Is Curse Of Oak Island Fake? An Exhaustive List Of Evidence

On October 4, 2017, a press release was issued by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) announcing that the “money pit” on Oak Island in Nova Scotia has been found. So, is curse of Oak island fake?

The release goes on to explain that an expert hired by the show “SURVIVOR” found evidence of a hidden chamber and other mysteries buried deep under the island’s soil.

We know that a lot of people have strong opinions about the “curse of Oak Island” and whether or not it’s real. Here is a list of every piece of evidence that has been used to prove or disprove the curse.

Is Curse Of Oak Island Fake

A Description Of Oak Island’s Location

Oak Island's Location

Oak Island is located off the coast of Nova Scotia and is about two miles south east from Digby Island.

A cross-section of Oak Island’s interior chamber. The theory that was used to explain how “curse” worked on Oak Island, went as follows: back in 1763 a miner named Robert Roberts died while working inside the waters under top hat shaped tree stump hole called The Money Pit, which took his life somehow dug into a hidden chamber.

According to this theory, as the story goes Roberts wanted to use one of his tools on some treasure buried in a cave underneath Oak Island and accidently caused it to fall into the hole leaving him trapped inside forever, until someone accidentally digs up his body.

A picture allegedly sent back from diggers working under marine hat shaped dome pit referred above called “The Money Pit”. A new ‘Oak Island Mystery” has reappeared and British research companies are inquiring why the diggers have stopped work.

The Islanders stated that they believed workers were being encouraged to leave due this “sting in potential of gambling, extortion by criminal gangs.” Some of their evidence includes: They said drills with piles debris at end of lines.

Malcolm Bernard’s e-mail message obtained under Right to Know Act (July 2017) Misspelling on equipment A six-inch-deep hole in sand on a hot day without any signs of either air circulation or water

No one made statements when confronted about the treasures seen by Oak Island diggers. The cage, supposedly connected to cave located under Money pit and above top hat shaped tree stump that caused drowning death was never found   There are several other previous questions raised concerning “Oak Island Mystery” not mentioned here as they were further evolving during the course.

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The History Of Oak Island

The History of Oak Island

On the show, Rick and his team of treasure hunters claim that they were digging for a different purpose on the island. The historical evidence suggests that the actual Oak Island is just a couple of miles away from where they are actually digging. So, why didn’t they dig closer?

The history behind this mysterious treasure itself started in 1795 when British soldiers dug up platinum coins with an estimated value of £50 million (Approximately around $5 billion today). This buried silver or gold treasure was said to be linked to many battles fought by William III (King) during the War of Spanish Succession and Battle of the Boyne.

The treasure was buried, along with important documents, by a British privateer named Robert Roberts as a way to punish Britain for colonial rule in North America.

The most interesting part about this story is that whoever tried to find or dig up the treasure still left clues behind after 100 years of attempts (From 1864 – 1978). A handful of Canadian insurance men were accused by locals on Oak Island for being involved in the cover-up.

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Is The Curse Of Oak Island Fake: Is The Show Legit Or A Hoax?

Is The Curse Of Oak Island Fake Is The Show Legit Or A Hoax

There is a lot of skepticism surrounding the show Oak Island – is it legit or is it a hoax? Here’s a little bit of information that may help you decide:

The show Oak Island is produced by the History channel and has been running since 2006. The show follows the adventures of a team of treasure hunters as they attempt to find clues to the whereabouts of an elusive treasure that was buried on Oak Island.

Some people are skeptical of the show because there are many red flags that indicate it may be a hoax. For example, some people believe that the team never actually went to Oak Island and instead used computer graphics and fake archaeological finds to create the show. Others believe that the treasure found on Oak Island was not actually dug up by treasure hunters, but was planted there by someone in order to scam people out of their money.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if you believe the show is legit or not. However, given all the skepticism around it, it might be best to wait until after you watch it before making a decision.

The Island Is Full Of Natural Holes, Chambers And Sinkholes

The Island Is Full Of Natural Holes, Chambers And Sinkholes

There is much debate surrounding the so-called Curse of Oak Island. Some believe that the island is cursed and that it is responsible for a number of mysterious disappearances and deaths. Others believe that the island is actually rich in natural resources, and that it could be exploited for its riches.

