3 Things To Bring To Survive On A Deserted Island

Life can be extremely stressful, so it is no wonder that people often crave a bit of peace and solitude. Whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, there are certain items that you would never want to leave behind.

So, what are the 3 things to bring to survive on a deserted island? The following are the three items to bring on a deserted island. No matter how much you love your home, the last thing you want to do is abandon it.

It may be a place that’s safe and comfortable, but it doesn’t have to be the one and only home you ever have. It may make you feel a little bit safer to know that if they were the first things that you would have missed, then it might have been their choice as well.

Everyone has different ways of dealing with stress and some people just prefer one way over another. These three items can help put everyone at ease.

3 Things To Bring To Survive On A Deserted Island

Is It Possible to Live on a Deserted Island?

Living on a deserted island is a thrilling idea, but the reality is quite challenging. While the romantic notion of island living appeals to many, the practicalities can be harsh. Surviving on a deserted island requires essential survival skills, such as finding fresh water, building shelter, and sourcing food.

List of Things To Bring To Survive On A Deserted Island

List of Things To Bring To Survive On A Deserted Island

Unless you plonk yourself down on the beach or in a comfy chair each day, it’s likely that we are busy. There is so much going on all around us every single day It’s not necessarily about just listening to them but reading our feeds and keeping up with what everyone else has been doing will be interesting as well.

Just remember, things can always change if there’s something different happen where your away from home! Some of this may have repeat, but you will always be able to find something new. Your family, friends and the media are only a few clicks away at the touch of your mouse – but distance can make them seem further away than ever.

That’s one lost sense you’ll miss when you’re all alone on another planet. In case any question has been left unanswered over time, this could mean what to be in touch with people so as to know that they are okay.

1. Mobile


You can take mobile with you. It can be of same brand like iPhone5S or Samsung GalaxyS4 and has more variants available too.  You’ll have it all in a lighter version to fit better into your pockets as well!

An iPod Touch – It is an audio player that also acts as multi-functional device with the power button, home/back keys on its rear very much similar to the portability of phones while making itself look stylish at first sight.



Radio is a good choice if you are in an island. You can listen to all types of radio channels, country or community based.

A great time passer for people travelling alone is listening their favorite radio channel and planning what they need to plan tomorrow.

They will have the most pleasant hours of days planned due to local information such as traffic reports in island countries more than that from the major cities across different continents!

3.Satellite Phone

Satellite Phone

Satellite phones are a good option for travelling alone with more features than just plain old mobile phone. Easy to carry because of the size, it still works well even when carried in your pocket and is cheap as compared to that of iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy series.

It’s not only small but also spartan – no apps- which means less battery draining on multiple usage such as calling people – so you can stretch out those minutes back!

Things To Help Us Survive

Things To Help Us Survive

Universal Power Converter

This is of course, a device that gives you portable power and fulfils the basic needs. You can charge up gadgets such as your digital camera in it very quickly.

This gadget has two types one with twin USB ports to be able to charge things from 2 different devices at once – meaning this will allow you to take pictures/ shoot videos on your digital camera using mobile phone’s charger for less than 10 minutes or so per charge using the same adaptor which makes it handy especially on long travels.

The other is a single USB port which converts for you to be able to use it with your laptop and mobile phone charger!

First Aid

A first aid kit is an essential thing to have when you are out of your home country since one can never be too sure what may happen next.

The first aid kit shouldn’t only contain medicines but also first aid bandages, adhesive tape, painkillers and other necessary items that a person in dire need may require while on the go.

When I travel overseas it’s always important for me to carry my personal first aid supplies with me into any potentially dangerous places especially.


The hammock can be used on all sides, and helps you to relax because it supports your arms. In the jungle or savannahs, hammocks are often attached to the trees with ropes – so that when people go for a walk in them, they don’t fall down!

An inflatable boat is also important because otherwise you’ll have trouble crossing water and rivulets of mud might cause problems. Not many people like fishing but there’s always some kind at hand as well as net.


