Newark Airport Luggage Storage Guide: Secure Your Belongings

Newark Liberty International Airport, one of the busiest airports in the United States, serves millions of passengers annually. While traveling to and from this major transportation hub can be an exciting experience.

It can also be quite challenging, especially when managing luggage. Navigating through the airport with heavy or bulky bags can be physically exhausting and a source of stress and inconvenience. To alleviate this burden for travelers, Newark Airport offers a variety of luggage storage options that allow passengers.

To securely store their belongings while they wait for their flight or explore the city. From traditional luggage storage services to innovative self-service lockers. Newark Airport has made it easier than ever for travelers to lighten their load and make the most out of their journey. Newark Airport Luggage Storage ensures a hassle-free and seamless customer experience.

Newark Airport Luggage Storage

Newark Airport Luggage Storage Service 2024

Newark Airport Luggage Storage Service 2024

In 2024, Newark Airport will be offering a convenient luggage storage service for travelers. This service will allow passengers to securely store their luggage while exploring the city or waiting for connecting flights. Whether you have a long layover or want to explore Newark without carrying your bags. The luggage storage service at Newark Airport will provide a hassle-free solution.

To access this service, simply locate the designated luggage storage area within the airport and follow the instructions. You can securely store your luggage for a few hours or even days, allowing you to roam around Newark unencumbered.

With affordable rates and reliable security measures in place. You can have peace of mind knowing that your belongings are safe and accessible during your time at the airport. Stay tuned for more information on this exciting new service coming to Newark Airport in 2024.


Knowing the pricing options available in Newark airport luggage storage is important. The cost of luggage storage at Newark Airport can vary depending on factors such as the duration of storage and the size of your luggage. Generally, prices start at around $7 per bag for a few hours or up to 24 hours of storage.

If you need to store your luggage longer, daily rates are available, ranging from $10 to $15 per bag. It’s always a good idea to check with Newark Airport’s specific luggage storage facility for their current pricing and any additional fees that may apply. Being informed about the pricing options lets you plan and ensure your luggage is stored securely without breaking the bank.

Download Luggage Hero’s Free Luggage Storage App

Download Luggagehero’s Free Luggage Storage App

Downloading Luggage Hero’s free luggage storage app is a convenient way to store your luggage while traveling or exploring a new city. With the app, you can easily find nearby storage locations, book and pay for storage in advance, and receive a digital receipt for your belongings.

The app also provides important information, such as opening hours, security features, and user reviews, to help you choose the best storage option. By downloading Luggage Hero’s app, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your luggage is safe and secure while you explore your destination.

What Time Should I Arrive At Newark Airport To Check My Bags?

What Time Should I Arrive At Newark Airport To Check My Bags

When flying out of Newark Airport, arriving at least two hours before your scheduled departure time is recommended if you need to check your bags. This will allow you enough time to park, navigate security, and check your bags before boarding.

However, it is always a good idea to check with your airline for any specific recommendations or requirements they may have regarding bag check-in times. Factors such as the time of day, day of the week, and holiday season can also impact airport congestion. So, planning and giving yourself some extra time if needed is best.

Can I Cancel My Booking With Luggage Hero?

Yes, you can cancel your booking with Luggage Hero. Luggage Hero understands that plans can change, and they aim to provide flexibility for their customers. If you need to cancel your booking, simply log into your Luggage Hero account and go to the “My Bookings” section.

From there, you can find your booking and choose to cancel. It is important to note that cancellation policies may vary depending on the specific location and terms of your booking. So, reviewing the cancellation policy before booking is recommended. If you have any questions or need assistance cancelling your booking, you can contact Luggage Hero’s customer support team, who will be happy to help.

Where To Find Luggage Storage At Newark Airport

Where To Find Luggage Storage At Newark Airport

Finding luggage storage at Newark Airport is a breeze, with several convenient options. One popular choice is the on-site luggage storage facility in Terminal B. Here; travelers can securely store their bags for hours or even days, providing peace of mind while exploring the city or waiting for a connecting flight. Another option is to utilize off-site luggage storage services near the airport.

