Day Trips From Rome – Travelling The Significant Locations

There are few traveler destinations around the world more famed than the antique city of Rome. It is no challenge to fill numerous days in Rome, seeing all of the town’s mesmerizing historical plus cultural lures. 

And when you feel like you have gotten a handle on the town, you have all the nearby cities and areas waiting to be discovered. 

You will find that the finest places to visit from Rome each have their exclusive appeal, continually showing you new sides plus new depths to Italy. 

That is what makes the most nice day trips from Rome so hard to select between. However, do not worry. There are no erroneous choices here.

The Significant Location For Day Trips From Rome


This Renaissance jewel is an organized contrast to Rome’s disorder and curves. Do not be fooled through Florence’s compacted magnitude. 

There is more history plus art gem here than is imaginable. The Arno river cuts the town into two distinctive areas with eight bridges toward connecting them creating it is easy to cross backward and forward. 

Start your day by climbing Giotto’s bell tower, plus map out the rest of your stops from the bird’s eye view over the town, plus out into the Tuscan landscape. 

One combined ticket permits you access to six diverse sites that include the famed Brunelleschi Dome as well as the beautiful Museo de Opera. 

This lately renovated museum shows more than 750 works of art spanning 700 years of Florentine antiquity. 

If you have previously tackled the Ufiizzi plus the Academia, you could make a stop at the Museo Nazionale del Bargello. 

Cross over toward the Oltrarno plus try a preferred Florentine snack, a lampredotto (beef tripe) sandwich on the stand in San Frediano. Trust us on this. 

These sideways of the river are full of artisan workshops. You could see the craft that dates back era’s similar inlaid stonework plus more modern art by prevalent street painter Clet Abraham. 

If you have not had your fill of art, admire the attractive collection on The Museo Bardini. 

Tuscan food is hearty fare featuring beans plus the famous T-bone Fiorentina steak. Have lunch on a customary trattoria similar to Sostanza, or if you are in search of something fast, try the top floor of the Mercato Centrale with all types of options to select from. 

Shop for leather goods, scents, and creams made from 16th-century formulas and bold statement jewelry. 


Just a short tour from Rome, the small city of Tivoli is an entire treasure trove of outstanding magnetism that you will want to see. 

Given its vicinity to Rome, it’s flawlessly understandable that Tivoli has been a preferred retreat for wealthy locals since antique Rome. 

The greatest of the lures in Tivoli are charming historic cottages, Hadrian’s Cabin and Cottage D’Este being the foremost two. 

Hadrian’s Cabin is an archaeological compound that features a cottage owned by Sovereign Hadrian rear in the 2nd era. 

Villa D’Este alternatively is a mesmerizing 16th-century Renaissance cottage, well-known for the terraced cascades which flow over its gardens. 

Then, of course, there is plenty more to see with the cascades of Villa Gregoriana, the impressive existence of the Rocca Pia fortress, and the city of Tivoli generally.


While it might not be a home name, the central Italian town of Viterbo yet makes an alluring destination for a day tour from Rome. 

Viterbo’s utmost claim to fame is that it was the leading player in numerous disputes among the popes plus emperors throughout the 12th and 13th eras. 

This history could be explored on the Palazzo Dei Papi when the seat of the popes who for numerous reasons were not based in Rome. 

It’s here too that you will discover the San Lorenzo Cathedral with its remarkable Gothic belfry, just one of numerous Viterbo churches. 

Additional inviting fort in Viterbo is the city hall of Palazzo Dei Priori, recognized for its lovely baroque frescoes. 

Finally, just external the city, you could go for a dip in one of the significant thermal spas on Bagni di Viterbo, which is said to have curative possessions in the water.


Would a tour to Italy be comprehensive without a visit to the well-known canaled city of Venice? Venice is constructed on more than 100 small islands in a cove, which means there are no streets – just canals. 

The waterways are lined with unbelievable gothic plus renaissance constructions, counting cathedrals, churches, bell towers, plus more. 

Unfortunately, this bucket list town won’t be similar forever: Venice is gradually sinking into the water, by the rate of one to two millimeters each year. 

Make sure you visit Venice soon! It is slightly farther from Rome than additional excursions. However, you can reserve a high-speed train toward getting there. 

While you arrive, you will want to take a water taxi to circumnavigate all the canals and make the maximum of your time in Venice. 


Trade the crowds of the Eternal City for the landscape of Umbria on this day tour from Rome to Assisi plus Orvieto.

Constructed on an outcrop of volcanic rock recognized as tuff and encircled by defensive walls made from bricks of similar stone (recognized in Italian as Tufa), the hill town of Orvieto is situated a one-hour-forty minute from Rome in southwestern Umbria.

The sight of the city atop its near-vertical cliffs is pretty much unbelievable. But the fantastic natural setting of this picture-perfect city aside, Orvieto is moreover a historic city.

