Vienna vs. Prague – Which Is Better?

Praha and Wien are both delightful and thrilling cities with antique history and culture. 

Vienna vs. Prague! Though, if you have got a European holiday planned in the future plus are trying to choose which one of these astonishing cities to visit, it could be intimidating certainly.

Vienna VS. Prague – What Tourists Say?

Vienna vs. Prague

Vienna is lovely and magnificent, while Prague is scenic and medieval. However, Vienna could be perceived as a bit snobbish with its superb imperial fortresses, museums, plus wide boulevards – to some degree, and it could feel a bit like Paris.

Prague is more atmospheric plus feels a bit similar to a fairytale city. However, Vienna is further formal. Prague is more unconventional and lively. 

Prague is frequently preferred to Vienna for just traveling around plus hanging out because of the relaxed feel, compact size, and fantastic architecture plus views. Vienna is not as easy to traverse as the city center is more extensive.

Prague is much inexpensive than Vienna – tourists may spend half the cash in Prague for alike activities. In addition, Czech Republic’s local money, the Koruna, is more inexpensive for US visitors than the euro.

Vienna is well-known for its sophisticated coffee houses, while Prague is famous for its beer grounds. 

Prague has better nightlife with its uncountable pubs plus great beer. Unlike Vienna, numerous young Europeans go to Prague for breaks or weekends.

Compared to Prague, Vienna has several more world-class art galleries, museums, and palaces in a small area. So you might visit a diverse museum every day for a month as well as still not see everything.

Prague has more dramatic river sights and outside sightseeing. Vienna’s historic center is occasionally described as a bit too ancient and boring. 

Prague is similar to a substantial outside museum while walking around. Several tourists don’t feel the requisite to visit indoor fascinations.

Prague has kept its unique buildings as it did not destroy the city throughout the war. Vienna was reconstructed. However, they restored many of the historic structures loyally.

Many tourists feel the persons in Prague are pleasanter than in Vienna – wherever the locals are more aloof and reserved.

In Prague, the foremost tourist areas, such as the medieval center plus the Charles Bridge, are flooded with tourists’ maximum time. On the other hand, Vienna is more extensive and therefore feels less invaded.

Travelers frequently commend at least three nights to visit Prague and four nights to see the main wonders in Vienna.

The Difference Between These Two Cities

Both have their charisma and pros and cons concerning getting around, plus depending on how much time you have.

Every city has its sensation with its culture and atmosphere. Vienna and Praha are not much different from each other; Vienna feels more contemporary, stately, and elegant, while Prague feels somewhat undeveloped plus more old-fashioned.

One thing is definite: people in both cities are amicable. Several speak English and will be eager to help you if you require any info or directions.

Overview – Is Vienna or Prague Better?

Vienna, the capital of Austria, is a sophisticated, clean city with loads of green spaces, lavish buildings, plus friendly locals. 

There is a tranquil and safe feel to the city, which creates a pleasure to visit, particularly for families and single travelers. The town is gorgeous in history, and there is a marvelous amount of exciting cultural institutes. 

Vienna is one of the most diverse cookery towns in Europe. Thus it is an excellent destination for gastro travelers. Vienna is such a great city that it was voted the most acceptable place to live in both 2018 and 2019.

Prague is the capital and biggest city in Czechia (also recognized as the Czech Republic). Its nickname is the City of Hundred Spires, and while you gaze over the roofs, you will see why. 

Though, today, it is projected that there are approximately 500 spires in the town. Sitting on the banks of the Vltava River, Prague is an awe-inspiring place with its medieval structures, cobble-stoned roads and laneways, and lovely bridges. It has an incredible nightlife sight too.

Both Vienna and Prague have adequate public transportation systems making it reasonably easy to get about. However, both towns are perfect for walking, which is the most acceptable way to appreciate both cities’ charisma.

Food And Drink

Vienna’s cooking diversity is enormous, with a great range of cafeterias serving food from all over the world. 

In addition, though, Vienna is famed for its coffee houses, outside food markets, plus delicious desserts. 

To sample several local foods, stare out for the following dishes on the list of options: Wiener schnitzel, tafelspitz, Sachertorte chocolate cake, apfelstrudel plus Kaiserschmarrn.

The food in Prague is nutritious, hearty, and natural and draws effects from all of its adjacent countries. 

There is an excellent choice of restaurants in Prague wherever you could try the regional specialties. 

If you want to try the local food, order up a big dish of česnečka (garlic soup), knedlíky (dumplings), smažený sýr (deep-fried cheese), plus trdelník (warm rolled pastry enclosed in sugar).

Both towns have a long café culture custom. While it comes to alcohol, Vienna is a great place to try Austrian wine, plus Prague is a great place to try the native beer. Beer is enormous here. Czechs drink the maximum beer per capita in the world.


If you love shopping, you will love Vienna with its mix of designer boutiques and smaller local industries. There are some excellent art as well as vintage shops too. 

If it is a luxury shop that you are searching for, head to the Goldenes Quartier in the 1st region. 