These services offer easy drop-off and pick-up locations, often with flexible operating hours to accommodate different travel schedules. With these convenient options, travelers can rest assured that their belongings are safe and secure while navigating Newark Airport.

What To Look For In A Luggage Storage Provider

What To Look For In A Luggage Storage Provider

Several important factors must be considered when searching for a luggage storage provider. First, choosing a provider with a convenient location is essential, preferably within or near the airport. This ensures easy access to your stored belongings.

Opt for a storage provider with secure and monitored facilities to keep your luggage safe. Affordable pricing is also crucial, so compare options to find competitive rates. Look for providers with flexible hours of operation to accommodate your travel schedule. And consider those that offer additional services like luggage wrapping or shipping for added convenience.

What To Do In Newark During Your Layover

When you find yourself with a layover in Newark, you’ll discover numerous activities to ensure your time is well-spent. Take the opportunity to explore the city’s attractions, encompassing an array of shopping centres, museums, and restaurants.

If you have additional time, consider taking a short trip to New York City to marvel at iconic landmarks such as Times Square or the Statue of Liberty. Indulge in the diverse culinary options available in Newark and take a moment to unwind at one of the many parks and green spaces. With convenient luggage storage services at the airport, you can freely explore the area without being encumbered by your bags.

Are There Any Lockers For Luggage Storage At Newark Airport?

Are There Any Lockers For Luggage Storage At Newark Airport

At Newark Airport, unfortunately, there are currently no lockers available for luggage storage. However, other options exist for storing your luggage while you explore the city or wait for your flight. You can utilize services like airport luggage storage facilities near the airport or consider using off-site luggage storage providers.

These alternatives offer secure and convenient solutions to store your belongings during your time at Newark Airport. Planning and exploring these options is always recommended to ensure a hassle-free travel experience.


A dependable and hassle-free luggage storage solution is essential when traveling through Newark Airport. Utilizing luggage storage services provides convenience and peace of mind, particularly if you have a layover or wish to explore the city without carrying your bags. To ensure the safety of your belongings, it is important to choose a reputable storage provider and use proper packing techniques.

Additionally, take advantage of your layover by exploring Newark’s various attractions and activities. Enjoy your trip without the weight of heavy suitcases, knowing that your possessions are being well taken care of. We hope you now understand Newark Airport luggage storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Does Newark Airport Have Luggage Lockers?

Newark Airport does not have luggage lockers. However, several luggage storage services near the airport offer secure storage for a fee. These services can be easily found and booked online before your trip, ensuring a hassle-free travel experience. Choose a reputable service with good reviews for peace of mind.

2.Can I Leave My Stuff At The Airport?

Yes, most airports offer luggage storage facilities for travelers to leave their belongings. These convenient options are perfect for long layovers or exploring the city without heavy bags. Remember to check operating hours and fees, always securely lock your bags and keep valuables with you.

3.Where Can I Leave My Luggage?

There are various options available for luggage storage at Newark Airport. You can conveniently utilize the airport’s official storage service in each terminal. Additionally, off-site storage facilities near the airport offer secure options. Another alternative is booking a hotel nearby that provides luggage storage services for their guests.

4.Where Can I Find Luggage Storage At Newark Airport?

Newark Airport offers convenient luggage storage services in Terminals A and B. These facilities are located near the baggage claim areas, which provides easy access. Additionally, off-site luggage storage options are available near the airport. Check with your airline or airport authority for the latest information on storage options.

5.Where To Store Luggage Near Newark Airport?

Several options are available if you’re looking for a convenient place to store your luggage near Newark Airport. Consider using a reliable luggage storage service like Vertoe or Bagbnb, or check if any hotels near the airport offer this service. Additionally, some airports may have lockers you can rent for storage.

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