What’s The Difference Between Blue Lagoon and Balmoral Island?

If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway, look no further than Blue Lagoon. This geothermal spa is known for its therapeutic waters, which are said to have a variety of benefits, including reducing stress.

Balmoral, on the other hand, is a popular tourist destination that offers beautiful views, luxurious accommodation, and plenty of activities to keep you entertained. Both offer world-class spa treatments, stunning scenery, and plenty of activities to keep you busy.

But which one is better? Let’s take a look at the differences between these two luxurious islands. So which is better? Read on to find out more!

Balmoral Island is the most exclusive of all Scottish islands, and home to the former British Royal Family. It is located in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, off the coast of Aberdeenshire, roughly northeast of Aberdeen. Blue Lagoon Island is a tropical island in the Bahamas. It is located northeast of Nassau on New Providence Island in The Bahamas.

While this might not sound like a big deal, it does mean that the Blue Lagoon has had to upgrade its facilities over the years in order to keep up with visitor demand. So, what’s the difference between blue lagoon and balmoral island?

What’s The Difference Between Blue Lagoon and Balmoral Island

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon

The supply of the blue lagoon is intermittent due to limited resources. The Blue Lagoon currently only supplies 3,000 baths a day and has proposed plans to increase this. They do not have current plans for expanding their supply but they are still trying as well keep up with demand for their product.

Due to the limited supply of this thermal spring water, it is quite expensive for visitors looking for a great rejuvenation from the harsh summer heat and yet still want something natural.

The price runs around $700 USD per tub or 45-minute session which lasts 30 minutes in total depending on your room and how long you would like to hold there.

Blue Lagoon Island Beach Day

Blue Lagoon Island Beach Day

Blue Lagoon offers a variety of different buildings with many rooms and suites in which one can stay. With two infinity pools, multiple waterfalls, the Blue lagoon Moonpool bar abounds with specialty quenches to please all taste buds (think martinis-mojitos-wine…).

And there’s also its menu-filled treats such as sushi that you literally wrangle straight off the rolling cart around your own private island beach buffet! This is just one example of what they have to offer guests on their personal paradise vacation whether it be for business or pleasure.

What Kind Of Water Sports Do They Offer At Blue Lagoon Fiji?

What Kind Of Water Sports Do They Offer At Blue Lagoon Fiji

There are a variety of watersports available at Blue Lagoon Fiji. The giant raft rides which are called sea-kayak and the traditional lakalaki race in kava (prepare to be colored red). They also have very abundant marine life that you can take photos with including starfish, manta rays, spinner dolphins as well as exotic tropical fishes.

The Blue Lagoon has the most lip-smacking and mouth-watering Icelandic Quark they have ever made. They sell quarks in a wide variety of sizes and flavors, which is perfect for healthy nuts as well as people who need to build up their energy levels.

This little island paradise also contains many specialty foods such as pizza that you make yourself with ingredients from your own private hotel room kitchenette or enough room furnishings to give a whole foreign apartment feel!

Balmoral Island

Balmoral Island

Balmoral Island is a private island located off the coast just north of Nassau. The reason that this place is the most exclusive of all islands is that it’s home to Royalty, not necessarily people looking for nature and relaxation like Blue Lagoon Island.

It didn’t start in 2015 but as early as 1897 after Queen Victoria used this estate (most definitely where she went through a rough patch) fell ill with what would later be known been Victoria had spent many days at ‘The Spinnaker’ Hotel on her vacation lands;

Which boasts both amazing restaurants and an Amphitheatre overlooking a sparkling.

Difference Between Blue Lagoon and Balmoral Island – Details Guide

Difference Between Blue Lagoon and Balmoral Island

The prices vary. Balmoral Island’s admission fee, as of June 2017 is about $14,500 for a week and Blue Lagoon is around the same price with their highest days being at $1k per tub.

Blue lagoon is a public park in Iceland that people can visit without paying. It’s open 24 hours just like any other place in Iceland and it has restaurants, bars, shops under one roof. White-hot springs are also available to visitors for free!

Balmoral island became famous when the honeymooner Lance Armstrong rode his bike from North America to Europe across its frozen tundra–it took him three years of training prior to beginning this journey.

