Can I Weigh My Luggage At The Post Office? – Fabulous Steps

There are many ways to get your luggage weighed, but the one at the post office is one of the easiest. So how can I weigh my luggage at the post office? The Customs and Border Protection Bureau allows you to weigh your bags once every 15 days.

Once you’ve filled out a form, leave it in their mailbox at the post office. If you’re traveling this holiday season and worried about the exact weight restrictions on your luggage, don’t fret. You can still bring your luggage to the post office, and they’ll weigh it for you.

This service is available to U.S. postal customers, and it’s free of charge. Bring your carry-on luggage to the post office; they’ll look inside to ensure everything is in order. No need to worry about carrying the heavy bag all the way to your destination.

Can I Weigh My Luggage At The Post Office

Where Can You Get Your Luggage Weighed?

Where Can You Get Your Luggage Weighed

It’s easier to go through your local post office. But once you get there, you must fill out a form and wait for them to tally the bags in their inventory system. The payment is $22.50 a bag, and you can get a refund if all your bags are less than 6 kilograms (about 13 pounds). It’s best to arrive with at least three light-to-moderate-sized suitcases so the regular scale tips operator won’t have as much to count.

Before weighing those ticketed overweight baggage, another post office employee may check them for content by lowering or separating each piece from its zipper on the cross beam. Your baggage allowance is also subject to random checks by customs officials, so plan accordingly.

What Do You Need To Weigh Your Bags At The Post Office?

What Do You Need To Weigh Your Bags At The Post Office

If you plan on sending your bags as packages, you may need to fill out labels and forms. These will include details such as the destination address, return address, and any required customs information for international shipments.

International airlines offer a wide range of destinations for travelers around the world. The post office staff will provide you with the necessary forms and guide you through the process. Fill out this form and leave it in the post office’s mailbox for them to tally your loads. To weigh your bags at the post office, you will need the following:

  1. Bags
  2. Postal Scale
  3. Post Office Staff
  4. Labels and Forms:
  5. Payment Method

Prepare to pay the postage baggage fees for mailing or shipping your bags. The post office accepts various payment methods, such as cash, debit/credit cards, or postal service-specific payment options. Ensure you have the appropriate payment method available.

If you arrive at least 15 days before departure, they’ll also weigh your bags $22.50 cash deposit (not refundable in case all are lighter). Paying with: dollars, pesos, or euros? approximately USD1 = 100pias; EURO 1 = 110Peso.

How Can I Weigh My Luggage At The Post Office – Things To Know

How Can I Weigh My Luggage At The Post Office – Things To Know

Knowing the weight of your luggage for air travel is of utmost importance when planning to send it through a post office. Overweight baggage fees can be a hassle when traveling by air. Whether you are sending it locally or internationally, understanding the current weight of your luggage for air travel is crucial in ensuring a smooth and hassle-free shipping process.

Many post offices offer weighing services to help individuals accurately determine their luggage’s weight. By weighing your luggage at the post office, you can avoid any unexpected surprises or additional charges that may arise due to exceeding your luggage maximum weight limit.

Understanding the weight of your luggage allows you to select the appropriate shipping method and pay the correct postage fees.  It also enables you to make informed decisions regarding packaging and ensuring that your items are securely packed to withstand the journey. Below, we provide more detailed step-by-step guidelines on how vcan I weigh my luggage at the post office.

Locate The Nearest Post Office

When traveling, planning ahead and ensuring that all necessary tasks are completed before embarking on your journey is essential. One important aspect of travel preparation is locating the nearest post office, especially if you need to weigh your luggage before departure.

By identifying the nearest post office, you can conveniently and efficiently address any shipping needs or luggage weighing requirements. Once you have identified the nearest post office, preparing your luggage for weighing is crucial.

This involves ensuring that your bags are packed appropriately and conform to the weight restrictions imposed by your chosen mode of transportation. By adhering to these guidelines, you can avoid any potential inconveniences or additional charges arising from exceeding weight limits.

Remove Any Disproportionate Items

Remove Any Disproportionate Items

Most post offices have weighing scales for various items, including packages and parcels. These scales are typically accurate readings and can provide you with precise measurements of your luggage’s weight. The post office staff can assist you if you are concerned about any disproportionate items in your bag.

They will help in identifying and removing them. They are trained to handle various items and can provide valuable insights to adhere to the weight restrictions. Visiting the post office to weigh your luggage offers several advantages.

Firstly, it provides a convenient location to measure your bag’s weight accurately. Help to save you from any last-minute surprises at the airport. The post office staff can also offer guidance on how to package and distribute items within your luggage effectively.

Ensure Your Luggage Is Properly Packed And Closed

It is essential to ensure that you properly pack and close your luggage regarding travel. Not only does it help protect your belongings, but it also ensures that you comply with airline to airline regulations. The last thing you want is to have your luggage burst open or exceed the weight limit, causing unnecessary stress and inconvenience during your journey.

One question that often arises is whether you can weigh your luggage at the post office. Some branches may offer weighing services, while the post office primarily has specific designs for sending mail and packages. It is always best to check with your local post office beforehand to determine if they provide this service.

