essential item to bring. Experts highly recommend quick-dry towels because they dry much faster than traditional terry towels. Pack a wet bag to store beachwear, swimsuits, and towels until you leave the island. It’s also important to steer clear of bringing delicate items that may get damaged if wet.

Instead, opt for a travel towel instead of a bulky bath towel. Also, remember that islands tend to be warm and casual, so pack fewer clothes than usual. By following these tips, you’ll be sure to have a comfortable and enjoyable experience on your deserted island adventure.

5. Snacks (Nuts, Dried Fruits, Etc.)

Snacks (Nuts, Dried Fruits, Etc.)

Snacks are one of the 20 things to bring on a deserted island, both practical and amusing. When selecting snacks for your trip, keep in mind that they should not require cooking or refrigeration. Dried fruits, nuts, and high-energy bars are all good options. Choosing snacks high in protein and fat is also important to keep yourself full and energized.

Additionally, consider packing snacks that are compact and lightweight to save space in your luggage. Bringing snacks that you know you enjoy and that make you smile can also help to lighten the mood during your stay on the deserted island. Lastly, get creative with your snack choices and consider bringing colorful or fun-shaped options to make your experience even more enjoyable.

6.A Map Of The Island

A Map Of The Island

Looking for some funny and useful items to bring on a deserted island? Look no further than this Adventure Guide, which includes 20 items to make your island experience more enjoyable. While some items on the list, like a fishing rod and a bottle of wine, are practical, others—like a “How to Escape from a Desert Island” survival guide—are just for fun!

One of the essential items on the list is a map of the island, which can help you navigate your surroundings and plan your adventures. Other items on the listed range from the practical (a Swiss Army Knife) to the whimsical (a pack of playing cards). Experienced adventurers designed this guide to help you make the most of your island vacation and have a great time.

7. An Insect Repellent

An Insect Repellent

When packing for a deserted island adventure, it’s important to remember to bring insect repellent to avoid illnesses caused by mosquito bites. Opting for a diet-free repellent can be a good choice, as it won’t smell like harsh chemicals or leave a sticky residue on your skin.

One example is a lemon-scented repellent, which can be a refreshing alternative to traditional repellents. Additionally, a windproof travel umbrella can be useful not only to provide shade from the sun but also to keep dry during unexpected rainstorms. Adding these items to your list of 20 things to bring on a deserted island can help you make the most of your adventure.

8. A Whistle To Signal For Help

A Whistle To Signal For Help

When packing for a deserted island adventure, it’s important to remember the essentials, as well as some fun items too. One of the most important things to bring is a whistle to signal for help. You can use this to attract attention from passing ships or to call for help if you become stranded.

Other useful items for a deserted island include a first-aid kit, a fire starter, and a knife. These items will help you survive in the wild and provide comfort during your stay.

In addition to survival items, it’s also important to bring along some fun things to keep you entertained while marooned. A good book, some games, and your favorite snacks can help pass the time and make your stay on the island more enjoyable. When packing for a deserted island, be sure to bring a mix of practical and fun items to ensure a successful and entertaining adventure.

9. A First-Aid Kit

A First-Aid Kit

Embarking on a deserted island adventure requires preparation. One essential item to bring is a first-aid kit. The kit should include supplies such as bandages, ointments, and painkillers to treat any injuries or illnesses that may occur.

In addition to a first-aid kit, it’s also advisable to bring a fishing kit and a sturdy crossbow to help with hunting for food. Pack enough food to last for several days, and consider bringing auspicious items such as a talisman or lucky charm to help with morale. And don’t forget to pack some humor and pack some funny items, as listed in “20 things to bring on a deserted island funny,” to keep spirits high during your adventure.

10. A Food Storage Container

A Food Storage Container

When it comes to preparing for a deserted island adventure, one of the most important things to remember is to bring a food storage container. This essential item will allow you to store a variety of food items and keep them safe from the elements.

It’s important to choose a container that is both large enough to hold all of your food but not so large that it becomes unwieldy to carry around. Additionally, the container should be forms from sturdy materials such as plastic or metal to prevent the food from becoming spoiled.

A food storage container can be easily overlooked in the excitement of planning for a deserted island adventure, but it is an essential item that should not be forgotten. So, be sure to pack one along with the other 19 funny items on your list and enjoy your adventure!

