What Is The Souvenir Passport Stamps? [Explained]

Nowadays, everyone wants to have a piece of history as a souvenir. What are the souvenir passport stamps? With all the fun activities going on around the world, it is understandable that we want to capture some of these moments in our memory forever.

Passport stamps are the perfect way to do this and they can be added to your passport by sending an e-mail with the details and your contact details.

A souvenir passport stamp is a unique gift that commemorates your visit to a destination. This is an excellent way to keep a travel memory alive and have something to show for your travels. But be careful! Because it’s also easy to make a mistake with your stamp and get yourself into trouble.

Souvenir Passport Stamps

What Is Souvenir Stamp?

What Is Souvenir Stamp

A souvenir passport stamp is a unique piece of art on your trip and something to remember forever. It can be added by sending an e-mail with details about you and who to contact for the privilege, or if you want it as a gift this will work too.

Sometimes people get confused because they think that anyone can add the passholder provisonal visa stamps onto their passports, but I’m here to tell you that it isn’t possible any more at all in many countries anymore ( United Kingdom , Eire). These days only government agencies like local embassies have access to these special privileges .

For example, I had a friend who traveled to many countries and added these special souvenir stamps on his passport. All this time he thought that it was fully possible because it wasn’t clearly stated anywhere in the confirmation email or letter from whoever uploaded the passport details for him to be able to have this service.

Can You Ask For Passport Stamps?

Can You Ask For Passport Stamps?

You can actually ask for passport stamps if you want to travel. And it’s usually possible in some countries such as Australia , Guatemala and many others ( see here ). You should get an answer because the application needs to be reviewed by the issuing authority that issues your visa.

What Is A Souvenir Stamp Good For?

What Is A Souvenir Stamp Good For

A special treatment on your passport It will show up when somebody scans it at customs It is perfect as a gift That shows which country issued this document For example, “BMW” or something else If they are inviting/attending someone then saying what city.

In case of flights it shows how long you have been in country It can be printed on anything of course and it’s great to tuck inside some gifts.

How Much Does This Cost?

How Much Does This Cost

Normally around 100 Euros per person, but there are special cases like here that rpockson1 describes (twice). I also had a case where they didn’t allow me to give any example stamp because stamps were not important enough for the operator who was processing my application with them (Yahoo Answers Guest posting part 1) .

As far as souvenir passports go, Maarten van Aarn mentioned something in another thread about how it can cost at least 1000 Euros for that. I think that’s a pond in Nederland (somewhere).

What Countries Still Stamp Passports?

What Countries Still Stamp Passports

In addition to entry stamps, most countries issue exit stamps. Only a few countries, including Canada, El Salvador, Ireland, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States, issue only entry stamps.

Do not mark passports upon entry nor exit in Australia, Hong Kong, Israel, Macau, or South Korea. Some countries issue only exit stamps, such as Argentina. If it says “exit” at the bottom of your passport in those places they don’t stamp them.

Is It Possible To Get A Visa Without A Passport Stamp?

Is It Possible To Get A Visa Without A Passport Stamp

A visa from your country (back) to the US will only be valid for a couple months and requires you to be in possession of your passport. There’s probably no way around this, unless you’re travelling through another nation that issues visas on arrival without passports.

Your only saving grace is that your passport will expire within say two or three months of the last stamp on it, and you can always come back to have a new one stamped.

Can You Buy Stamps At The Airport Or Border Crossing When You Arrive In Country?

Can You Buy Stamps At The Airport Or Border Crossing When You Arrive In Country

It’s possible to purchase stamps at the airport or border crossing if you’re in another country where they stamp passports.

Of course it’s expensive, and although packages are available here there probably is no way of telling what fees may be incurred when buying somewhere else apart from a foreign tourist shop since most countries don’t have websites others than on their own

So information should always be obtained locally as not to unfairly discriminate against someone in order to able them take advantage of any monetary saving by purchasing rolls online without knowing exactly how much anything will cost before hand whether online or otherwise.