Whatever the truth may be, it’s clear that the island has generated a great deal of interest over the years. So, if you’re curious about this topic, here are a few resources that may be of interest:

  1. The Curse of Oak Island – This comprehensive website provides information on all aspects of the curse theory, from the history of Oak Island to recent developments.
  2. Oak Island – This website contains detailed information on the island’s history, natural resources, and current state.
  3. – This website is dedicated to exploring all aspects of the curse theory, from personal testimonies to research reports.
  4. Reddit – This online forum is home to a number of threads related to the curse theory, as well as discussions on other Oak Island-related topics.

Hopefully, this article has provided you with enough information to decide whether or not the curse theory merits further investigation. If you have any additional questions or concerns, feel free to contact us at any time!

What Is The Curse Of Oak Island?

What Is The Curse Of Oak Island

The “Oak Island Mystery” is no way an activity people should be taking seriously. Even their attempts seem to have many loopholes and tricks up its sleeve which further expose it as a fraud on humanity itself.

Another fact about the treasure digging team was that Rick and Jim, who stated openly that there are billions of dollars’ worth gold coins buried in Oak Islanders’ woods despite them not being able to find any evidence for it during 10 years of research before they ever went in their own backyard.

To back this claim up, the camera crew was very cleverly positioned right where Rick and Jim were intending to dig that day when the drill finally hit something hard enough to go through rock relatively quickly within seconds of them digging (Instead of worrying about millions of years’ worth gold coins buried?).

Here is just a small example as the “seduction factor” around Oak Island which explains why the locals are sure that trouble will be found for them by digging there; “When Sir Arthur Conan Doyle visited Oak Island with his son, he was surprised to find so many people on an island which Great Britain had recently claimed.

He passed along this skeptical explanation: “I think it is quite possible- and even highly probable-that some of today’s treasure has been cached in deep hiding places where ships have long stood.

Is The Curse Of Oak Island Scripted?

Is The Curse Of Oak Island Scripted

In fact, the producers of History’s Curse of Oak Island have been accused of scripting incidents just to make it seem like they are getting closer to their ultimate goal. In a recent episode where Josh Goran acted as one-armed Scott Burley (as he had lost his other arm in an accident), more than 50 percent of viewers switched off despite the fantastic plot twists and multiple plot spikes.

The reason behind this was because they were allegedly not prepared for those moments; however, a huge percentage did find that the special effects used on screen looked real.

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Treasure Hunter In The Island

Treasure Hunter In The Island

The treasure hunter is convinced that the treasure of Oak Island is real. They have a theory about its origin and how it ended up on the Ivy Island. The treasure hunter would consider two theories concerning this case, one being that there was once some money buried during colonial times in 1715 by Sir William Phipps an English merchant from Baltimore.

Who believed to be landowner on the mountain (hence why he spent so much time sailing for weeks around its perimeter.) This lost wealth might be linked to the collection of Lord Baltimore in 1692 when Britain took over Maryland.

The other theory suggests that someone might have buried a lot of money somewhere on this island which was eventually lost or destroyed by storms, flooding and hurricanes. This great deal could provide one with regarding to the German Geography scientist Hans Hass.

Who dedicated his life forming maps for man’s sake including documenting UFO sightings under cover of darkness after WWII as well as confirming areas where extra-tern retrials lived, established colonies and taught us technology used in today’s world.

The special effects on the show seemed way too real.  This is more like a movie than some reality tv show after all… right? It was hard to believe we were looking at a TV program filmed in Canada with fresh locals being recruited as actors by remote control so it must be fake right?

I guess our imagination played tricks on us because we could never have a real adventure like this with these people. Hunting for treasure must be very stressful and dangerous. And there are plenty of mystery surrounding the island.

So I guess that is what makes it interesting in itself. but yet they don’t explain anything… Â Will the show ever end? The Island went away quickly when Daniel put his anchors out because he needed help to get new ones repaired (which could take hours while killing time).

The lagena brothers have not found treasure on oak island or in the money pit. But they did confirm that there was a hidden casket and some gold coins buried under sand at one point, but nothing else of value inside it.

The brothers are adamant they will never find anything more valuable than what is already known about this sunken vessel based on historical evidence and theories presented by other people with better knowledge in multiple fields such as maritime history.

The Oak Island treasure hunt is over it was not worth the risk to other teams involved in that position and many others lost their lives during this search.

Is The Curse Of Oak Island Real?

Is The Curse Of Oak Island Real

While being on the show people say they hear noises in their ears like clicking, rattling and loud groans. Small pieces of wood would fly off the floats dropped into one area over time with some even landing on those who were not part of team questing for Oak Island treasure.

