What Do Two Fingers Pointing At Each Other Mean?

Two fingers pointing at each other is an emoji. Nowadays, it is a viral one on many social platforms like Instagram, Tiktok, Twitter, etc. So, what do two fingers pointing at each other mean?

Though the emoji was available on iPhone since 2011, we didn’t see it being used on social media that much. It is a reasonably new emoji to many and came to the public interest in March 2020 through tiktokers.

There was a trend starting in TikTok named “shy kids,” which reached more than 1.5B views. They were making this shy gesture of twiddling their indexes to each other. That can be seen as the reason behind this emoji getting so viral.

What Do Two Fingers Pointing At Each Other Mean?- Users Experience

What Do Two Fingers Pointing At Each Other Mean

This emoji portrays the feeling of shyness. When you see anyone pointing his or her two fingers to each other, it generally means they are nervous. We have seen such typical hand gestures in many cartoons or animated series. So, to the younger generation, it was relatively easy to understand.

data-preserver-spaces=”true”>Another elaborate meaning of this emoji can be when someone is trying to say something unexpected, or maybe the one who is talking has done some mistake and hoping the person listening won’t get mad about it. People use this to ask risky or awkward questions and to avoid rude answers.

This emoji is often paired with sad emoji or “Pien” emoji. Pien is a Japanese term for expressing shyness and apologizing in a jocular way. It is used in Japanese anime cartoons for a long time. We often see anime characters doing such gestures as fidgeting their fingers or hiding their hair while being nervous. That came to the western world when anime and Asian culture became famous all over the world. That makes sense, as it is a request not to be mad.

This emoticon also involves awkwardness, embarrassment, fear, pleading guilty, hesitation, and other such emotions. In other words, this is just another emoticon for the whimsical teenage mind.


Why do Tiktokers point to their arm?

Answer: This is done to indicate “Gen Z” culture. It sometimes also points to Black culture.

What does the pose pointing at your arm mean?

Answer: They try to say, “This is who I am” by doing it.

What do two fingers pointing at each other mean in texting?

Answer: In the case of texting, it often means pointing at each other’s fault. Millennials use it in texting very frequently.

What do pointing fingers mean?

Answer: Finger-pointing is often defined as casting the blame or assigning the blame for something to someone.

Is pointing at someone disrespectful?

Answer: Yes, in most parts of the world, it is considered disrespectful.


I hope now you know what do two fingers pointing at each other mean.

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