11.Swimming Goggles

Swimming Goggles

When packing for a deserted island adventure, don’t forget to bring a few essential items, including swimming goggles. These are important to protect your eyes while swimming and snorkeling. It’s important to invest in a high-quality pair of goggles that are durable and comfortable to wear.

In addition to goggles, make sure to pack a snorkel set with a dry top if you plan to go swimming, as most hotels and resorts won’t have a child’s snorkel set. An umbrella can also come in handy in case of unpredictable island weather. And a reef-safe sunscreen will protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun. By taking these items with you, you’ll be prepared for a fun and safe island adventure.

12. A Sturdy Pair Of Shoes

A Sturdy Pair Of Shoes

When embarking on a deserted island adventure, it’s important to pack wisely. One essential item to bring is a sturdy pair of shoes. Shoes are not only needed for hiking and exploring the island but also for crossing streams. And protecting your feet from sharp rocks and debris.

Other items that can come in handy for island activities include sunglasses to protect your eyes from the bright sun and sand. A water bottle and snacks for sustenance, and a portable stove for cooking meals or making tea. It’s also important to have an emergency flare on hand in case of emergencies. While it’s important to pack practical items. Don’t forget to include some fun things to bring humor to your deserted island experience.

13. Firestarter


If you find yourself stranded on a deserted island, having a fire starter is crucial for survival. Some options for fire starters include waterproof matches or lighter fluid. Remember to bring any necessary tools to start a fire, such as kindling or wood.

In addition to a fire starter, other items to consider bringing include a first-aid kit, fishing gear, and a camping stove. However, there are some items that are not recommended for a deserted island, including food, water containers, and electronics.

Making a list of essential items to bring on a deserted island can be challenging. But it’s important to prioritize items that will help you survive in the wilderness. And don’t forget to pack a sense of humor – it never hurts to have a funny item or two on hand for entertainment.

14. Books To Read

Books To Read

When it comes to packing for a deserted island, don’t forget to bring some reading material. Books or a Kindle reader can provide entertainment and relaxation during your adventure. In fact, the Kindle Paperwhite is an excellent option. As it now includes a waterproof feature that is perfect for the tropical island environment. Plus, if you sign up for a free trial of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited service. You can access a wide variety of reading material without having to carry a whole library with you.

This is a great opportunity to disconnect from technology. And spend some quality time in a hammock with a good book. When choosing reading material, consider bringing books that you have been looking forward to reading or ones that provide an escape or entertainment. So, make sure you pack some books or a Kindle reader on your next deserted island adventure to ensure relaxation and enjoyment.

15. Portable Phone Charger

Portable Phone Charger

When it comes to funny items to bring on a deserted island, a portable phone charger might not illicit too many laughs, but it is a crucial item that should not be forgotten. This device is a must-have for anyone who wants to stay connected with the outside world. Or simply keep their phone or other devices powered up.

A portable phone charger can be used to charge your phone, laptop, tablet, or any other electrical device that you have with you. It is especially handy for emergencies when you need to make an important call. It can also be a lifesaver during long periods of downtime, allowing you to stay entertained and connected. So, while it may not be the funniest item on your list. A portable phone charger should definitely be a top priority when packing for a deserted island adventure.

16. Bug Spray

Bug Spray

When it comes to a funny list of 20 things to bring on a deserted island. Bug spray might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it’s essential nonetheless. Mosquitoes, ticks, and other insects can be a real nuisance on a deserted island. And bug spray is an effective way to protect yourself. It can also be used to repel rodents and other pests that might invade your campsite.

When selecting bug spray, make sure to look for a product that is effective against the specific insects that are common on the island you’ll be visiting. And don’t forget to store your bug spray in a cool, dark place to prevent it from going bad. With the right bug spray in tow, you’ll be well on your way to enjoying your deserted island adventure without any pesky bugs getting in the way.

17. Chapstick


When it comes to surviving on a deserted island with a touch of humor, bringing chapstick along is a must. Not only does it prevent chapped lips and serve as a soothing balm. But it can also be used as a candle in a pinch. Plus, the added benefit of repelling mosquitoes and other insects makes it a versatile and essential item.

Other must-haves for a deserted island adventure include sunscreen, insect repellent, and water filters to stay hydrated. It’s also important to have emergency supplies such as flares and a first-aid kit. As well as sturdy shoes to navigate the terrain. So don’t forget the chapstick but make sure to pack wisely for a fun and safe adventure on a deserted island.

