Can A Duffle Bag Be A Carry On Delta Airlines?

Can a duffle bag be a carry on Delta Airlines? Yes, a duffle bag can be your carry on. It may not be the best option for a comfortable and hassle-free travel, but with a little preparation it could become one of the most convenient way to fly with your belongings. Here are some tips on how to choose the right duffle bag for you.

Are you travelling with carry-on only luggage and wondering if a duffle bag counts as luggage? The short answer is yes, a duffle bag can be counted as luggage if it is fit under the airline’s carry-on size limit. However, because duffle bags are larger and heavier than typical carry-on luggage, you may want to consider checking them in instead. This way, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that your bag will arrive safely at your destination.

A duffle bag can easily become your go-to carry-on bag if you know how to pack it correctly. This versatile piece of luggage can be used for a variety of purposes, from carrying your clothes and toiletries to storing your laptop and travel tools. In this article, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about packing a duffle bag for Delta travel.

Can A Duffle Bag Be A Carry On Delta

What Is Duffel Bag?

A duffel bag is a heavy-duty canvas suitcase with two side handles and a removable, hard rubber or plastic shell. The main compartment is usually zippered on top, with the option of a smaller “finish” zipper.

No bag straps? No problem! You can just pull your duffle bag over one shoulder if you want to carry it in lieu of using its handles. The collapsible shell also doubles as packable storage when you’re not travelling since, they include compression straps built into the sides and backside (we have identified these same comp artments with the blue dots on our sample bag below).

What To Look For When Choosing A Duffle?

You should choose your duffel bag depending on how often you are travelling and what type of clothing/garment you need to carry.

A side oriented luggable may be better for someone who is mainly travelling with cosmetics, toiletry items or electronics. If carrying large amounts of clothing, rather than buying separate pieces that might not find their way into your bag, opt for a square or rectangular shaped duffel.

How Much Space Do You Need?

  • How many outfits do you bring on every trip with you? For example, if it’s going to be more than one week of wearables, then get the amount of clothes cover in grams X days per outfit multiplied by Days and multiply that by 450 max capacities.
  • If this is your first time travelling with the clothing above, then maybe it’s best to travel with outfits rather than separate pieces (Note: this is not an endorsement of packing dry-cleaned clothes: only what you will wear). 150 x 7 = 1050 1050 X 4 = 4400 total capacity. That can fit a lot!
  • If you are travelling for one or two days, then the smaller duffel that has less capacity is an optimal choice. This can carry a substantial weight in clothing with ease and check as much luggage as possible rest on your person or make overhead arrangements. As always there are no rules other than to consider what type of travel fits best for you.

For example: if it’s only going to be 2-day trip, then 2 days of outfits, then the duffle with less capacity will be better.

  • If you are travelling even shorter than that, then just locate a random bag and use it as a container for your clothes/rugby gear if possible
  • For those who want to pack more items without being weighed down or having any restrictions on how many items they can bring: Look at what size this particular duffle has and choose accordingly. Get a duffel that has a little more capacity.

Can A Duffle Bag Be A Carry On Delta Airlines?

If you are travelling on a budget airline like Delta, it might be better to use this bag as a carry-on instead of checking baggage. Be advised that they typically do not allow duffels over the size of 35L for carry-on.

  • Get a smaller duffle
  • If your items will fit into an under the seat storage bin, you can also bring that instead of the duffle.

How To Measure The Width Of A Duffel Bag For Airline

How To Measure The Width Of A Duffel Bag For Airline

When travelling, it is important to pack as lightly as possible to avoid extra fees. One way to do this is to pack your items in duffel bags. However, it can be challenging to know the correct width of a duffel bag for airline travel. In order to make the decision easier, we have compiled a list of factors that you can use to measure the width of a duffel bag for airline travel.

  1. The width of the bag should be less than or equal to the width of the carry-on bag that you are allowed to bring on your flight.
  2. The height of the bag should not exceed 23 inches.
  3. The depth of the bag should not exceed 11 inches.
  4. The bag should not weigh more than 50 pounds.
  5. The bag should be able to fit in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you.
  6. The bag should be able to withstand being packed tightly and moved around easily.