Arrive At The Post Office And Approach The Counter

Arrive At The Post Office And Approach The Counter

Upon arriving at the post office, it is essential to approach the designated counter to ensure a smooth and efficient process of weighing your luggage. This step is crucial in order to accurately determine the weight of your items and ultimately calculate the appropriate postage fees.

The post office staff is well-trained and equipped to assist customers with this task, ensuring all necessary information is gathered and recorded correctly. Approaching the counter demonstrates your commitment to following the proper procedures and showcases your professionalism as a sender.

By doing so, you are signaling your respect for the post office’s guidelines and showing consideration for other customers waiting in line. This approach also allows the staff to provide you with any additional information or guidance you may require, such as specific packaging requirements or available shipping options.

Inform The Postal Staff About Your Intention To Weigh Your Luggage

If you are planning to weigh your luggage at the post office, it is important to inform the postal staff beforehand. This ensures that they understand your needs and can provide the best possible service.

When you arrive at the post office, let the person behind the counter know you have a package or luggage you need to weigh. Provide a brief description of what it is so the staff can locate the appropriate weighing equipment.

How Often Can You Get Your Luggage Weighed?

How Often Can You Get Your Luggage Weighed

Although the availability and cost of weighing your luggage at the post office varies depending on location, many post offices offer this service. Generally speaking, you can get your luggage weighed at the post office as often as possible.

There’s no real reason for them to weigh your luggage in their office on average every 45 days aside from just knowing how much is coming out of each plane and going into others, or increasing the space available onboard. You rarely pay an extra $50+ for baggage and should follow week-to-weekly TSA security rules for taking bags into the USA.

If you can’t avoid this once every 45 days (and even then, it’s only around 2% of airports)…then pay extra time at your favorite luggage return desk. Please note that some American Delta Airlines offer locations in their terminals with additional space where a stop-by bag office is an optional service option; however, most, if not all, are now managed by the passenger service team to your carrier while on board.

Where Can You Weigh Your Luggage For Free

There are free options for weighing your luggage within the EU. Your local library may have scales available for patrons to use, including luggage scales. Transportation hubs like bus or train stations may also offer free luggage weighing services.  Additionally, certain hotels and resorts provide complimentary luggage weighing services for guests, which can be particularly convenient if you are staying near the airport.

These options ensure that you can accurately measure your luggage’s weight and comply with airline regulations before your trip. This can be especially convenient if you stay at a hotel near the airport, as you can easily weigh your luggage before heading to catch your flight.

  • Schoenefeld Airport: Located in Frankfurt, this airport offers all passengers a free luggage weight check-in service.
  • Prague Airport: This airport also offers all passengers a free luggage weight check-in service.
  • Helsinki: Vantaa Airport– Located in Finland, this airport offers all passengers a free luggage weight check-in service.
  • Barcelona El Prat Airport– This airport offers all passengers a free luggage weight check-in service.
  • Geneva Airport: Located in Switzerland, this airport offers all passengers a free luggage weight check-in service.
  • Amsterdam Schiphol Airport: This airport also offers all passengers a free luggage weight check-in service.

Alternative Ways To Weigh Your Baggage

Alternative Ways To Weigh Your Baggage

Most people rely on traditional methods such as using a bathroom scale or visiting a weighing station, but there are alternative ways to ensure the accuracy of your luggage’s weight. One alternative method is investing in a portable luggage scale.

These compact and lightweight devices can easily be carried with you and provide accurate measurements of your baggage weight. You can use a handheld digital scale as another option to weigh individual items within your luggage. This allows you to distribute the weight evenly and avoid exceeding the weight limit set by airlines. Additionally, some luggage manufacturers now offer suitcases with built-in weighing systems.


It is a very important question to know how can I weigh my luggage at the post office? While the post office may seem convenient for weighing luggage, it is not always the most accurate or reliable method. Using a certified luggage bathroom scale or weighing your luggage at the airport is always best to ensure that your bags meet the weight requirements and avoid additional fees.

It’s always nice to be able to bring your luggage with you on vacation, but it can be a hassle when it comes time to weigh the bags. Travels create memories that last a lifetime and leave a lasting impact on one’s life. Fortunately, a few options are available to help you avoid the hassles of carrying around heavy suitcases and avoid getting overweight penalties.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Weigh My Luggage?

You can use a luggage or a regular scale to weigh your luggage. If you have a luggage scale, attach it to the handle of your suitcase and lift it off the ground.

How Heavy Is 25kg Luggage?

25kg luggage is considered relatively heavy, as it is above the average weight limit for checked-in baggage on most airlines. Most airlines have a weight limit of around 23-25kg for checked-in bags.

How Strict Is Baggage Weight?

Baggage weight restrictions vary depending on the airline and the type of ticket. Most airlines enforce strict weight limits for checked baggage, typically ranging from 50-70 pounds (23-32 kilograms).

What Happens If Your Luggage Is Over 23kg?

If your luggage is over 23kg, you may be subject to additional fees or penalties imposed by the airline.

What If My Luggage Is 3 Kg Overweight?

The airline may require you to pay an additional fee if your luggage is 3 kg overweight. The fee for excess baggage varies depending on the airline and specific circumstances.

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