Can I Carry Lipstick In My Purse On A Plane? – Know The Fact!

Many people wonder what items they can bring on a plane, especially regarding beauty products. A common question is whether or not carry-on luggage permits lipstick. However, Ladies, we know how important it is to have our makeup essentials on flights.

But what are the rules for carrying makeup in your purse on a plane? We’ve got you covered. TSA has strict guidelines regarding liquids and gels, including makeup items, that passengers can bring in their bags.

Here we’ll discuss all can I carry lipstick in my purse on a plane? We’ll cover everything from what’s considered a liquid to whether lipstick falls under this category. We will also provide tips and best practices for carrying liquid items in your purse on a plane so you don’t have to leave any of your favourite beauty products behind.

Can I Carry Lipstick In My Purse On A Plane

Can I Carry Lipstick In My Purse On A Plane? – Explained
I Carry Lipstick In My Purse On A Plane

If you’re wondering whether or not you can carry lipstick in your purse on a plane, the answer is yes. TSA regulations allow lipstick, a “solid” cosmetic, in carry-on and checked bags. However, you must remember to place all liquids, gels, and aerosols in a quart-sized bag and present them for inspection at the security checkpoint.

Additionally, suppose you have any concerns about specific ingredients in your lipstick or other cosmetics. In that case, you should always check with the airline or TSA beforehand to ensure they allow it on the plane. Pack your favourite shade of red and make sure to store it properly for travel.

TSA Rules for Carrying Makeup in Your Purse on a Plane

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When travelling, it’s essential to be mindful of TSA rules and regulations. There are specific guidelines if you’re planning to bring makeup in your purse on a plane. The TSA has strict rules for carrying liquids, including lipstick, which must be in 3.4 ounces or fewer containers. You must place all drinks in a clear, quart-sized bag and present them for inspection. It’s always best to check the latest TSA guidelines before travelling to ensure you follow the most up-to-date regulations.

What is Considered Liquid according to TSA?

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TSA guidelines consider any substance that can be poured, sprayed, or spread as a liquid. This includes makeup items such as mascara, lip gloss and liquid foundation. Therefore, if you plan on carrying these items in your purse while travelling, adhering to the 3-1-1 rule is essential.
This rule allows passengers to bring one quart-sized bag of liquids, aerosols, gels and creams in their carry-on bag. Remember that each container must be 3.4 ounces (100 millilitres) or less per item to ensure compliance with TSA regulations.However, you can carry powdered makeup items such as eyeshadows, blushes, and pressed powders in your purse without any restrictions, as they are not subject to the 3-1-1 rule.

Is Lipstick Considered a Liquid?

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Many people carry lipstick in their purses, but they wonder if TSA considers it a liquid according to their guidelines. Fortunately, TSA generally allows solid lipstick in your carry-on bag. If your lipstick has a liquid or gel-like consistency, such as a lip gloss or balm, you must comply with the 3.4-ounce rule and place it in a clear plastic bag for inspection. If you’re still unsure about the status of your lipstick, it’s always best to check with TSA guidelines before travelling or contact them directly for clarification.

Can I Bring Multiple Lipsticks in My Purse?

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Regarding packing for a trip, we all want to ensure we have everything we need without violating any travel restrictions. If you’re a lipstick fan, you might wonder how many you can bring in your carry-on bag. The good news is that TSA allows travelers to bring as many lipsticks as they want in their carry-on or checked baggage. However, it is essential to remember that the total weight of all liquids, aerosols, and gels must not exceed 3.4 ounces or 100 milliliters.

You can pack as many lipsticks as you’d like because they are considered solids and don’t fall under the category of liquids, aerosols, or gels. Just check with your airline for additional restrictions on carrying makeup products.

TSA Restrictions on the Size of Containers in Your Purse

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to carrying makeup on a plane is making sure that it complies with TSA regulations. According to these guidelines, liquids in carry-on bags must be in 3.4 ounces or fewer containers. This includes lipstick with a drink or gel-like consistency, such as lip gloss or balm.

If you’re unsure whether your lipstick meets these requirements, it’s best to pack it separately in a clear plastic bag for easy transportation through security. By doing so, you can ensure that you won’t face any unexpected issues during your air travel.

