What Is Xiamen Air Baggage Allowance: All You Need To Know

When travelling with Xiamen Air, knowing their baggage allowance policies is important. Baggage allowance refers to the amount and weight of luggage passengers can bring on board the aircraft.

Xiamen Air’s baggage allowance may vary depending on factors such as the class of travel, destination, and fare type. Generally, economy class passengers are allowed to bring one piece of carry-on luggage weighing up to 5kg, while business class passengers may have a higher allowance.

Here, we will discuss what is xiamen air baggage allowance is. From understanding what falls under checked baggage and cabin baggage allowance to excess baggage fees and special items such as sports equipment and musical instruments, we have got you covered. Read on to learn more about Xiamen Air’s baggage policies so that you can travel stress-free.

What Is Xiamen Air Baggage Allowance

What Is Xiamen Air Baggage Allowance – Explained

What Is Xiamen Air Baggage Allowance - Explained

As a traveller, you should know what is Xiamen air baggage allowance. When flying with Xiamen Air, knowing the baggage allowance policy is important. It is also worth noting that excess baggage fees may apply if you exceed the weight or number of bags allowed.

To avoid additional charges or inconvenience, familiarize yourself with Xiamen Air’s baggage policy before your flight. The specifics may vary depending on your ticket class and destination, but here are some general guidelines:

  •  Economy Class: Passengers have specific designs allow one piece of carry-on baggage weighing up to 7kg and one checked bag weighing up to 23kg.
  •  Business Class: Passengers in Business Class often have a higher baggage allowance. This can include multiple pieces of carry-on luggage and additional weight for checked bags.
  •  International Flights: The baggage allowance may differ from domestic flights when travelling internationally. It is recommended to check the airline’s website or contact customer service for specific details.

Checked Baggage Allowance On Domestic Routes

Xiamen Air calculates the checked baggage allowance on domestic flights by weight and number of pieces.  The maximum weight allowed for checked baggage may differ based on the type of ticket purchased. To avoid complications, you must check the specific baggage allowance for your domestic route.

Remember that exceeding the weight limits may result in additional charges for excess baggage. Furthermore, ensuring that your checked baggage meets the size restrictions set by Xiamen Air. is necessary.

These restrictions are implemented to ensure that all passengers’ luggage can be safely stowed aboard the aircraft and that there is enough space for everyone’s belongings. It is also worth noting that Xiamen Air strictly enforces its baggage policies, so adhere to them to avoid any issues during travel.

Checked Baggage Allowance On International Routes

Checked Baggage Allowance On International Routes

When travelling with Xiamen Air on international flights, following the specific rules for checked baggage allowance is essential. The allowance can vary depending on your destination and ticket type.

Therefore, check the Xiamen Air website or contact customer service for detailed information. It’s important to note that adhering to international flight weight and size restrictions is crucial. To avoid additional fees, ensure that your checked baggage complies with all the regulations the airline sets.

Cabin Baggage: What You Can Carry Onboard

Cabin baggage is the carry-on luggage that passengers allowed to bring onboard. Xiamen Air has specific regulations regarding the dimensions and weight of cabin baggage. Knowing these regulations and ensuring that your cabin baggage fits within the specified size limits is essential.

APac kaging essential items in your cabin baggage is also recommended or easy access during the flight. By following Xiamen Air’s guidelines, you can avoid hassle or inconvenience while traveling. Remember to consider any additional restrictions that may apply based on your destination or travel class.

Domestic Vs International – Differences In Cabin Baggage Rules

Cabin baggage rules can differ between domestic and international flights. Xiamen Air may have specific restrictions and allowances for each category. Awareness of these differences is crucial to ensure a smooth travel experience.

Before your journey, check the dimensions and weight limits for cabin baggage. Adhering to the cabin baggage rules will help you avoid any issues during your trip. Remember, following the regulations is important whether lying within Mainland China or travelling internationally with Xiamen Air.

Excess, Overweight, And Oversized Baggage Policies

Excess, Overweight, And Oversized Baggage Policies

Excess baggage refers to luggage that exceeds the allowed weight or size limits. Xiamen Air has policies in place for excess, overweight, and oversized baggage. Understand the charges and rules associated with excess baggage. Avoid exceeding the weight and size limits to prevent additional fees. Familiarize yourself with Xiamen Air’s policies to manage your baggage effectively.

Xiamen Air offers different baggage allowances based on the flight destination and class of service. It is important to check your baggage before the flight and ensure it meets the required weight and size restrictions. Remember to pack your belongings securely and follow specific guidelines for fragile or valuable items.

Charges For Extra Baggage – A Quick Guide

XiamenAir may apply additional charges for baggage that exceeds the allocated allowance. The fees for extra baggage are based on various factors such as weight, size, and the specific route of the journey. It is important to know these potential charges when packing for your trip.

Planning your packing accordingly can help you avoid incurring any additional costs. For detailed information on the charges for extra baggage, it is recommended to check XiamenAir’s website or contact their customer service.

