How Do You Beat Family Island? – Family Island Beginner’s Guide

Family Island is a popular mobile game that combines simulation and puzzle gameplay. Players must assist stranded families on a deserted island, helping them survive and prosper.

However, some levels can be challenging, leaving players stuck for long periods. If you want to overcome these obstacles and become a pro player, this beginner’s guide is for you. We will provide 10 essential tips, including keeping everyone busy and exploring how do you beat family island. By following this guide, you’ll quickly become an expert in Family Island and rise to the top.

How Do You Beat Family Island

How Do You Beat Family Island: 10 Best Tips

How Do You Beat Family Island 10 Best TipsTo beat Family Island, develop a strategy before playing. Choose suitable characters, collaborate with friends, use the map efficiently, collect items for character enhancement, and utilize power-ups. The dining table is an essential piece of furniture for any home.

Stay alert, react swiftly, manage time effectively, complete tasks, and, most importantly, enjoy the game. With dedication and a positive mindset, victory is within reach. Here are 10 Best Tips on how do you beat Family Island.

1.Keep Everybody Busy At All Times

Family Island is a popular online game where players must strategically manage resources and keep citizens happy to build a powerful empire. To succeed, keep everyone busy by providing necessities and avoiding major changes early on.

Be mindful of rivals and keep a distance. The plan moves carefully, as each decision impacts the outcome. These tips will help you win Family Island and create the largest empire before your opponents.

2.Complete The Tasks And Objectives

Complete The Tasks And Objectives

Players must complete tasks and objectives to beat Family Island, unlocking new content and earning rewards like energy level and diamonds. Following Family Island on social media and joining the community provides additional tips, tricks, and exclusive challenges.

Making in-game purchases can also enhance gameplay and progression. Players can successfully conquer Family Island by focusing on task completion, utilizing social media resources, and making strategic purchases. Completing the challenges on Family Island can be a difficult task

3.Use The Tips To Locate Hidden Items

One important tip is to use the magnifying glass in the Objectives section to find hidden items. Clicking on it will reveal an oversized yellow arrow that makes it easier to locate elusive objects. Collect items like Ash, Button, Lapis Lazuli, Candle, Torches, Feathers, Amber & Emeralds, and Skulls from shamans, chests, huts, and rock formations.

Claws, Gold Keys, and Candles can be obtained by fulfilling orders for shamans, gifts, chests, and thorns on islands. Keep your animals happy and healthy by regularly replenishing grass. With these tips, you’ll beat Family Island in no time.

4.Get As Many Energy Points As Possible

Get As Many Energy Points As Possible

To beat Family Island, focus on maximizing your energy points. Upgrade and repair key elements like the bathroom, shower, and totems to gain energy points and increase efficiency. Make smart trades with the merchant to acquire additional islands’ energy points. Take advantage of ad-watching to accumulate energy points passively.

Completing tasks from the Shaman is another great way to earn energy points. Don’t forget to travel to nearby islands to gather resources and prizes that can be exchanged for more energy points. Implementing these strategies will greatly improve your chances of conquering Family Island.

5.Sharpen Up Your Cooking Skills

Family Island in Fortnite is a popular game mode where you can cook and share delicious snacks with your loved ones. We have some tips to help you improve your skills and impress everyone. Start by learning the basics, like using a skillet or pot.

Practice with simple meals like spaghetti or pancakes. Once you’re comfortable, try more complex dishes like lasagna or stuffed shells. Don’t hesitate to experiment and make your family crave your creations on Family Island. Farming games like Family Island provide a fun and immersive experience

6.Upgrade The Facilities At Every Opportunity

Upgrade The Facilities At Every Opportunity

To beat Family Island and become a game master, prioritize upgrading storage facilities like the farm, laboratory, and kitchen. These upgrades will make the game more challenging but provide essential resources. Additionally, collect resources consistently, work on farms, and complete quests to unlock new areas swiftly.

A tropical island is a perfect destination for a relaxing vacation. Remember, the most important thing is to have fun. Family Island offers family entertainment, so enjoy the journey without rushing to beat the game. Cheats can give you an advantage when playing Family Island by offering unlimited resources and faster progression.

7.Visit The Shop To Buy The Things You Need

To beat Family Island, visit the shop for necessary game items. The Shaman provides rare resources like claws, gold keys, candles, and grass through gifts, island thorns, and merchant orders.

Premium resources like ash, buttons, lapis lazuli, candles, torches, feathers, amber, emeralds, and skulls can be obtained from rocks, chests, huts, fire pits, hens, roasters, and chicken statues. Utilize the MOD APK for unlimited diamonds and money to easily purchase tools, power-ups, and boosters from the shop. Follow these tips to conquer Family Island and fully enjoy the game.

8.Trade With The Merchant At The Marina

Trade With The Merchant At The Marina

Family Island is a fun-filled island experience that allows players to interact with their family members in ways they could never imagine. One of the best ways to enjoy Family Island is by trading with the merchant at the Marina and making some money. Here are some tips on how to beat Family Island’s merchant:

  • Visit the Marina and talk to the merchant.
  • Set sail and search for profitable items around the island.
  • Return to the Marina and look for deals from the merchant.

9.Explore Other Islands

Exploring other islands is a key strategy if you’re looking for the best tips to beat Family Island. Reach level 8 to restore the second hut and build a fire to unlock nearby islands. To beat Serendipity Island at level 10, you’ll need to build the bridge to the left part of the island. Beating Sun Island at level 12 requires taking the statue to the home island and placing it.

For Lilac Island at level 14, cut down all the flowering trees and remove a magnolia from the decorations. Lastly, take the statue to Bouncy Island to beat it at level 17 and take the pyramid home to beat Lost Island at level 23. Exploring other islands and following these tips will help you progress through the game and beat Family Island.

10.Decorate Your Village

Decorate Your Village

If you’re looking for ways to beat Family Island, decorating your village is one of the key strategies to focus on. Storage is an essential aspect of organizing and managing your belongings effectively. Not only does it make your village look more visually appealing, but it can also help improve your overall gameplay experience. Here are a few tips to make the most of decorating your village:

  • Experiment with themes and layouts
  • Prioritize building structures with bonuses
  • Use seasonal decorations
  • Maintain and upgrade decorations

By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to creating a beautiful, thriving village on Family Island. Remember that the game’s goal is to have fun, so take your time and enjoy building your perfect village.


It is very important to know how do you beat family island. Beating Family Island requires a strategic approach, patience, and a lot of fun. You can stay ahead of the game by keeping your villagers busy, completing tasks and objectives, mastering your cooking skills, and exploring other islands.

It may take some time, but you can unlock all the hidden items and facilities with a little perseverance and dedication. Remember to keep upgrading your island and watch the shops and merchants at the Marina. Don’t forget to showcase your creativity by decorating your village.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Level 63 In Family Island?

Level 63 in Family Island is challenging, where players must complete various tasks and objectives to progress further in the game.

What Is The Goal Of Family Island?

Family Island aims to create and develop a thriving island village for a family, where players can complete quests, explore the island, cultivate crops, and build various structures to improve their village and make it a comfortable home.

How Many Levels Are There In Family Island?

There are a total of 82 levels in Family Island. Family Island is an incredibly popular mobile game that has captured the hearts and minds of players worldwide.

What Is The Age Rating For Family Island?

The age rating for Family Island is typically rated for players aged ten and above. Family Island is a popular simulation game that has captured the hearts of players of all ages.

Where Is Ash In Family Island?

Ash's location in Family Island is not specified. Ash had heard about Family Island since he was a child. It was a legendary place filled with beauty, wonder, and adventure.

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