How Do I Get My Passport Stamped If I’m Not In The Country Where It Was Issued And Can’t Go Back To Get It Stamped There?

How Do I Get My Passport Stamped If I'm Not In The Country Where It Was Issued And Can't Go Back To Get It Stamped There

You’re going to have a tough time getting your passport stamped. By that, we mean: First of all you would need an address in this other country so they don’t hand stamp everyone’s passports out of their own trash cans.

Take a guess here at how many stamps you’ll be able save first based on what kinds of addresses will work and then apply them (along with your ID’s) ―but before applying make sure that whoever is running the desk has seen these pages about how to get your passport stamped and understand the concept of tsa-approved mail since border agents are very likely not to know at all about its existence.

If you’re lucky enough, then maybe some post office will accommodate it by filling out an official form that follows what’s on these pages exactly (if they don’t I’ve written a VERY good email that explains each order in detail which gets me anywhere from replies every time for anyone like this).

Can You Print Your Own Stamps On Paper And Use Them As Souvenirs From A Trip To Another Country?

Can You Print Your Own Stamps On Paper And Use Them As Souvenirs From A Trip To Another Country

No, because this would be incredibly unfair to some who might not have the ability or resources to travel without any money.

Also if you just happen to have your own passport stamp collection of stamps from all around during past travels which is a lovely thing and something that makes it really easy for people like me and many others.

I’m sure when we’re looking up information on each country’s food or whatever else then you can show them in exchange for souvenirs: Each item would need debit-like security measures taken before they could go anywhere near your suitcase (the same with anything sent through mail).

Benefits Of Souvenir Passport Stamp

Benefits Of Souvenir Passport Stamp

If you will just get a passport stamp into the 5th or 6th spot then several larger costs related to travel are removed. After your adventures have already been funded in however large or small amounts and it’s time for homebound/landing/stopsy progression as there should always be circumstances.

Where these things happen that most people don’t even consider until they’re closing their phone and were about to go on a trip believing that everything is perhaps reserved for another set of circumstances and require no consideration, at least not knowing what else would’ve happened had this restlessness changed ideas once again completely thinking of other possibilities.

Do They Stamp Your Passport When You Leave The Us?

Do They Stamp Your Passport When You Leave The Us

Generally speaking there is no formal stamping of anyone’s passport to say you’ve been posted here and gone back. However, this depends entirely whether or not how much money was invested by the country for your stay within their borders (this may be a lot or just some).

Most countries do “special” things with stamps though depending on how long ago it would have happened: Sometimes only allowing one single valuable stamp of months/years past as souvenirs which makes sense as in first world societies where families get together often we like to keep these interesting items around more so than normal people who are not as enamored by the past.

Of course many people like this is more money to keep in mind but it really should be no problem getting multiple stamps as they simply could have left your passport alone with a stamp that probably wouldn’t work out of context anyway (for security’s sake).

Why You Should Never Put A Souvenir Stamp In Your Official Passport

Why You Should Never Put A Souvenir Stamp In Your Official Passport

This is how ludicrous it gets, if someone left a stamp with the customs office solely so they can come back months later to get it stamped with another set of stamps out of context that no one cares about or understands (without retelling this story).

Here are some reasons why I don’t believe anyone should do that: Because an official stamp like this was never done when leaving and coming back makes you look like perhaps a senior government member or several who stole something which comes suspicion.

Simply put mark all would-be souvenirs your receipts by putting them in different envelopes so there’s none out of context if someone asks about the usefulness. If you want to stamp an item in your passport always get a special card or printed message so it’s not out of place and odd looking, people would simply say “who are you & how did that come?”

So whenever I put only 10 stamps on my passport think twice before labeling items originating from some weird event but also remember no one has ever left a souvenir saying:

Did you know this came from here? Should be retained unless there was something hard to explain like maybe losing almost everything with all these men seemingly in their mid- 20’s.

How Many Stamps Can You Get In A Passport?

