Track Flight By Passenger Name [Importance Of Knowing It]

Tracking a flight by the passenger name becomes so handy nowadays. Suppose you booked a flight and need to track your flight, but you don’t know how to.

So if you are looking for the solution to how to track a flight by your name, I will say don’t be afraid because I will give the description here. Do you know about the track flight by passenger name?

Usually, the PNR number is significant for tracking a flight. The PNR means the passenger name records; it’s a computer-generated identification record made by the airlines at the time of reservation.

This number is an alphanumeric code. It obviously will help you to find out the details about your traveling.

Think you already booked a flight and are looking forward to knowing about your flight condition, then this PNR code will help you track your upcoming flight. 

The Importance Of Knowing Flight PNR Number

Track Flight By Passenger Name

Putting your name for the tracking isn’t enough. At the time of reservation, the airline’s authority will give the passenger the PNR number, which is related to the passenger’s name.  

The important thing is that based on the PNR number, the authority will provide the passenger’s boarding pass. 

Not only for tracking but also for choosing seats and the class of travel can be the reason for the importance of the PNR number.

We think that for tracking a flight, the passenger name will be sufficient, but the fact is that the passenger name record is the main element of tracking a flight. 

In the sphere of our life, traveling becomes an important thing. In the past centuries, transportation systems weren’t built up as now people think. 

Obstacles were there. The technology wasn’t upgraded. But now people can easily visit from one country to another. It happens because of modern automation. Whether it’s a family trip or emergency flight, airlines directly provide people with the highest range of facilities.

So to fill the contentment of traveling, you need to take a ticket from the airline. However, you should check that everything is in the right place or track the flight to avoid mishaps. 

Before looking forward to keeping these in your head, you must need your PNR number. 

So think for having these facilities; the PNR number has vast importance. 

Method Of Checking Flight PNR Status

It’s very ordinary to track the flight. When you book a ticket, you get a PNR (passenger name record) number. So here, you must have an idea about what a PNR number is. 

So for the readers who don’t know anything about it? PNR number will help you in understanding all information about your flight. In the travel industry, the passenger name record is nothing, but it has so many consequences as data. 

The data generally stored with the computer reservation system (CRS). Passenger name record number allows you to check the booking status of your flight. You can easily have the details of whether your ticket has been confirmed or not. Sometimes you can get the WL which means the waitlist measures that you may not be eligible to board the flight. 

Moreover, it depends sometimes that your ticket might be canceled by the airline for the availability of the seat. 

However, most of the tickets get confirmed by the authority. In addition, you will have to keep in mind that before entering the PNR number, you may be required to follow some details while checking your flight status. 

For example:

  • The name of the passenger. Obviously, you have to give the first name and last name.
  •  The destination.
  •  About the departure and arrival. 

The Consequence Of Booking Reference (PNR)

To understand why these details are required, you must know the notion behind ab initio of the passenger name record. 

The fact is that passenger name records are introduced by airlines across the world to exchange their information of reservation with other airlines. It happens when the passenger uses two airlines throughout his journey. 

Moreover, there is some sensitive information like your birth date, full name, etc which makes you understand the importance of the PNR number. 

What Should I Do if I Gave the Wrong Name of Mine?

It becomes a big problem when you provide your name wrong. If you want 

To change the name then you will have to call the airline. They will wish to your trip number if they can change your name. 

But if they cannot change your name, you will have to cancel your ticket and book another one with the correct name.

How Can I Find My Flight?

It’s easy to find your flight from your home. Just go to the website of the airlines and, more importantly, provide your Flight PNR number. Then you will find your flight wherever it will be. So the flight PNR number is the record of your name.

Airlines typically record their passenger name at the time of booking. That time they give their passenger a PNR number which allows passengers to track their flight. 

Is My Name Enough for Changing My Seat?

 It’s affirmative. You can easily change your seat wherever you will feel the comfort. And for this, your name number will be sufficient. Moreover, you need to provide your confirmation number. 

Why Don’t Airlines Allow Tracking their Flight Just by Providing a Name?

It’s about the security of the passengers. Because if they allow you to track their flight just by putting your name in, everyone can follow whoever knows your name. So it’s a big issue of losing security. 

For that reason, airlines provide the passenger name record number to the person who books his/her flight. 


In this era, people want everything so much quickly. The way modern technology updates its ability is really appreciable.  

The flight sectors are also updating themselves. Now people book their tickets online. Also, through the website, they complete their check-in before their departure. It’s very typical that for having all these facilities, you need to maintain some formality. 

For example, your name number, confirmation number, etc which will help you to cancel your flight, check-in, change the seat, track the flight, etc. I hope now you know about the track flight by passenger name.

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