How Big Is A 28-Inch Suitcase? [Travel Suitcase Guideline]

The big suitcase dimensions are between 28 and 32 inches long and about 19 inches wide plus 12 inches deep.

Large luggage is designed toward carrying a minimum of one week’s worth of clothes for travelers, and this kind of luggage goes in the cargo part of airplanes. But how big is a 28-inch suitcase?

How big is a 28-inch suitcase

For international students, business travelers who require carrying lots of luggage, the size 28 suitcase would be a great buddy for your journey. The suitcase would be 32 x 48 x 76cm, but every manufacturer would dissimilarly but not noteworthy.

Does 28-Inch Suitcase Is Big Size Suitcase?

Does 28-Inch Suitcase Is Big Size Suitcase?

Out of all the suitcase sizes out there, big suitcases are maybe the most well-liked for travelers wishing to check-in their baggage.

The big suitcase measures 74 cm. Otherwise, 28 inches in height, plus has a capability of up to 117 liters. This suitcase is versatile, spacious plus permits you to have a series of clothes with you.

The large sizes give you the liberty to pack what you require for your travels which last longer than one week.

Why purchase this? The big suitcase is perfect for long trips, particularly if you require packing for more than one tourist.

We suggest you purchase the large, four-wheel spinner edition as they would be easier toward rolling around. A big suitcase is a requisite for most long-standing travel.

If you are going someplace for more than a week, you might need more space than a carry-on bag. While looking at big suitcases, there are a few issues to keep in mind: sturdiness, organization, and price.

If you take numerous long-standing journeys a year, it is perhaps worth spending more on a big suitcase, as it would get lots of use. If you use it for a holiday every often, you could perhaps get away with a budget choice.

28-Inch Suitcase Benefits

28-Inch Suitcase Benefits

One of the foremost pros is that you could pack big luggage with a great deal of stuff; there is truly no requirement to pack lightly while traveling with larger suitcases.

Some persons find that if they are traveling for an extended period, otherwise are even moving someplace new.

Large baggage can be a lifesaver and permit them to take their most significant possessions on the airplane with them, even if they have toward check a bag.

Hard plastic baggage is another great choice for persons carrying precious items, for example, camera equipment, that might be broken if the bag was fallen or if somewhat heavy fell on top of it. These are accessible in a larger version as well for added convenience.

For those who do not like to travel light otherwise will be traveling for an extended period, large baggage is ideal for you.

Big suitcases have an unbelievable amount of space for pretty much the lot you need, however, do not pack them too occupied.

Your suitcase might exceed your airline’s weight limits, and then you may find yourself traveling with big luggage sans that entire souvenir you bought.

There is a great selection of big luggage from brands similar to Swiss Gear, Atlantic Luggage, and Air Canada.

Large Suitcases For Additional Storage

Large suitcases for additional storage

If you are heading off on a long vacation, otherwise have lots of stuff to pack, a large suitcase is a great option.

You could find large suitcases with various versatile features in selecting diverse colors and leading brands, such as Samsonite, Aerolite, and Antler. Whether you are packing for the entire family or off on a tour of a lifetime, make certain you are ready with a large suitcase.

Hard-shell Large suitcases come with plenty of features to create your traveling experience more pleasant. Lightweight large suitcases plus those with wheels would help you move about the airport with ease, plus flexible cases are great for those in search of a little additional space.

Large suitcases are great for those in search of a case that offers additional protection. These suitcases could withstand knocks plus bumps, making sure your staff are safe from damage.

Despite having a hard outer, lots of hardshell cases are super lightweight, making them easy to maneuver.

Soft-shell luggage is great for persons who plan on packing lots of items but are concerned about their case being above the weight boundary as they tend to be lots lighter than hardshell cases.

Definite large luggage comes with diverse interior compartments. Thus, you could keep all of your possessions well organized plus tidy inside your case. If you want to keep your things extra safe plus secure, search for a bag that comes with a lock.

Features Of The Large Suitcase

Features of the large suitcase

Large suitcases have an interior capacity of about 21 to 26 gallons or between 2.8 to 3.5 cubic feet. Height measurement is taken from the wheels’ base toward the top of the case.

While the handle is down in its place of completely retracted. Baggage must be less than 62 inches long for aircraft usage. Several wheeled suitcases with completely extended handles surpass the linear extent maximum for air travel.

Luggage comes in four essential dimensions, including carry-on luggage, checked luggage, small checked luggage, and big checked luggage, in order from smallest toward largest. The smallest kind of case is also named cabin luggage since you can take it into aircraft cabins. The largest kind of luggage is usually referred to as a suitcase. Since it can fit a whole suit inside without much folding.

The size of your distinctive large baggage falls among 27″-32″ inches and is perfect for travel up to 14 days; otherwise, more if you are a truly good packer!

Handles get you wherever you require going in a rush. Grip handles, which attach toward the top or side of your luggage. Make it easier to pick up your bag from the baggage carousel. Look for the telescopic handle, which lets you pull your big suitcase beside you effortlessly.

Wheels make taking bigger luggage about a breeze. Bigger wheels offer more sturdiness. And a smoother wide while spinner wheels that turn around 360 degrees let you weave your big suitcase in and out of rigid spaces.

No matter how long you have been planning your journey, packing your stuff in a smart, usable method is tough.

Large baggage is ideal for international travel, long trip, otherwise easily moving a ton of your stuff at once.

Hardshell construction is both lightweight and sturdy so that you could avoid overweight baggage charges. While making sure your suitcase is protected throughout your whole journey.

Whether you are taking a break from the everyday grind with widespread travel, packing apparatus, leaving room for souvenirs. Or sharing through saving a checked bag, we advise investing in a 28″ luggage size.


Large suitcases have an unbelievable amount of space for pretty much the whole lot you need. However, do not pack them too occupied. You do not want your suitcase to exceed your airline’s weight limits. I hope now you know about how big is a 28-inch suitcase.

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