No Record Found For The Traveler [TCC Guideline]

If you still can’t find I-94, please contact the United State Department of CBP known as Customs and Border Protection (TCC) by clicking the “Get an offer from us” tab, and select the topic that best suits your problem and related issues. We will surely answer your questions within 72 hours. So what happen when no record found for the traveler?

If you haven’t been tracking your trips recently and don’t find any records, you are reading the right article. In the following, you will be able to know about many things regarding your issues.

No record found for the traveler

This often happens when people lose their itinerary and don’t know how to plan all their travel documents.

What If There Is No Record Found For The Traveler?

What if there is no record found for the traveler

Let’s have a discussion:

Every year, people exchange their old passports and renew them. People visit different countries, visit the United States, and try to return to the United States, but they don’t remember the procedure of what they need to do to go back.

To make matters worse, some people may not remember whether their visas are still valid or the last time they came to the United States on a certain visa.

You may have a reasonable idea of ​​your travel history, but you want to make sure the dates are correct and everything is calculated correctly.

It’s hard to remember all the travel plans you’ve set up before, and you don’t want to have to look at old flight records to determine when and where you left the country. The good news is that you can check your travel history online.

What Should You Do In The Situation When There Is No Record Found Of Your Travel?

What should you do in the situation when there is no record found of your travel

For new information, you must be registered within 15 minutes after arriving in the country. The travel website is very helpful, but there are some limits.

The Murthy Law Firm will continue to monitor the website for changes and will provide updates as soon as possible as new information will be available.

Members can download a copy of their samples and models for personal use within the company.

CBP said it is fully implementing the new system and that it will be difficult for some travelers to obtain the electronic Form on the new automated system.

However, not all the cases are covered by CBP guidelines.

If we do not comment on www. CBP said the passport name was required rather than the visa to enter the case if they were different.

The CBP said it will continue to be a point of contact for suspended controllers to resolve input errors.

Before contacting the suspected Audit Office, the CBP gave additional instructions to help foreign nationals obtain the CBP automated system.

Enter the name shown on the visa, passport, or DS form provided. Therefore, check your visa, passport,  and the submitted DS form for a name change. The foreign nation should try to enter the name as indicated in each document.

Enter a first name and middle name in the Name field. If there is a space between the name fields, enter your first and middle names.

You have to do this even if your middle name is not listed on your passport or visa. Change the order of the names.

Please change the first and last name when uploading information to the website. Some countries use the name in the passport as the last name instead of the regular name line.

This may be misspelled or cause a serious problem in the CBP system. Enter multiple names or surnames without spaces.

If a person has two or more surnames, enter names without spaces or names without spaces.

Check multiple pass numbers. If the person has a passport number, check the DS form and enter the passport number as indicated in the submitted DS form.

Also, check the visa number indicated on the visa. If the passport number is different from the existing passport, enter the passport number indicated on the visa.

Wait another two or three days and check further. You can show your progress “on time” without doing anything. Be sure to bring your table card with you.

If there is still no record of your departure for a week, you should move to the departure U.

If you are a VWP visitor and have left the U., these documents will be processed at your Kentucky office in London before you register.

How To Locate The Travel Record?

How to locate the travel record

Step 1: go and visit the official website of the customer and border protection (CBP).

Step 2: there is an option called ‘need a history of arrival and departure’.

Step 3: in this step, there will be a security option. You need to click the consent and continue option.

Step 4: then provide all your personal information according to your passport. Once you have provided all the information that is needed then click the ‘next’ option.

Step 5: you can already see your travel history.

Note: if you can’t find any information then do the procedure that we discuss in the first place.

Why is travel history important?

Travel history is important because it can help you build a more complete picture of who you are. By visiting different parts of the world, you’ll learn about different cultures and customs, which will help you to better understand yourself. Additionally, by looking into your ancestry, you may be able to find connections to other parts of the world.

There are also many career opportunities that can be found through travel history. For example, many insurance companies require travel history as part of their application process. In addition, many hospitals and medical clinics require proof of recent travel in order to provide the best patient care.

So, if you’re ever in need of a job or want to improve your career prospects, make sure to include your travel history on your resume!

How do you check your travel history?

There are a few ways to check your travel history, but the most commonly used methods are through your passport and through your airline. Passport: If you have a current passport, you can check its validity and security features online.

You can also view your travel history and track your movements in real time. Airline: Airlines usually keep track of your travel history through your Frequent Flyer program or by logging into your account online.

You can also view recent flights, check your seat map and baggage allowance, and more. In order to protect your privacy, it’s important to remember to never share personal information such as your passport number or flight information with anyone.


It may happen that you could not find your travel information in that case and don’t panic. Sometimes there are some problems.

But if you do all the procedures according to the following steps you will surely get your lost records. Please note that the information on the site is not an official information form.

This means that if you see something wrong or think the information is right or missing, please contact the Custom and Board Production CBP via email for the correct information.

As you see, you can easily get the information that you want and it also takes a few minutes without any major complications. I hope now you know about what should you do when no record found for the traveler.


1. What to Do When You See ‘no Record Found for Traveler’ or ‘not Found’ on the Cbp Website?

When you see the “No record found for traveler” or “Not Found” message on the CBP, it generally means that the traveler’s passport or visa has been cancelled, denied, or not yet issued.

In some cases, it could also mean that the traveler is not enrolled in the program. If this is the case, you may still be able to process their visa if they have a valid visa application and appropriate documentation.

2. Does Immigration Know Your Travel History?

There is no one answer to this question, as immigration’s policies can vary depending on the country you’re visiting. However, generally speaking, immigration will want to know about your travel history and any previous visas you may have had.

This information can help them to assess your risk and decide if you are eligible for a visa or residency.

3. How Long Does Cbp Keep Records?

CBP records for individuals are generally kept for 5 years from the date of the individual’s entry into the United States. CBP records for entities (businesses) are generally kept for 10 years from the date of the entity’s creation or organization.

4. Why I Cannot See My Travel History?

There could be a few reasons why you may not be able to see your travel history on the website. These reasons could include, but are not limited to:

  1. Your travel history may have been deleted due to inactivity or incorrect permissions.
  2. You may not have logged into your account in a while, which would cause the history to be lost.
  3. The history may have been removed due to updated privacy settings on our part.

5. How Do I Check the Travel History ?

There are a few ways to check the travel history of a particular person. One way is to use a travel history scanner. These scanners can identify whether or not a person has been on any sensitive or high-risk travel in the past.

They can also identify any unusual or suspicious behavior on the part of the traveler.

Another way to check the travel history of a particular person is to use a travel history database. These databases contain information on all sorts of sensitive and high-risk travel, including terrorist activity and human rights violations.

This information can be used to help officials determine whether or not a person should be allowed to enter a particular country.

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