How Early Can You Check Bags Southwest Airline? [Things To Know]

Do you ever feel traveling is more joyous if there is no luggage to carry? Yes, Whoever wants to carry a weighty suitcase? Sure, not you. Luggage is equally boring and necessary to keep your accessories with you. The only way left is to store it by checking in at an airport.

So, how early can you check bags southwest airlines? As early as I can get rid of my bag, I feel free. You may have 8-10 hours left to fly. You can kill 10 hours enjoying a trip among the city, having a bite on a lovely burger sitting in a restaurant, walking along a natural park, not merely waiting in the airport.

But, all this plan in vain if I force you to carry a piece of luggage weighing 60 pounds.  To solve this, you must wish to put it in the airport and then run away to enjoy your time. Natural, it is.

How Early Can You Check Bags Southwest

But the question arose: How advance of departure time can you shed  60 pounds weight luggage off your shoulder? Well, let’s see!

Things You Need To Know

Things you need to know

While you make a journey, choose Southwest to fly, it allows you to check-in luggage as early as 4 hours from your departure time. It is the official rule, according to  Southwest.

However, theoretically, ‘too early’ isn’t considered for checking most airports’ luggage.

But in practice, they cannot receive your bag earlier than 4 hours.  Some airports are good for storing bags, while others are not.

For instance, luckily, if it is an airline hub, they may allow you to check bags up to 24  hours earlier.

If your airport has one flight of your airlines daily, this opportunity is not more than 4 hours.

What If I Failed To Check In My Bag Early At The Airport?

What if I failed to check in my bag early at the airport

Following are some ways to store your gigantic bags and relax. Feel free and pass your time without being tensed about your broken wheel luggage.

Keep Reading!

Major cities all around the airport offer luggage storage service. But, often, most of them may not be useful to you.

Mostly because many are pricey, others may not be nearer to you. Contrarily, several Apps developed as blessings to reduce travelers’ pain like you.

1. Stasher


Among hundreds, our listing picks up “stasher” as best. The reason is that they are widely available.

Also, cheap. You find them in most of the cities worldwide. More than 100  cities! Pricing starts from only 6$ a day.

2. Bounce


Secondly, Bounce is also a worthy option. It offers storage at hotels, cafes, etc. Like  “stasher,” it costs 6 $ a day.

Moreover, Bounce cares a lot about your luggage security, providing tamper-proof ID seals. Surprisingly, in some areas, they offer delivery.

So,  you can get it at the airport later on. They offer their services in most major cities.

3. Luggage Hero

Luggage Hero

In New York City, Copenhagen, and London, Luggage hero is also a popular online service to store your bags temporarily.

You have to pay a $2 one-time handling fee per bag. Pricing varies according to cities. In New York, they charge $10 / day or $ 1/  hour. Though it’s a little bit more costly, they store your bag safely.

Great relief! Isn’t it?

4. NannyBag


Suppose you’re traveling in Europe and having trouble with your luggage. Then, NannyBag is ready to serve you. They offer their service in 15 countries all over Europe.

To narrate- France, the UK, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Belgium, Ireland,  Germany, Czech Republic, Greece, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, and Luxembourg.

Also, available in New York cities. However, not to be bothered about pricing. They charge only 6$ a day.

What About Late Check-In Baggage?

Baggage Cut Off Times

After talking about early check-in, we will make you aware not to be too late for checking in your luggage. Southwest sets a minimum time for this. And you must accomplish this task within this period.

Southwest says the minimum time for checking in luggage is 45 minutes. Being later will be a risk for you.

It will be tagged as “late check-in.” The airlines, then, will not be responsible for delivery charges; in the case, your bag fails to make it onto your plane and finally into your destination.

While some airports are flexible in timing, the 45 minutes rule is strictly maintained in the following airports: Baltimore/Washington International, Denver, Chicago Midway,  Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix, and Orlando.

Note that for a passenger having flights departing from Aruba, the minimum check-in time is 75 minutes.

In the case of all other international flights,  passengers can arrive 15 minutes late. Here, the minimum check-in time for check-in bags is one hour ( 60 minutes) before a scheduled departure time.

Southwest ensures that you try their best to get your baggage on the flight if you’re late. But,  in other words, it’s wise to check in your baggage 45 minutes earlier than your scheduled flying time.

Want to explore more info about luggage policies in the Southwest? Keep scrolling, then! I added some free tips for you!!

More About Checked Baggage!

More about checked baggage

Lucky you if you choose southwest. It is the only airline that permits you Two free checked bags for all fares. Great, Right?

Ohh, don’t be too excited to carry gigantic luggage. Southwest is wise enough to restrict size and weight. You’re allowed to come with a bag not heavier than 23 kg  (50 pounds), and the maximum linear size is 62 inches.

Also, Southwest is simple in setting fees for extra baggage. It sets a charge of $75 for each more than 2 bags if your bag is overweight, even for oversized bags.

$75 is applied as long as it is limited to 100 lbs. Also, size matters. It should be no more than 80 inches. Southwest has an alternative way to help you carry baggage more than 100 pounds.

Air Cargo is available to ship large luggage. Here, Military passengers traveling on active duty aren’t subject to this charge.

Another warm news is, you won’t have to lose a single penny as hidden baggage fees.  Thanks, Southwest!

While packing a bag, make sure to exclude any illegal pieces because the southwest authority will screen your baggage and be subject to physical inspection where needed.

You’re restricted from carrying lithium batteries, e-cigarettes, or lighters. It’s needed for safety too. You might have heard about a mid-flight burst due to a lithium battery.

E-cigarettes are allowed for you in a carry-on- bag but not in checked baggage. Please don’t mind. You aren’t allowed to use e-cigarettes onboard. You can carry only one lighter but not in checked baggage.

It’s common sense not to carry electrical equipment such as Laptops, Tablets, E-readers, etc. Or cash, jewelry, essential medications, passports, and essential documents in checked baggage.

Place them in a carry-on- bag. You can’t be 100% sure to get your baggage safely. Be careful about the above-mentioned valuables you don’t want to lose.

For safety ( yours and employees of the southwest), cover sharp objects ( knife, needle,  syringe) carefully.

To identify your luggage easily, put identification in and outside. Take name labels from the southwest airlines ticket counter. Place them in your luggage. It’s easy!

Finally, once you’ve checked your baggage, make sure to receive a claim check for each piece of baggage.

And, after all, security, if your bad luck leads to damage to your bag or it is lost, immediately inform them. Don’t be late more than 4 hours after your destination.

I hope now you know about how early can you check bags southwest airlines. Have a nice journey with Southwest!

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