18. Bathing Suit

When it comes to packing for a deserted island. It’s important to bring items that will help you survive and have fun. In addition to essentials like sunscreen and a first-aid kit, a bathing suit is a must-have item. Not only will it allow you to cool off in the warm island waters, but it can also double as underwear or sleepwear if needed.

Other fun and useful items to bring include spare clothes, a flashlight, a hatchet, a fishing net, a surfboard, a life jacket, and a paddle board. These items will not only help you survive but also provide endless entertainment and adventure on your deserted island. Just don’t forget to pack everything securely, as losing items to the ocean can be a real bummer.

19. A Sturdy Fishing Net

Sturdy Fishing Net

When packing for a deserted island adventure, a sturdy fishing net is a must-have item for anyone looking to catch their own food. Fishing nets are versatile tools that can be used to catch a variety of fish. As well as small birds that may be flying near the shore.

They are also lightweight and easy to pack, making them a convenient addition to any backpack or storage container. Whether you’re an experienced fisherman or a novice looking to try your hand at a new hobby. A good fishing net is an essential item for your deserted island survival kit. Plus, the joy of catching your own dinner is sure to keep you entertained. And well-fed during your stay on the island.

20. Matches Or A Lighter Fluid

Matches Or A Lighter Fluid

When packing for a deserted island, one of the essential things to bring is a way to start a fire. Such as matches or lighter fluid. However, if you forget these items, it’s still possible to start a fire by collecting tinder, small branches. And a piece of wood with a groove in its base. The tinder and small branches should be as dry as possible and arranged in a tepee shape around the piece of wood with the groove.

With an ignition source such as flint and steel or a magnifying glass. The tinder and small branches can be lit to start a fire. While matches or lighter fluid may make the process easier and faster. It’s always good to know how to start a fire without them, just in case. And who knows, maybe you’ll even impress your fellow island castaways with your survival skills.


Island adventures are the ultimate getaway for anyone seeking thrills, relaxation, and stunning scenery. Whether you want to bask in the sun on a gorgeous beach, hike through lush forests, or try your hand at water sports, there is something for everyone on an island adventure.

Now that you have learned about the 20 things to bring on a deserted island, it’s time to pack your bags and head out for that once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Whether you’re stranded due to a plane crash or a deliberate choice, these items are sure to come in handy.

But don’t forget to have some fun too – take some books with you, and make sure to bring a swimsuit to enjoy the beautiful beach. Share with us which of these items you would bring along in the comments section. And if you’re feeling adventurous, share this guide with your friends to plan your next escape to a deserted island.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What To Bring On A Desert Island Fun?

Ans: First and foremost, you’ll want to bring plenty of fresh water because the desert island is not exactly known for its fresh supply of H2O. You’ll also need to bring a few basic items to help your survival efforts, like a shelter, a means of cooking food, and tools for repairs. It’s also a good idea to bring a first-aid kit and any medications or supplies that you might need in case of an emergency.

2.What 3 Items Would You Bring To A Deserted Island?

Ans: Here are some items that we would bring to a deserted island:

  • A good pair of sandals: You can’t really wear regular shoes on a desert island because they will get destroyed after days of walking.
  • A tarp: If you have a tarp, it’s like having the best beach blanket ever.
  • A bucket list: The saying “a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step” is true for life as well.

3.What Are The 5 Things For A Stranded Island?

Ans: However, some basic needs for survival include water, shelter, food, fire, and signaling for help. It is essential to plan and prepare beforehand and carry necessary gear, tools or equipment based on your requirements and situation.

4.What Are Your Top 5 Tips For Deserted Island Survival?

Ans: As an AI language model, I don’t have personal experience. However, here are some top 5 tips for deserted island survival:

  • Find or create a source of clean drinking water.
  • Build a shelter to protect yourself from the elements and any animals.
  • Learn how to start a fire and use it for warmth, cooking, and signaling.
  • Try to find and gather food, such as fruits, nuts, and seafood.
  • Make tools and weapons using natural materials to aid in survival tasks, like hunting or building.

5.What Is The Best Way To Store Food And Water On A Deserted Island?

Ans: If you find yourself stranded on a deserted island, the best way to store food and water is by keeping them in a cool and dry place. If possible, try to find a natural shelter or create one using materials available on the island. Food should be stored in airtight containers or bags to prevent spoilage and attract unwanted animals.

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