If you are searching for a bargain, head toward the Naschmarkt flea marketplace, wherever over 400 retailers have all way of goods. The market takes place every single Saturday from 6.30 am to 2 pm.

Prague is moreover a good destination for shopping, particularly for the local craft. For an impressive souvenir, purchase some Bohemian crystal, Czech garnet jewelry, and handmade woody toys, plush puppets. 

For designer shops, head toward Parízská Street, plus Europe’s biggest flea market, head to the U Elektry Marketplace on the weekends from 6 am to 2 pm.

Vienna Or Prague – Lodging

Prague has a very plenty choice of hotels. Tourists often commend looking for housing in the Mala Strana area, the region just west of the Charles Bridge plus under the castle, by its small roads and alleys, the lovely Letna Park, as well as the tracks of Petrin Hill.

Nearby Wenceslas Square, the K+K Fenix is frequently stated for its significant place within walking distance to maximum places. 

Explorers also commend the Iron Gate Hotel plus Suites, a nice hotel in a 14th-century structure situated a close walk from the Old Town Square. 

Backpackers recurrently compliment Hostel One Home as one of the finest places to stay for single travelers, close to both the Old Town and the train station. 

The Marriott Hotel is reasonably lovely and situated only a couple of blocks from the old city on the upper end.

In Vienna, besides the large 5-star hotels similar to the Intercontinental otherwise the Ritz, travelers commend the Grand Hotel Wien, which presents a great site and outstanding service, and the Konig Von Ungarn, a lovely early 20th-century place in a small road behindhand the cathedral.

Hotel Austria has frequently stated, good breakfast plus friendly staff, suitable location for easy entrée to the internal ring. The Kaiserin Elisabeth is a boutique hotel by old-style Viennese grace nearby Stephansdom.

In the Spitterlberg part, another historic area with a dynamic nightlife, tourists like the 25hours Hotel, Hotel Altstadt Vienna, the K&K Maria Theresia, and Hotel ViennArt am Museumsquartier. 

All are within walking distance of MariahilferStr. Vienna’s foremost shopping street, the city center, the Naschmarkt marketplace, and two subway lines.


The hottest month in Vienna is July. The average daytime temp is 22.6°C (73°F). The coldest month is January, with a regular temperature of -1°C (30°F). 

The most pleasant weather is in the springtime plus autumn, and these are the most incredible seasons to visit. 

The months of May, June, September, plus October being most attractive. Despite the cold temp in the winter, Vienna is just fairylike at Christmas by its festive lights plus markets.


The Czech capital has a way of taking the hearts of every individual to enter the city, even if you are visiting Prague for few days. 

With unbearably charming passageways, the Vltava River running over the city, and an eery fortress atop a hill that oversees the city, there truly is so much to keep you hectic in Prague for your first visit. 

However, I love the city so much that I have since reverted thrice, plus I still feel as if there is more to discover among the terracotta roofs.

Insider Tips

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Franz Kafka’s references through the city, in addition to visiting the sculpture of Prague’s most renowned literary artist.

One of Prague’s little recognized hidden gems is a harbor of rare and lovely books situated inside the library at Strahov Monastery.

Charles Bridge, which is lined by 16 arches and 30 baroque sculptures, is finest seen at dawn beforehand the sun rises, plus the crowds start marching their way to Prague’s most talked around point of interest.

Though a bit of walk out of the way, the extra effort is worth it to walk up the Vltava River toward Ginger and Fred’s “Dancing House” as it has come to be identified – a contemporary architectural splendor unique to Prague.

Suppose you are looking to splurge on a passionate weekend in Prague. In that case, the Four Seasons Prague has one of the most incredible room views in the whole city, plus the Mandarin Oriental Prague has some great dining choices for an extraordinary evening out.


Imperial plus impressive, Vienna is one of the outstanding cities in all of Europe. The Kaffee Haus culture mix with the rich architecture conveyances you back toward a time that time itself forgot, plus you cannot help, however, to imagine up a story or two from preceding lives.

Insider Tips

If you see just one work of art throughout your time in Vienna, head on over toward the Belvedere to see Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss – an unbelievable work of symbolist art, fashioned using gold leaf.

Make sure you cafe hop about Vienna’s well-known Kaffee Haus. However, if you’re searching for one to try, head to Cafe Landtmann plus try the apple strudel.

For the greatest schnitzel, head toward Figlmuller.

The best cafeteria in Vienna is genuinely situated 25 kilometers outer of the city itself. However, should this not discourage you be sure to check out Marchfelderhof cafeteria –a destination in itself.

Sachertorte, a charmingly rich cake made in 1832, is a staple dish toward trying in the Austrian capital. 

If you are wondering wherever to find the most acceptable variation, it’s a toss-up among Hotel Sacher plus Demel. However, in the interest of market study, I suggest trying both.


The most significant time to visit Prague is in spring, late summer, plus early autumn when the mobs have dispersed, plus you can enjoy the sights in comfy temperatures. 

Much like Vienna, Prague is just dazzling during the Christmas period as it is exceptionally festive with its illuminations and markets. I hope now you know enough about Vienna vs. Prague.

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