Most of the time, your dwelling place is usually determined by the size of your paycheck. The richest people in America are wineries owners, bank owners, oil companies, investment firms, and or involved in large generating income activities. Therefore their household income makes them not to shy away from very expensive homes in the country. Most of the richest people in America are found in the north side, especially the United States.

Some of the cities in America where the richest Americans live include;

  • New York City
  • Chicago
  • Washington
  • California
  • San Francisco
  • Los Angeles
  • Tennessee

New York City

New York City so far has been the city with the highest population of the wealthiest people in America. It is located centrally making it easier for its residents to have access to suppliers and customers. New York is a cultural, financial, and media city. It also thrives in business entertainment, technology, fashion, and art.

Skyscrapers and parks are some of the beautiful landmarks of the city. Manhattan real estate is one of the most expensive in the world. The city has a good education system with many top colleges and universities

While most rich people in America like to reside in urban areas, some of them actually prefer the semirural areas. These are the quiet ones that do not like loud noises and the massive crowds found in the cities. They would rather lesser street lights. This group of the rich like to live in big yards and places with low crime rates, better school systems.

The intercostal waterways, waterfronts, palm beaches, and exotic resorts in Everglades Island have attracted many wealthy to buy expensive homes in that area, including President Donald Trump.


Beautiful California has managed to trap the attention of many of the wealthiest people in America like Mark Zuckerberg and Lorry Ellison.

Los Angels

A city like Los Angeles, the second most popular city after New York and also one of the largest. Wealthy celebrities like to reside in the area because of its proximity to Hollywood. It is very cultural with many museums like Los Angeles County Museum Of Art and The Venice Canal Historic District And Boardwalk.

This makes it ideal for rich people most of who love culture. Its Mediterranean climate and nearness to the Pacific Ocean, beaches, wetlands and many mountains and hills are some of the main attraction of the city.

San Francisco

A country like San Francisco is also bound to attract rich people due to its cool summers, fog, and beautiful landmarks. Its economics is also good since it is the headquarters of many major banking institutes and companies. It is both a cultural and educational center with many universities and colleges and cultural institutions. High level of technology and excellent network connectivity makes it ideal for rich people.


Washington was named after the American president George Washington; it is a home of many important organizations. The legislative, executive, and judicial branch of us federal government branches are found in the district this makes it ideal for the rich politicians to live in the district.

Washington also has a touch for culture and art with its many museums and monuments. It is one of the richest cities in America, hosting numerous foreign embassies and serving as a headquarter for many international organization, trade unions, etc. The climate of the place is favorable with both the winter and summer.


You are also likely to find the rich people of America living in Chicago. A waterfront in its location has attracted many wealthy people to reside also one of the most popular cities in America. Its site near the lake Michigan adds to its is also very highly developed with advanced technology, culture, good transport networks, and a lanced economy.

Its airport O’Hare international airport is one of the busiest in the country, Chicago board of trade is the best market globally. Rich businessmen reside in the area because it hosts many companies of large fortunes. Beautiful landmarks in the area include Art Institute of Chicago, museums; it also has a professional sports team.

Factors That Attract the Rich to A Place

  • Good infrastructure
  • Good security system
  • Easy access to town centers.
  • Quietness of a place.
  • Sizes of lawns.
  • Level of technology
  • Industrialization


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