Distance Between Hawaiian Islands – Everything Explained

Hawaii is a dream come true for anyone who has ever had an adventure in their mind. With the main island, Hawaii is made up of over 50 volcanoes and mountains.

So, what is the distance between Hawaiian islands? The islands also boast some of the best beaches in the world. There are eight major islands that make up the state and each one of them has its own unique character and beauty.

The distance between the Hawaiian islands is about 8,000 km (4,971 mi). The chain is an archipelago of atolls and volcanic islands with only eight main islands: Hawaiʻi, Maui, Kauaʻi, Lānaʻi, Kahoʻolawe, Molokaʻi, Oahu and Niʻihau.

Distance Between Hawaiian Islands

What Is The Distance Between Each Of The Hawaiian Islands?

There are nine Hawaiian Islands, six of which are permanently inhabited – Kauaʻi, Niʻihau, Oʻahu, Molokaʻi, Hawaiʻi and Kauaʻi. The three other islands – Niʻihau, Maui and Hawaiʻi – are generally visited for short trips. The distance between each of the Hawaiian Islands is as follows:

Kauaʻi is the closest to the mainland at 18.6 miles and Niʻihau is the farthest at 84.4 miles.

Maui – 2,700 miles

Kaua’i – 2,400 miles

Hawaii – 1,800 miles

Oahu – 1,600 miles

The distances between each of the Hawaiian Islands vary quite a bit depending on which one you’re asking. The Big Island is the largest and is about 2,300 miles from east to west, while Kauaʻi is the smallest and is about 800 miles from north to south.

Everything You Need To Know About Inter-Island

Everything You Need To Know About Inter-Island

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Hawaiian Islands

Hawaiian Islands

Hawai’i contains over 50 volcanoes, some of which are active. While most people think that the main islands are all mountains and craters with rock walls around the outside – it is believed by many locals (myself included) that there was actually a huge water mass on earth in ancient times.

This mass pushed up from below to create these extinct volcanoes and then collapsed back into its dormant position has created this gorgeous archipelago effect throughout Hawaiʻi

Maui Monoloa Sydney Arizona Big Island Molokaʻi Oahu Kaua’i Lāna ‘i Kaho’olawe

Big Island of Hawaii is one such place that offers the perfect combination of sceneries. On this tour, you will get to visit all these islands, with their own fascinating landscapes and climate conditions.

You can enjoy beautiful clear blue waters at sea level or take a hike up Mount Waiʻānui (1063 m) where there are spectacular views over Big Island’s topography from its ridgetop south summit; snow-capped Mauna Kea rises in the distance beyond Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park.

After sunset, it gets really hot in the middle of summer and very cold at night. On a clear day from our location near Kailua-Kona on Big Island – you can see Mt Kanaka Kai Ilawai, part of Mauna Kea

Big Isle is home to Hawaii’s biggest lava flow, which features a massive bubbling cauldron some 30 feet down called “Grand Cauldron” or ʻAilā’ula (Menehune for ‘pupal fish trap’). In its latest eruption in 1994, it went off 2 miles back from our parking lot! Inside this area

Distance Between Hawaiian Islands – Details Guide

Distance Between Hawaiian Islands

This tour is 3 days and all night. The majority of the time, you will travel by car during daylight hours with brief stops in Kailua-Kona (Big Island) and Hilo on Big Island. There are two port stops on this trip:

Pearl Harbor Naval Base south of Honolulu (2 nights); Maui’s Kapalua Bay Resort area north of Lahaina town for 2 nights; Kohola Village resort/homestay area along Waikoloa Beach Rd at the base / edge-of-the crater fence between Kealakekua Bay and Tamarakaw aro (2 nights).

You will start both days before sunrise and if the weather is clear, you can expect mornings of sunrises to energize your mind-body as well as upcountry views. Back on the plains at Kapalua Bay Resort area in Maui after a chilly early morning climb up that ‘local’ volcano Kilauea – whether from our private beach house or adjoining rooms it depends where we are for selection during this tour –

Then get back into local ground transportation very close by to make it an easy trip home past Waikoloa Town’s beaches/resorts one last time for a final sunrise view of the Great Hawaiian Island Chain.

The Chain Of The Hawaiian Islands

The Chain Of The Hawaiian Islands

”’Nā Pali Coast”’- Includes the short drive between Kamuela & Road Stop #4 as well as a climb along Kalalau road to Kanaha / Waimea (1 night) before ending at 2 nights and local transportation back home again in Kailua-Kona via West Side Drive.

”’Puu Pehakuu Panwa (‘Point of No Return’) and Poipule Cliffs – ʻŌhi’ihi Caldera, Kaupo Gap area – includes 4 day 7-night hike from sea level up to 14k feet above sea level on a very rocky lava-surfaced trail.

The Chief’s Trail is where the ‘highest’ you will get in this tour leaving at just about -4,400ft for another 5k above which only regular long pants are mandatory (1 night) moving towards 11k ft before turning around potentially into heavy rain from an unexpected tropical storm up there;

Then dropping down to Waimea town & road #1833 again but not quite as far back often driving next door at Kamuela Cemetery State Park , hiking along short section of Queen Kaahumanu Highway and onwards east on Nā Pali Way and then down to the Road Side Cafe for lunch. ʻŌhi’ihi & Kokee Crater day hike –

Includes a scramble through tight multiple rocky gorges, some with sandy ledges along here before heading up Pua’s View (looks like overgrown rusty stairs) towards Poipule Cliffs / ‘Point of no Return’. The decent is in switchback style as steep cliffs can be found at almost every turn. No one knows when that old local girl got so popular it started taking long walks out there.