The flashlight is a must-have item for camping and survival kit alike, especially in the dark! If you want to be prepared for all eventualities, it’s best to keep one close by at all times. 2. inflatable raft with rows so you can row, row your boat merrily to freedom.

Things To Help Us Feel Comfortable

Things To Help Us Feel Comfortable

A Fishing Net

If you are a fisherman, there is a good chance that your boat will sink if not filled with fish. So go ahead and fill it up with food, though make sure to reserve some space for your precious knives, just in case!

A Giant Box Of Matches

Sometimes things happen when you least expect it, so there is no point in being unprepared. Needless to say, why we recommend this as a very important item because it can be used for many reasons and other purposes aside from just lighting food on fire.

A Can Of Bug Spray

We don’t often think of this as a survival item, but it certainly is if you’re planning to hike through the forest. Besides being mosquito-free our skin can get bit by critters so we should take that into consideration.

A Bottle Of Sunblock

Being alive means we have to be exposed to the sun’s rays, otherwise we’ll die. And what better way is there of weather-proofing ourselves and our skin than with a bottle of sunblock?

A loofah blade for cleaning dry wounds. Something like this should always come in handy whether you’re looking after yourself or helping out others.

An Inflatable Raft With Rows

With this raft solution you can go anywhere in a boat. However, every survivalist should be prepared for everything and it’s important that we always have such an item around just to make sure there are no emergencies when it comes on our shirts!


The best thing to do is keep ourselves updated on what’s happening in the world. But not just any update, but something that can really change our perspective and make us feel like we’re not alone. We want to be able to laugh at ourselves, laugh at the news, laugh at life in general.

Life on a deserted island would be a very long and lonely road without those 3 things. We all know that the best way to survive on a deserted island is to have a plan. But you don’t need to go overboard with your preparation, just take some time today and read up on what we’ve got for you below.

Now that we’re done with the research and prepared yourselves for times ahead, it’s time to get down to business. This last point might sound a bit cliché but preparing mentally is more important than anything. You can always screw up your plans physically once you start living on a deserted island! So, make sure you have some fun along the way!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What Is The Best 3 Things To Bring On Deserted Island?

It varies from person to person, I can imagine as well as some scenarios where Bedouins live completely alone in their tents (with no technology), yet they never get lost or fail due to lack of food.

If you’d like an answer with references feel free and search “The most important things” on google but let me share my own perspective.

Which Item Would You Recommend Bringing With Me, And Why?

Those parachute flares would come in very handy for emergencies, attracting birds and fish to catch on fire. And if you’re stranded with your own bed from a recent crash and don’t have any way of starting a fire until some helpful survivors show up,

It shoots flaming ball into the air which will burn away all leaves around so you can start cooking that fresh chicken or tuna they brought along!

Can I Get Any Of These Items At A Store?

Those parachute flares are self-made, so you could probably keep them as souvenirs but store-bought ones would work here in the US too. Maybe even in most of the world! I’d recommend using some more traditionally made twigs, pine cones, bamboo canes and other stuff from your back garden.

What is a good survival knife? Let’s say it needs to be able to cut through thick ropes or large branches quickly but you also need something robust so that it won’t break if you get attacked by wild animals like bears or leopards.

How Can I Make My Own Diy Version Of Some Of These Items?

Yeah, those army branch grenade umbrellas are pretty cool! And it’s actually quite simple to make them in any medium you like, I made mine with a few clothes pegs and spray-painted parts of the umbrella specifically for that purpose.

You could easily attach paracord handles if you’d rather so they don’t blow away when used as self-defense setups or tactical tools.

What 5 Things Would You Take To A Desert Island And Why?

A tent with a mosquito net that can be erected quickly. This one is pretty big, plus heat resistant poles included so no matches needed.

A modern LED lantern to light up the hallway at night or any other room throughout the day! It’s amazing how effective they are against UV rays in order to help prevent skin cancer because of this study.

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