How Cheap Is A Day In Goa [All You Need To Know]

Goa is a dream destination for many. It’s an ideal place to unwind or indulge in water sports and wildlife. If you’re planning a trip to the beautiful coastal state, you’ll have a host of options to choose from. While deciding on your options, you might come across the confusing ‘How much does a day in Goa cost?’ question.

That’s where we come in, giving you an extensive breakdown of everything that will affect your budget when visiting Goa. We’ve broken it into categories like Flights, Accommodation, Food, and Activities to simplify things. Every time we go on a trip, the biggest question on our minds is:

How cheap is a day in Goa? This little-known piece of information can dramatically impact your travel budget. But fret not – you’re in luck. We’ve got all the details you need to know about the cost of accommodation, food, transportation, and activities in Goa before deciding whether it’s worthwhile.

How Cheap Is A Day In Goa

Detailed Answer On How Cheap A Day In Goa

Detailed Answer On How Cheap A Day In Goa

Goa is a popular tourist destination in southwestern India, known for its beaches and stunning landscapes. The state is well-connected by air and road, making it easy to get around. The climate in Goa is tropical, with an average temperature of 27 degrees Celsius.

Most of the tourist attractions in Goa are open all year round, making it a great place to visit all year round. This makes it one of the costlier places to visit in India. If you’re budget-conscious, you can go to Goa for a day trip as it costs between ₹1,500 and ₹4,000 per person on average.

As the cost of a day in Goa will vary depending on the time of year, the type of accommodation you choose, and what activities you decide to do. However, based on our research, a day in Goa can generally be considered very cheap – especially if you’re looking for budget-friendly options.

Some of the cheapest options for accommodation come with shared dorms or apartments that typically cost around $30 per night. For food, local restaurants usually offer relatively affordable dishes – and many of them also offer free wine and beer when you dine in. In addition, there are plenty of attractions and activities available at dirt-cheap rates, making it easy to spend a whole day exploring everything Goa offers.

1.Cost Of Flights To Goa

Cost Of Flights To Goa

Goa is an enticing destination for travelers looking for a unique and affordable vacation. Flights to Goa are relatively affordable, and a day in the beach city can cost as little as $60. There are a variety of options for getting to Goa, including flights, trains, and buses. Suppose you’re planning a trip to Goa. Research different accommodations and activities to find the best fit for your budget and interests. From budget hotels to luxury resorts, there’s something for everyone in this popular beach destination.

2.Price Of Accommodation In Goa

Price Of Accommodation In Goa

The price of accommodation in Goa depends on the type of accommodation you choose. Budget-friendly options include hostels, guesthouses, and beach resorts. You can also find luxurious options, such as budget hotels and heritage lodges. There are various places to stay in Goa, from beach resorts to guesthouses to inns. You can find deals online and through special offers. Regardless of your budget or preferences, there is surely an option that fits your needs and budget in Goa.

3.Hostels In Goa

Hostels In Goa

Hostels in Goa are budget-friendly accommodations perfect for backpackers and budget travelers. These hostels in Goa often feature shared bathrooms and kitchens, making them quick and efficient options for those on a budget. In addition to offering an affordable cost, hostels in Goa also offer a safe and secure place to stay. This makes them the best choice for those who want to save money while staying away from home.

4.Airbnbs In Goa

Airbnbs In Goa

Airbnb is a popular platform for finding affordable accommodation in Goa. Many Airbnb’s in the city offer great deals on rates compared to traditional hotels. Some Airbnb in Goa may even offer pools, beaches, and other amenities that are not found in most hotels. Before booking an Airbnb, it’s important to test the property to ensure that it fits your needs and preferences.

5.Private Villas In Goa

Private Villas In Goa

Goa is known for its luxury resorts but also has a diverse range of private villas available for rent. These villas offer a more authentic experience and provide privacy when traveling to the region. Renting a private villa can be an excellent way to save money and access the local culture. Some advantages of renting a private villa include the privacy it provides and the convenience it offers when accessing the area.

Some of the best private villa rentals in Goa include those located in the less-known areas of the state. This allows travelers to explore parts of Goa that have not been well-known by tourists. Additionally, renting a villa for a day or longer can be cost-effective and flexible. Overall, renting a private villa can provide travelers with an authentic and unique experience in Goa.

6.Renting A House In Goa

Renting A House In Goa

Renting a house in Goa is the most affordable option, but it requires more time and effort. If you are looking for an isolated property, villas are the best option. These houses can be located in large gardens or in the countryside, giving you plenty of privacy.

But if isolation is not your priority, you can opt for a small apartment or a standalone house. The cost of a day in Goa varies based on the type of accommodation you choose. If you are on a budget, stay in hostels and shared apartments to save money. However, staying at a hotel or resort can be more luxurious and enjoyable if you have extra funds.