Special Baggage Items: Sports Equipment & Musical Instruments

XiamenAir has specific guidelines for transporting sports equipment and musical instruments. Different items may have varying requirements and fees, so checking XiamenAir’s rules is important Properly label your special baggage items according to the airline’s instructions.

Additionally, ensure you have any necessary documentation or approvals for transporting these items. Following these guidelines, you can safely and efficiently transport your sports equipment or musical instruments with XiamenAir.

How To Manage Baggage For Infants And Pets?

Travelling with infants or pets can be stressful, but XiamenAir has specific guidelines to help alleviate some of that stress. As a traveler, follow these guidelines for managing baggage when traveling with your little ones or furry friends. Is essential. Having all the necessary items packed and any required documentation ready before your flight is crucial.

Planning and being well-prepared can help ensure a comfortable journey for you and your companions. Additionally, XiamenAir offers baby bassinets, pet carriers, and assistance during boarding and deboarding to make the travel experience smoother for you and your loved ones.

What Falls Under The Category Of Restricted Items In Xiamen Air?

What Falls Under The Category Of Restricted Items In Xiamen Air

Xiamen Air has a strict policy on restricted items passengers cannot carry onboard. These include dangerous goods such as explosives, flammable liquids, corrosives, firearms, sharp objects, and certain chemicals. It is essential to check Xiamen Air’s official website for the complete list of prohibited items before embarking on your journey.

Also, passengers advised to correctly label their luggage with their name and address to ensure smooth travel. Xiamen Air also recommends packing valuable items like jewellery or cash in your carry-on luggage instead of checked baggage. This will help minimize the risk of loss or theft of personal belongings during travel.

Xiamen Airlines Baggage Fees And Policy

When flying with Xiamen Airlines, knowing their baggage allowance and fees is important. Here is a breakdown of their baggage policy. Pack your bags accordingly and familiarize yourself with Xiamen Airlines’ baggage allowance and fees to ensure a smooth and hassle-free travel experience.

  •  Checked baggage: The number and weight limit of allowed bags will depend on your destination, ticket class, and frequent flyer status. Generally, Economy Class passengers allowed one piece of checked baggage weighing up to 23kg (50lbs), while Business Class passengers may have two pieces weighing up to 32kg (70lbs) each.
  •  Cabin baggage: Passengers have specific designs that allow one piece of cabin baggage plus one personal item, such as a handbag or laptop bag. The maximum weight for cabin baggage is usually 7kg (15 lbs), with dimensions not exceeding 55cm x 40cm x 20cm.
  •  Excess baggage fees: You may be charged additional fees if your checked or cabin baggage exceeds the weight or size limits. It is recommended to check Xiamen Airlines’ official website or contact customer service for the most accurate and up-to-date information on excess baggage fees.
  • Special items: If you plan to travel with special items such as sports equipment or musical instruments, it is advisable to contact Xiamen Airlines in advance to inquire about their policies and any additional fees that may apply.


To ensure a smooth and hassle-free travel experience with Xiamen Air, it is important to familiarize yourself with their baggage policy. Whether you travel domestically or internationally, understanding the rules and regulations regarding checked and cabin baggage is crucial. Additionally, knowing how to handle excess, overweight, and oversized baggage, as well as special items like sports equipment and musical instruments, is essential.

Moreover, being aware of restricted items will help avoid any inconvenience during security checks. Lastly, don’t forget to review the Xiamen Airlines baggage fees and policy to avoid any surprises. By adhering to these guidelines on what is xiamen air baggage allowance, you can enjoy your journey with peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Limit For Baggage Allowance?

Xiamen Air’s baggage allowance varies depending on your destination, class, and fare type. Economy class typically allows 20-30 kg for international flights, while business class offers 30-40 kg. Remember to adhere to size restrictions for carry-on bags and personal items.

What Does 2 Piece Baggage Allowance Mean?

Two-piece baggage allowance refers to the number of checked bags you can take without extra charges. However, weight and size restrictions may vary based on your ticket class and destination. Make sure to check with Xiamen Air or your travel agent for specific details regarding your baggage allowance.

How Many Luggage Can I Take On Air China?

The luggage allowance on Air China depends on your ticket class and destination. Economy-class passengers usually have one or two pieces of checked baggage, while first and business-class passengers have more.

How Many Kilos Of Baggage Is Allowed In China Airlines?

China Airlines’ baggage allowance varies depending on the route and ticket class. Passengers with specific designs can bring one or two checked bags weighing up to 23 kg each. The airline limits carry-on baggage to one bag with a maximum weight of 7 kg.

What Is Xiamen Baggage Policy For Economy Passengers?

Xiamen Air’s baggage policy for economy passengers varies based on the route and fare type. Passengers usually receive one free carry-on bag and one free checked bag, with a maximum weight allowance of 23 kg (50 lbs). Additional baggage or overweight/oversized baggage may incur extra fees.

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