As you can see from these two examples, even the cheapest and most exclusive island in The Bahamas doesn’t offer what Blue Lagoon has to offer. It really goes on how much your body needs which should not be underestimated.

Located in the Caribbean Sea, Blue Lagoon is not technically an island but rather a “natural wonder” surrounded by uninhabited coral reefs. It has about 50 acres of tropical forest that’s home to National Park on both sides and was first discovered in 1919 by Captain Thomas L.

Homes who stumbled upon it with his crew from sailing from Cuba towards America (in order for them to go seek refuge after being affected by yellow fever).

The porous and greasy limestone which helps miners dig through water layers is what puts this site on the map as geologists can learn.

The island is internationally recognized as a place that has been dubbed “paradise” due to the amazing coral plant and unique environment. When a swan flies over you’ll hear the splashing of water suggesting that there is plenty of fish.

Blue Lagoon’s greenery stretches from April through the end of September when it comes back in disguise during October for tourists who seek its healing waters which have 108 crystal clear hot tubs an area suited perfectly for wildlife with three tall palm trees ‘coming together’ like branches;

Two small pools (a shallow one close to the shoreline and deep pool) are ideal for swimming and two others (one smaller pool), tidal pools, a small sandy beach with a souvenir shop and restaurant.

Fijian Reef Resort & Spa – Fiji Islands ~ $611/night on Agoda.

Fiji’s other island offers an experience unbroken by any local presence; tour groups are nonexistent here meaning you can relax while staying at this resort in paradise that features gentle coral reefs which you can swim inside of or enter through just floating right into the lagoon to enjoy beaches littered with tender coconut plants washing down onto the soft sandy shores and placid lagoons.

Emoji Island, Fiji is home to some of the worlds prettiest beaches; a small town can be found at the end of it where Red Barn Restaurant serves up fresh Mediterranean-inspired food all afternoon in an open-air restaurant with its own private beachfront views

Perfect for those looking to bask while enjoying live music during happy hour on weekends or try their twelve-course meal here (includes wine) which will cost you over $250 each time you come.

Things to Do in Nassau and Bahamas on Your Cruise

Things to Do in Nassau and Bahamas on Your Cruise

Here are some fun things to do on your cruise in Nassau and the Bahamas:

  1. Spend time at the beach – This is a great place to relax and enjoy the sun. You can either go swimming or sunbathing.
  2. Check out some of the local shops and markets – This is a great way to get a taste of the local culture. You can find everything from souvenirs to local cuisine.
  3. Go for a bike ride or hike – If you’re up for an outdoor adventure, consider going for a bike ride or hike in the nearby nature reserves.
  4. Take a tour of one of the local attractions – There are plenty of options for tours around Nassau and the Bahamas, from pirate tours to history tours. It’s always fun to learn something new!

Difference Between Quarantine and Isolation

Difference Between Quarantine and Isolation

There are a few key differences between quarantine and isolation:

  1. Quarantine is used to prevent the introduction of an infection into a population or environment.
  2. Isolation is used to protect people or biological materials from contact with other organisms that could cause disease.
  3. Quarantine typically lasts for a limited time, while isolation may be maintained indefinitely.
  4. Quarantine is used to prevent the spread of an infection, while isolation is used to protect people from potential exposure toinfectious materials.
  5. Quarantine is considered more restrictive than isolation and is usually only used when there is concern about the potential for an outbreak or when the pathogen cannot be completely eliminated by other means.

Which One Is Better: Balmoral Island Or Blue Lagoon?

Which One Is Better: Balmoral Island Or Blue Lagoon

The short answer is: blue lagoon and white beach are tops, but in order to know exactly where to go you have to pick from one of only 3 choices available.

Blue Lagoon lies on the eastern edge of Fiji at Moala Island which had been a cape for early European merchant vessels tasked with sailing into Melanesian areas before finding Bora-Bora in Polynesia which was renamed Maiana Island Isle by Captain Cook who didn’t find much when he arrived there after 2 months waiting.

Blue lagoon is featured on international travel publications like Condé Nast Traveler and

Travel & Leisure Magazine. Blue Lagoon Fiji has fire shows most Fridays night but is closed during bad weather (they remain open for their staff). A day trip to Mbili village can be arranged for a local Fijian experience. Other dive sites include Broken Back Island which offers WWII debris as well

As an incredible reef/coral system with rare sharks frequenting its depths, Nemara Reef, a famous dive site where the famed Shackleton family came ashore in 1916 after their epic Antarctic expedition.