Other Makeup Items You Can Carry in Your Purse on a Plane

You can generally bring liquid makeup items like lipstick in your carry-on baggage as long as they don’t exceed 3.4 ounces or 100 milliliters.
You can carry solid makeup items like powder compacts and eyeliners on the plane without issues. Note that travel-sized containers limit aerosol makeup products like hairspray and perfume.
To avoid confusion during security checks, it’s best to pack all your makeup items separately in a clear plastic bag and check the TSA guidelines for a complete list of allowed and prohibited items before packing your makeup bag for a flight.

How to Check if Your Product Is TSA-compliant

When packing your makeup bag for a flight, it’s essential to ensure that you’re following the TSA guidelines. To check if your product is TSA-compliant, check the list of prohibited items on the TSA website. This will give you an idea of what you can and cannot bring on the plane. Additionally, look for travel-size versions of your products to comply with TSA liquid restrictions.

Ensure you appropriately package and store any sharp or potentially dangerous items. Finally, it’s always a good idea to consider placing non-essential items in checked baggage to avoid any issues at security checkpoints. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your makeup bag is TSA-compliant and ready for takeoff.

Best Practices for Carrying Liquid Items in Your Purse on a Plane

When travelling, it’s essential to pack efficiently and avoid potential issues at security checkpoints. That’s why following the TSA guidelines for carrying liquids in your purse on a plane is crucial. To ensure a smooth travel experience, pack liquid items like lipstick in a clear plastic bag and check that they comply with TSA regulations. If you prefer to carry multiple lipsticks, ensure each one is under 3.4 ounces and fits within the container size limit. Adhering to these best practices can avoid any stress or inconvenience during your travels.

Exceptions for Medication and Special Needs Items

We may permit passengers with special needs or medical conditions to bring medically necessary liquid makeup items, including lipstick. This exception applies to any medication or medical devices as well. For instance, if you require a specific type of lipstick for a health issue, you can carry it with you on the plane without any restrictions. However, you must check the TSA guidelines for specific rules and regulations about what you can carry on an aircraft. If you are uncertain whether an item can be taken on a plane, you should pack it in your checked luggage or contact TSA for clarification.


Lipstick is a delicate product and one of the most important things to carry on your trip. So, you must know how to properly pack it in your luggage so it doesn’t get damaged or broken. Travelling with makeup can be tricky, especially when carrying liquid items like lipstick in your purse on a plane. However, TSA clearly outlines the guidelines on what is allowed and what is not. It’s essential to be aware of these rules and regulations to avoid inconveniences or confiscations of your favourite products.

Remember, only travel with TSA-compliant sizes and containers. If you have any doubts about the products you are carrying, check with TSA before you fly. And if you have special needs or require medication, take them in their original packaging and inform the authorities in advance. Remember these tips for a hassle-free travel experience with your beauty essentials. We hope you know whether can I carry lipstick in my purse on a plane.


1. Is It Safe To Carry Lipstick In My Purse On A Plane?

Ans. Per TSA regulations, carrying lipstick in your purse or carry-on bag on a plane is safe. However, the lipstick container should be 3.4 ounces (100 ml) or less and placed in a clear, quart-sized bag for security screening. You should always check the latest TSA guidelines before travelling.

2. What If I Am Allergic To Beeswax Or Carnauba Wax?

Ans. If you are allergic to beeswax or carnauba wax, there is no need to worry because candle manufacturers use vegetable-based waxes such as soy, palm, and rice wax. They can also use a mixture of vegetable-based and animal-based waxes for additional diversity.

3. Are Lipsticks Allowed In Carry-on?

Ans. Lipsticks are allowed in carry-on bags as long as they are 3.4 ounces or less and fit in a clear, quart-sized bag with no more than 6 inches in diameter.  You must place carry-on lipsticks in a quart-sized clear bag that does not exceed 6 inches wide and 12 inches tall. You must pack the lipstick in checked baggage if it is over 3.4 ounces or exceeds the size limit.

4. What Can You Not Carry In Your Purse On A Plane?

Ans. Several items on a plane are not allowed in your purse or carry-on bag, including firearms, explosives, flammable items, and sharp objects such as knives or scissors with blades over 4 inches. Additionally, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) does not permit certain liquids and gels over 3.4 ounces, such as shampoo or lotion, unless they are in checked luggage. It’s essential to check the TSA guidelines and regulations before travelling to avoid any issues at security screening.

5. What Items Can You Have to Get on a Plane in Your Purse?

Ans. Passengers can bring various items in their purses or carry-on bags when flying.  Generally, authorities allow non-liquid personal items like makeup, wallets, keys, and electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets. However, TSA regulations require that you place liquid and gel items in a clear plastic bag for inspection.

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