7.Cost Of Transport In Goa

Cost Of Transport In Goa

The transport cost in Goa ranges from Rs. 750 to Rs. 5,000 per day, depending on the mode of transportation chosen. The best time to visit Goa is between November and March as the weather during this time is pleasant. This is also the best time to book your transport as there are fewer waiting times.

One can use online booking platforms like RedBus and MyGopal to save on costs. Public buses, taxis, and cycle rickshaws are other cost-effective modes of transportation in Goa. These modes provide a hassle-free way to go from one place to another without spending too much money.

8.Train Travel In Goa

Train Travel In Goa

Train travel in Goa is an affordable and convenient way to explore the state. The rail system in Goa provides daily service to multiple destinations, making it easy to plan a trip that incorporates unique sights and experiences from different regions. Trains depart from different stations throughout the state, taking about two hours to reach their destination. The train system is well-maintained and provides comfortable seats and clean bathrooms.

9.Bus Travel In Goa

Bus Travel In Goa

Bus travel in Goa is a popular way to move around the state and a cost-effective way to explore the sights. Numerous bus services run throughout the state, taking you to all the major tourist destinations. You can also use buses to explore rural areas of Goa or as an alternative to taxis and other forms of transportation. It’s best to buy your bus ticket in advance to avoid long lines at the bus station. Besides, it’s always a good idea to research routes and schedules before you go so you can plan your trip efficiently.

10.Getting Around Cities In Goa

Getting Around Cities In Goa

Getting around in Goa can be expensive, but there are several affordable options for transportation. Renting a car is the most cost-effective way to get around, but finding reliable car rental companies in the region can be challenging. If you prefer public transportation, use the local bus or train system. However, public transportation is often unreliable during busy periods and instances, so scooters are another good option if you want to explore small towns and villages without spending too much money.

11.Renting A Car In Goa

Renting A Car In Goa

Renting a car in Goa is an affordable option for those exploring the city from the comfort of their vehicle. The cost of renting a car in Goa can vary depending on the type of car you choose. There are various rental companies available in Goa, and most offer online booking facilities to make it easier for you to find and reserve a car quickly and easily. When driving in Goa, be aware of the traffic conditions and avoid driving during rush hour to avoid delays.

12.Renting A Scooter Or Bicycle In Goa

Renting A Scooter Or Bicycle In Goa

Scooters and bicycles are another great way to get around in Goa. These small vehicles are easy to rent and operate, making them perfect for exploring the smaller villages and towns scattered throughout the region. Scooter rental companies in Goa often offer discounted rates for students, seniors, or those with a government-issued ID card.

When renting a scooter or bicycle in Goa, read the rental agreement carefully before you go so you know what is required of you during your trip. Additionally, always wear a helmet when riding a scooter or bike and obey all traffic laws while on the road.

13.Cost Of Food In Goa

Cost Of Food In Goa

The cost of food in Goa varies depending on the type of food and where it is bought. Local dishes such as thalis, pithiviers, and idlis are very affordable. You can find inexpensive restaurants in Goa that serve international cuisine. Additionally, you can find cheap food items at local groceries and convenience stores.

You can also save money while eating by purchasing food from street vendors and stalls. The cost of drinks in Goa is also extremely affordable. You can easily find beverages such as water, green tea, and lemonade at affordable prices. Overall, the cost of food in Goa is budget-friendly and there is a lot to choose from without spending too much money.

Where To Eat Cheaply In Goa

Where To Eat Cheaply In Goa

If money is an issue, you can consider eating at local food stalls or street vendors. These establishments offer affordable meals that are often flavored with various spices. You can also find cheap eats at international restaurants in Goa. However, be aware that these restaurants tend to be more expensive than traditional Indian food joints.

Price Of Alcohol In Goa

Price Of Alcohol In Goa

Drinking alcohol in Goa is not as expensive as you might think. Prices for alcoholic beverages are usually lower than prices in other Indian states. You can find inexpensive drinks at local bars and pubs and purchase alcohol from convenience stores and grocery stores. One can save money on nightlife in Goa by opting for alcohol as the go-to option. Alcohol is generally cheaper at night than in the daytime, owing to lower production costs.

It is important to note that alcohol is illegal in Goa, so it cannot be sold or consumed in any form. You can only procure it through licensed shops as per government regulations. The cost of alcohol varies across different parts of Goa as well. It’s cheapest in small villages and the tourist areas such as the beaches and markets, but it’s expensive in high-end hotels. The cost of alcohol increases with consumption and with the size of the beverage ordered.