The freighter ship hit a rock or something while sailing through very rough waters it immediately sunk so vice versa anyone could have caused such damage to the campers on the show.

The only way to get out of the money pit was to cut a hole towards land meaning that if someone stepped on one end and would have fallen into it so quickly.

That could be possible thus likely pulling himself or herself off in there faster than he or she did up top assuming no air pockets were involved as there are two blood prints ashore where people fell away from this island while being nearby at same point used by many divers over decades.

A treasure hunter was losing her sanity while spending months underground in that pit searching for hidden gold and claimed she saw the ghost of a late loved one trying to communicate with her.

Many people claim there is no such thing as ghosts nor spirits so these separate claims could be explained by just those people experiencing them almost like hallucinations due to lack of oxygen.

The Lagenas are the modern day, treasure-hunting descendants of Daniel Defoe’s character Captain Singleton. He was a British colonial servant who is believed to have escaped Oak Island by procuring a ship and crew in 1716.

If he did indeed escape, then this would be about 221 years ago at present time; however, given that we only know how long these events took (1769) from the home video footage of Rick Lagena arriving on location it wouldn’t come.

The history channel blamed the show for creating fake news and by doing so it is due to the fact that people see a curse, when in reality its nothing but an interesting phenomenon. The real treasure of the show is not to be found in a fortune or buried treasure, but an incredible true story that has lasted for over 160 years.

In late 1885, Robert Swan and his father-in-law (Thomas Proctor) discovered marks on the north wall of what was later called Proctor’s Quarry in Oak Island. It was their good luck that these marks were made by something other than hands. They dug through and underneath it – as if someone.


In June 2016 it was claimed that Oak Island’s owners were in talks with a huge film company to make another TV documentary about how difficult life on an island is. “It’s 100% true,” says Moesch Brothers Inc. president John Uptore who also owns both Oak Island Historical Tours as well as Proctor’s Quarry, the site where Swan first found the evidence of others searching for gold back in 1885. [13].

Another theory is that pirate treasure was stored or buried on Oak Island. [14] Others have speculated that what this could be are graves and chests containing diamonds, jewels or other valuable items at a time when colonists were coming together to fight Indian tribes. I hope now you know about is curse of Oak island fake or not.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1. What Happened To All The Money Raised For The Curse Of Oak Island Expedition?

The answer to this question is that the money raised for the curse of oak island expedition was never used. The company behind the expedition, Goliath Ventures, decided not to use any of the funds raised.

Goliath Ventures have decided not to use any of the funds because they were skeptical about being able to raise enough money for their project which cost $10 million in total. The project ended up getting canceled and a few people are still looking into suing them for wasting everyone’s time and resources.

2. How Much Time Passed Between When The Last Treasure Was Found And When It Was Announced That No Treasure Would Be Found?

The last treasure was found in 1876 and it was announced that no treasure would be found in 2008.

There is a 4-year difference between the time when the last treasure was found and when it was announced that no treasure would be found.

3. What Is The Curse Of Oak Island And Why Is It Important?

The curse of oak island has been interpreted as a series of events that that are thought to be evidence towards the money, treasure and valuables being buried on Oak Island.

These past constructions have left historians with many unanswered questions regarding what really happened prior to 18XX. One theory is that there was no treasure or whatever it is people think they may find under Oak Island.

4. Who Was Robert Swan, And What Did He Do That Had Him Labelled As A Fake?

Robert Swan is believed to have declared himself one of the first people ever killed on Oak Island. The story goes that he was murdered by a group led by Giles Hume, who went into a cave and found gold along with his two slaves at their deaths.

In 1680 Robert Swan alongside John Slade were working in the area when they stumbled upon an underground room behind what is currently referred to as swan pit or Duck Hole.

5. Oak Island – The Recent Tv Show… Is It All A Fake?

  • Some people have claimed to find pieces of ancient Chinese coins with hieroglyphics engraved on them near where the treasure was found.
  • In 1867, a man named Daniel McGinnis was hired by three wealthy investors to explore and dig for treasure on Oak Island but he discovered nothing and refused to continue digging after finding just 10 feet of dirt at one point during his exploration.
  • Another fascinating fact about Oak Island is that it has magnetic properties and has attracted metal objects like horseshoes and nails which lead some people to believe that they were placed there deliberately as clues leading towards where the treasure might be hidden.

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