A Carry-On Luggage Size Guide By Airline

A Carry-On Luggage Size Guide By Airline

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the size of your carry-on luggage will vary depending on the airline you’re travelling with and the type of travel you’re planning on doing. However, here are some general guidelines to help you choose the right luggage size for your upcoming trip:

For flights within North America:

If you’re traveling on a budget and plan to only stay for a short time, a small bag may be enough. If you have more time planned and want to bring a few extra items with you, then a medium or large bag may be better.

For flights within Europe:

For shorter trips within Europe, a small bag should be fine. For longer trips or if you want to bring more than just clothes, then a medium or large bag will be better. Make sure to check with the airline you’re travelling with to ensure that your carry-on luggage will fit in their size limit!

For flights outside of North America or Europe:

Again, depending on the type of travel you’re planning on doing and the airline you’re travelling with, your carry-on luggage size may vary. It’s always best to check with them in advance so that you don’t have any surprises when travelling. Generally speaking though, a medium or large bag should be good for most trips.

Can a Duffel Bag Be A Duffle Bag Packing Cubes?

If you are interested in having more of a contained space for your items, then these packing cubes can be helpful with organizing everything. They come in 5-, 10-, 20- and 30-liter volumes which will help maximize the capacity before it gets too bulky!

Delta Personal Item Size Guide For Backpacks

Delta Personal Item Size Guide For Backpacks

Thank you for your question! Below is the Delta Personal Item Size Guide for Backpacks. This size guide is based on the dimensions of a backpack, not the contents of the backpack. The guide provides general guidance on what size backpack should be purchased to fit a specific item. Please note that this is not a guarantee that any specific item will fit into a specific size backpack.

The dimensions of each individual backpack may vary, and therefore, an item that is supposed to fit into a standard-sized backpack may not actually fit. As such, it is always important to measure the dimensions of an individual backpack before purchasing it in order to ensure that it will fit. If an item does not fit into a standard-sized backpack, it may be necessary to purchase a larger backpack in order to store the item.

Delta Baggage Fees And Pet Policies

Delta Baggage Fees And Pet Policies

Delta does charge a fee for checked bags and pets, as well as a per-ticket charge for each animal traveling with a passenger. These fees are in addition to any other charges that may apply, such as taxes or carrier fees. We also require that all animals be Traveled Accompanied, which means they are carried in a carrier or cage and must be under the direct supervision of a person at all times. For more information on our animal policies and how to comply with them, please visit our website or call our customer service line at 1-800-241-4141. We would be happy to help you further with your concerns.


Is it possible to use a duffle bag as a carry on?

Duffle bags are large, rectangular-shaped bags with a single strap. They can be used as carry-on luggage on an airplane because they do not exceed the size limit for carry-on luggage.

Can I bring the duffle bag with me in case my checked baggage gets lost or damaged?

No, you cannot bring the duffle bag with you. The company is responsible for checking and making sure that your luggage gets to your destination without any damage or loss.

Is a duffel bag a carry-on item?

The main difference between a duffel bag and a carry-on is the size. A carry-on bag can be up to 45 x 22 x 45 cm, while a duffel bag can be up to 90 x 60 x 20 cm. The answer is no, because it’s too big for the overhead bin on an airplane.

Is a duffle bag a personal item Delta?

Delta Air Lines defines a personal item as any bag, briefcase, laptop computer, or other item that can be placed in the overhead bin. A duffle bag is not considered a personal item by Delta Air Lines and is allowed to be carried on board the aircraft without charge.

How To Pack A Duffle Bag For Travel?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the packing requirements for a duffle bag for travel will vary depending on your destination, length of stay, and other factors. However, some tips that may be helpful include packing clothes that are versatile and can be dressed up or down, packing a variety of snacks and drinks, and ensuring that your duffle bag is comfortable to wear and carries all of your essentials.


If you’ve been struggling to figure out what to do with your carry-on bag, it’s time to put an end to the struggle. A duffle bag is exactly what you need! This versatile piece of luggage can fit everything from a weekend getaway to a week-long trip and still have room for more.

There are many ways that you can use a duffle bag, but one of the most popular uses is as a carry-on bag. I hope now you know about can a duffle bag be a carry on Delta Airlines or not.

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