Cost Of Attractions In Goa

If you’re looking to visit some of the state’s most popular attractions, be prepared to spend a bit of money. Entry fees for tourist sites such as Maha Bodhi Temple and Konkan caves can cost up to Rs 1000 per person. However, there are also several free attractions in Goa that you can visit without spending a dime.

A day in Goa can enjoy at a leisurely pace, with plenty of time to relax and enjoy the various attractions available. You can go to beaches, heritage sites, museums, or shopping centers without breaking the bank. Besides, Goa’s cuisine is widely acclaimed, and you can try mola pakoras, seafood curry, dosas, and more for less. Moreover, you don’t have to go hungry as many restaurants in Goa offer excellent value for money. All in all, a trip to Goa can be an inexpensive affair.

Cost Of Activities In Goa

Cost Of Activities In Goa

A day in Goa is affordable, with a wide range of activities to choose from. You can go on cycling tours through the scenic beaches, go on boat rides in the quiet water, go hiking in the green hills, go swimming and sunbathing, go fishing in the sea or go golfing. All these activities are affordable, and you can spend a day in Goa per your wish and budget.

There are also a variety of inexpensive restaurants and pubs available for dinner where you can enjoy mouth-watering cuisines. For nightlife, there are a variety of nightclubs and bars to choose from, offering affordable entertainment. A day in Goa is an interesting and fun-filled experience that anyone looking for an affordable holiday destination cannot miss.

Additional Cost Of  Travel In Goa

For an extra cost, you can go on sightseeing tours of the beaches and heritage sites. Private operators with in-depth knowledge of the areas offer these tours. The additional cost is usually around Rs 200 per person for a full-day tour.

a)Tipping In Goa

Tipping In Goa

Tipping in Goa is not mandatory, but it is widely accepted as a way of showing appreciation for good service.  For example, tipping hotel staff, waiters, and taxi drivers is common, while tipping restaurant chefs, baristas, and retail staff is more unusual.

It is customary to tip hotel staff, waiters, and taxi drivers because they often work hard to ensure guests are satisfied with their service. In addition to these groups, it is also customary to tip local shopkeepers and street vendors for their services. Finally, tipping in restaurants can be optional or required depending on the establishment’s policy.

b)Get Travel Insurance For Goa

Get Travel Insurance For Goa

The cost of travel in Goa can vary significantly depending on the time of year. When visiting, planning and preparing for food and accommodation expenses is important. You can save money by shopping for bargains and using some of the local food and accommodation options.

Additionally, you can prepare meals in advance and store food in your hotel room refrigerator to save money on dining out. Other cost-saving tips include packing a medical kit and knowing the local emergency numbers in case of an accident. Additionally, wear comfortable clothing and bring a bathing suit if you plan to stay at the beach or pool.


So, that’s all you need to know about traveling to Goa. Travelers have been visiting Goa in numbers and loving the place. If you’ve been planning to visit Goa, we hope this article has enlightened you enough to go there. Goa is an ideal place for travelers of all ages and genres of life. It has an amazing culture, food, and beaches that keep you occupied for days.

There you go, an overview of the cost of going on a trip to Goa. So, as you can see, traveling to Goa is very budget-friendly. You don’t have to splurge a lot on food, transportation, or accommodation. But there are certain things you should budget for, which would be fun activities like partying, exploring beaches, and exploring the nightlife in the state.

If we had one piece of advice for you it would be to go with an open mind and enjoy yourself. Traveling is all about experiencing new things and getting inspired by the culture. So, pack your bags and get ready to explore this beautiful place.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does A Goa Trip Cost Per Person?

The cost of a day in Goa can vary depending on the activities you choose to do. However, on average, a day in Goa costs around USD 60. This includes touring churches, beaches, and restaurants.

Can We Visit Goa In 1 Day?

Yes, it is possible to visit Goa in 1 day, but it is not the cheapest option. It can cost anywhere from ₹2000 to ₹10000, depending on your budget and what you want to do while in Goa.

How Much Does A Goa Trip Cost For 3 Days?

A day trip to Goa can range from $50 to $200. However, the best way to find the lowest price for a day trip to Goa is to use an online travel agency.

How Much Does Food Cost In Goa?

Food in Goa tends to be relatively affordable. For example, you can expect to pay around Rs 150 for a meal in a restaurant. However, you can also find cheap eats by walking around the town. There are many budget-friendly options for food in Goa that you can try out.

Is There A Reason To Visit Goa During The Monsoon Season (June-August) Or Not?

As it depends on your budget and preferences. Some attractions typically open during monsoon season in Goa include the beaches, nightlife, and restaurants. Ultimately, it is up to you whether or not you want to visit Goa during monsoon season.

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