Happy hour at Blue Lagoon restaurant is tonight from 5-6 pm $5 for beer and light meals as well because everyone deserves to cheat. Rates for private dining at Blue Lagoon restaurant in Moala Island is $1595 per night.

Water sports can be arranged through their onsite specialists which includes a full day scuba dive trip to the Gemara wreck or into the blue lagoon cliff top where amazing snorkeling awaits.

Or you could opt for an evening of high-class fishing with world-class guides and first-class equipment (fishing trips are booked separately). Rates & package details to follow when available within 3–4 weeks after booking. The website is under renovations while happy hour guests continue to have a great time.

How Much Does It Cost To Go To Either Of These Islands?

Blue Lagoon Fiji is 100% owned by Ian (the host and the dive guide) after working there for almost 5 years. Shackleton’s Island, Sigatoka may be closer but Blue Lagoon Fiji is five times more popular. It’s easier to get there and the price has doubled since its opening.

$100 for the 3-night stay at Shackleton Island; $80 for the 3-night stay at Blue Lagoon Fiji. You can also bring a friend to the shack and pay half price day rate which is about $50 p/day for 1 person=$75)

These prices are valid through 2014 but when contacted Ian said that if we need first confirmations from this website as he doesn’t keep online booking on his phone, it will be helpful. The rates published on this site have been approved by both management so check out these packages before making any reservations or departures they change often around here.

NCL Bahamas/Breakaway–have more?

NCL Bahamas/Breakaway--have more

Appliances are available on-site, however, bedding needs to be brought as most hotels don’t provide that service. Each guest is required to bring a set of sheets & mattress pad (or buy it at PB) with clean wash clothes; shower supplies such as shampoo, wet wipes, soap & toilet paper will also be needed.

If you want your own beach towels–you’ll need 2 and they only have 1 extra per cabin if checked out while the bathroom/showers are cleaned every morning during self-clean. Bring 2 pillows & 2 beach towels for each sleep number bed.

How Does It Feel Like To See The Northern Lights?

Seeing the northern lights is one of the most memorable experiences that people can have. It is a rare occurrence, but when it happens, it’s like nothing else. There are many benefits of seeing the northern lights like:

  • It provides a sense of peace and tranquility to people.
  • It helps people release their stress and worries about life.
  • The colors you see in the sky could be anything from blues to greens or even purples which makes them beautiful to look at.
  • The northern lights are front of mind to many.

Many people ask: Is it worth seeing the southern or eastern aurora? People that see either one of these knows what they have missed out which is calming and thrilling at the same time. Many others don’t experience this sight in their lifetime, so it’s up to you but if I were you I would choose just above!


Blue lagoon and Balmoral island are both beautiful places to visit. The key difference between the two is that Balmoral island is a privately owned island and blue lagoon is a public park in Iceland. Both islands have their own unique features, but one of them might be better for you than the other. Here’s what you need to know about each of these beautiful destinations. I hope now you know what’s the difference between blue lagoon & balmoral island.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ’s]

What Is On Balmoral Island?

On this privately owned island you have a beautiful natural coastline with different activities. The most notable feature of the island are the hotel and guest houses that offer affordable prices.

What Are The Hours Like On Balmoral Island?

Balmoral island is a very small private island it has different hours depending of if you’re inside or outside. If there’s no wait at meal time then your allowed to eat whenever you want!

How Do I Get Here?

The nearest airports are Thule Air Station and Kulusuk, which is about an hour’s drive away from Balmoral Island.

How Much Does It Cost To Stay On The Island?

If you want to experience everything that the island has to offer the most affordable option would be a shared dorm accommodation with your friends or family!

Is blue lagoon island worth it ?

Yes, definitely! Blue Lagoon is one of the most famous and beloved tourist destinations in Iceland and for good reason.

The water is crystal clear, the view from the island is breathtaking, and the facilities are top-notch. In fact, Blue Lagoon is so popular that it often sells out months in advance, so be sure to book well in advance if you’re interested in visiting.

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