Like numerous in this area of Italy, it was inhabited through Etruscans, a pre-Roman civilization; the archeological gallery in townhouses several Etruscan artifacts recovered in the region.

Somewhere else is the monumental 13th-century Orvieto Church (Duomo di Orvieto), well-known for its Gothic style, stained-glass window, and wonderful sculpture. 

Orvieto is moreover home to a tactical papal palace, home to five Popes throughout the 13th era.

Ostia Antica

Formerly antique Rome’s harbor until silting of the River Tiber meant that its place shifted gradually inland. The site of Ostia Antica is one that anyone with some imaginings and interest would want to discover.

Situated around an hour from the capital itself, this is one of these easy day trips from Rome that will be a disgrace to miss out on.

The ruins of the city of Ostia date back toward at least the 4th era BC, and a trip of the site is a relaxing walk about its sights, counting everyday things similar to houses, public toilets, streets, apartment blocks, warehouses, shrines, and a remarkable theater.

With it being so close toward Rome itself, you would have more time toward yourself to wander plus daydream amid the unbelievable history adjacent to you.

Visit the ruins of Ostia Antica on this day trip from Rome. Sometimes recognized as ‘the better Pompeii’ for the outstanding preservation grade of its constructions, forums, plus artwork, Ostia Antica is an archaeological place that was once the port town of Antique Rome. 


 Often defined as Umbria’s most attractive city, Todi is remarkable from the instant you see it on the street throughout the under-two-hour drive in over the Tiber vale. 

Like other hill cities, Todi sits on the topmost overlooking the landscape, but for some cause, the light appears to cast a more heavenly spark on the mountainside here. Maybe that is why the Romans took over this Etruscan stranglehold.

The town itself is a maze of narrow, cobbled roads leading toward the Piazza del Popolo, a cafe-lined square whose foremost building, Palazzo del Popolo, are Italy’s primogenital public constructions.

 For most, just walking about Todi and eating delightful Umbrian elegances is sufficient, but if you desire a taste of history plus culture, plan a visit to the Museo Civico di Todi. 

This native museum bursts with images and antiquities that trace the city’s story from its Etruscan origins over the Renaissance.

More active kids will want to delve into the town’s history with Underground Todi, an enjoyable subterranean trip of tunnels plus wells from the Etruscan, Roman, plus Medieval ages.

However, no matter your interests, you will not want to miss the Tempio di Santa Maria Consolazione (the Comfort Temple), designed in 1508 by megastar architect Donato Bramante. His church is constructed in the asymmetric cross, surmounted through a dome, and exclusive to the era.

Amalfi Coast

Spectacular scenery is whatever the Amalfi Coast is all around: charming towns constructed on hills plus cliffs that drop off into the ocean below. 

Some cities are built correctly up to the water, with the Rocky Mountains as the background. No wonder the Amalfi Shore is one of Italy’s most famous traveler destinations.

The region is prevalent with celebrities, particularly Positano, with its flashy boutiques. Maybe they fell in love with the area; however, filming cinemas and television shows here; that is very easy to do here. It is also easy to fall in love with limoncello, a liqueur made from Amalfi lemons.

The Amalfi Coast is spread with picturesque villages, each with a minimum of one old church worth visiting, plus some with splendid Roman cottages. 

Located among the gulfs of Naples and Salerno, there is only one very picturesque road over the region. However, the towns are readily available by ferry.

For visitors looking to explore the magnificent Amalfi Coast, whereas, in Rome, Positano is an excellent place toward heading to that is well-serviced through bus from Naples. 

Afterward, taking a train from Roma Termini toward Naples Centrale Station, which could take anyplace between an hour plus fifteen minutes toward three hours, it is just a tiny walk to Naples Garibaldi, from wherever the bus leaves. 

Finally, it takes around an hour to get to Meta, wherever you then change, plus take a half-hour bus ride to Positano. However, this might sound like a long trip. The views from the car over the Bay of Naples plus Vesuvius mean that it passes by very fast.

To makes the most of your visit toward the Amalfi Coast, and a tour might be the best choice. It combines a visit to Pompeii with a stop at Positano, plus you even have the chance to go for a swim in the tempting waters of the Mediterranean.


Italy is a great place to be traveled. You can discover some of the most rustic and traditional cities and villages, in addition to culturally attractive hubs that lie inside the countryside that surrounds Italy’s most well-known cities. And Rome is no exclusion. 

Rent a car in Rome, take to the street, and explore Italy on your road journey. You can set up your base in Rome and afterward spent three to four days sightseeing the city, hit the open road. 

You can accomplish all of these tours within one day, thus take your pick, and expectantly you can fit in more than one of these outstanding cities plus towns of Italy into your schedule! I hope now you understand the fact about day trips from rome.

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