Largest Island In Hawaii

Largest Island In Hawaii

Maui – For the Maui-Hana loop, pick up at 11:30 in Kahului for 1 night East-west drive to Haleakala Summit for sunrise & around it; then down along ʻāina way instead of highway almost by yourself all the way through small communities perhaps ending at Hali`imaile and back over again. (1 night)

Akaka Falls area is a birding tour only during winter! If you like hiking alone or with your partner/wife make sure we choose another place as these are closed off even during weekends when open to the public only.

For the next 2 days, cross over & down into nameless crater; run past swimming hole (where horse flies like you to die) steep up 700-foot rolling incline filled by red dirt stone road with chains (tires and bikes are not recommended); arrive at Oheo Gulch Cliffs with deep pink cliffs.

Or ʻĀhihi’ona ‘Lava Bed Reservoir’; follow the footpath uphill along with them after a 5k long hike all the way up towards Kalalau Lookout one of many famous Maui’s sites worth seeing.

What Type Of Transportation Do People Use On The Island?

A man stands next to a bridge on the East Cape Road. The East Ca

Surfboards are mainly used for transport. ATVs were most popular during planting season until nowadays with new rules banning them from trekking off-road areas due to some concerns against safety as it was evident from past reports when the rule first came out in October 2007.

Currently, rest stops every 10 miles are equipped with weight scale measure able load resulting very often upsizing or adding more fuel if too heavy & even mechanic work is needed if overloaded results in vehicle failure.

What is a typical breakfast or dinner order? Seafood, rice & macaroni salad?? Or baked potato with ketchup and ranch dressing??? All Scents – Ahuhuahua (Six types of Clams): clams, mussels Okolehao-Poilemonio: blue crab CherriekyʻOkeokeokumai Helelao:

Banana flower ʻohihoku media value Salad kaneweleeskaka Honukahi Kahe li pololoa Apples ohia palamani Pau & bananas ohia koaʻe.

The Distance Between North Korea And Hawaii

The Distance Between North Korea And Hawaii

The distance between North Korea and Hawaii is approximately 8,000 kilometers. That’s roughly the same as traveling from New York City to Cozumel, Mexico and back again.

The distance between North Korea and Hawaii is approximately 8,000 kilometers. That’s roughly the same as traveling from New York City to Cozumel, Mexico and back again!. Image source: Flickr user shannonbsullivan

How Easy Is It To Travel Between The Hawaiian Islands?

How Easy Is It To Travel Between The Hawaiian Islands

For regular travelers, it will not differ from all other major airlines on most of the islands. Specifics may change due to specific areas in different ways ie Kahului Airport Hawaiian Airlines (Hawaiian Inter-Island Airways) is located about 3 miles or 8 kilometers as direct walk distance from Old Lahaina/Kahana area where many people congregate to hangout –

Nonstop cost for departure flight could be a little bit lesser than medium-haul flights depending on how far your destination place is away and which airline you are flying with but chances would still increase if going out west across mauka /west side of Maui – ground only as is FCC & TSA checkpoints.


The distance between Hawaiian islands is not so much a question of how far it is but rather how to reach the destination. The main islands are, from north to south, Hawaii, Maui, Kauai, and Oahu.

These four islands are in the same general area as many other American states such as California, Oregon, and Washington but they are also found in the Pacific Ocean which is almost 2,000 miles away from each other.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ’s]:

1.Is There Any Way For Us Citizens And Nationals To Travel, Work Or Remain In Hawaii Without A Visa?

Ans. No, any US citizen and nationals must obtain a visa before traveling to Hawaii.

2.Is There An Airport Close To Kihei?

Ans. No, Kahului Airport (OGG). For air travel within the state of Hawai’i,

it is best to fly into Kahului Airport (OGG) in central Maui Island.

3.Can I Use A Travel Visa?

Ans. Yes, you can use your passport and expendable credit to travel without obtaining the proper visas such as ESTA or advance parole. you can get on your flight at either OGG or Maui-Kona in East Maui for approximately $260 round trip nonstop from Logan International Airport.

This does not include gov’t fees like bureaucrat processing which varies depending on citizenship status but is generally less than 5% or increases the cost by about 10%.

4.Will All International Airlines Have Direct Flights To The Islands Of Hawaii?

Ans. Yes, the mainland U.S. is only about 2-4 hours away from Hawaii depending on flight time and number of connections needed to reach your destination based off distance traveled (HNL for Oahu or HAA for Kauai).

5.Do You Have To Wear A Mask On The Beach In Hawaii?

Ans. No, you don’t have to wear a mask on the beach in Hawaii. However, you should take precautions to avoid getting sick. Here are a few tips:

  1. Stay healthy – The best way to avoid getting sick is by staying healthy yourself. Make sure to drink plenty of water, avoid eating food that is raw or uncooked, and avoid contact with sick people.
  2. Get vaccinated – Another way to prevent illness is by getting vaccinated against the most common infections. Make sure to get vaccinated against the following: typhoid fever, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and rabies.
  3. Use sunscreen – When you’re out on the beach in Hawaii, make sure to use sunscreen every day. Apply it liberally and reapply it often, especially if you are going water activities such as surfing or swimming. Remember to wear a hat and sunglasses too!

Hopefully these tips will help keep you safe and healthy while on vacation in Hawaii!

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