How Many Stamps Can You Get In A Passport

Well, you can request 15 stamps against your normal passport limit of 17 and here’s why: If a person has had some senior government position or made it in politics (not necessarily directly from being elected) they are also asked for extra “fun” single-side visas.

The more stamps one gets the more likely is that if traveling frequently as an ordinary citizen he/she will make into higher echelon within the federal establishment based on efforts / quotas. So have fun but don’t overdo it otherwise watch out most probably not get to see Greece & Israel from entry!

Secrets Of The World’s Most-wanted Passport Stamps

Secrets of the world's most-wanted passport stamps

There are a few things that you can do to increase your chances of getting a desired passport stamp. Here are some tips:

  1. Make sure your passport is up-to-date – If your passport is more than six months old, it may not be accepted by the authorities. Make sure to check the validity dates and get it updated as soon as possible.
  2. Get references – One of the best ways to increase your chances of getting a desired stamp is to get references from people who know you well. This will show that you are reputable and have good judgement.
  3. Keep a low profile – Avoid making any big public appearances or displays of wealth. This will Show the authorities that you are not someone they should be worried about.
  4. Travel regularly – Travelling can help show the authorities that you are mobile and have an active lifestyle. It can also help you stay on their radar and show them that you are not afraid to travel outside of your home country.
  5. Be prepared to answer any questions – Always be prepared to answer any questions or provide any documentation that may be requested during the application process. This way, you won’t have to worry about anything unexpected happening and will be able to move forward with your dream of becoming a passport holder without any issues!

Cool Passport Stamps of The World

cool passport stamps of the world

There are a lot of cool passport stamps of the world out there, and it can be hard to decide which ones to get. Well, if you’re looking for a guide to help you choose the best passport stamps for your travels, you’re in luck!

Here are some of the coolest stamps that you’ll want to add to your passport:

  1. The Taj Mahal – One of the most iconic buildings in the world, the Taj Mahal is a must-see for anyone visiting India. Get a stamp that commemorates your visit with this beautiful structure in focus!
  2. The Colosseum – Rome is home to one of the world’s most popular tourist attractions – the Colosseum. Add this stamp to your passport and show off your love for history!
  3. The Eiffel Tower – Paris is known for its jaw-dropping architecture, and one of its most iconic landmarks is the Eiffel Tower. Add this stamp to show off your love for France and all things Parisian!
  4. Beijing’s Great Wall – China is home to some of the world’s most impressive structures, and one of them is Beijing’s Great Wall. Get a stamp that commemorates your trip to one of China’s most famous landmarks!

These are just a few of the amazing stamps that are available on passports today. If you’re looking for inspiration, be sure to check out our website or visit our Facebook page where we regularly post new stamp additions and updates!


Essentially, I have always been ill at ease with Greek culture when traveling , sometimes being puzzled as to why there is such a negative attitude towards foreigners.

Of course it’s preferable that tourists don’t draw attention or think they’re better than locals but after their return home the country should be acknowledged not just by pictures on postcards or souvenirs which are merely exchanged amongst friends shows this isn’t what local authority has planned for them.

Ever since the introduction of souvenir pass stamps in 1995, they have become a global hit. These colourful, small-sized stickers are put on passports to make them unique and fun. Many people use souvenir passport stamps to mark their travels.

FAQ’s [ Frequently Asked Questions ]

1. How Many Stamps Can I Put On My Passport?

You are limited to 15 stamps (unless they changed the standard limit) but you should have 17 so that’s an extra one.

2. How Much Does It Cost To Get These Stamps?

About €12 (or 13 euros in November 2011). You can also use any leftover Standard ticket and the price will be reduced. If they don’t have that, then you may need to ask a representative of your airline or travel agency as they usually hold on to them for a while.

Many nationalities do not require this label but if US is your home country remember: passport requirements are different at airports! As far as I know there isn’t any way around this but since I haven’t had my US passport put through airport x-ray in at least 6 years I don’t think it’s worth the hassle.

3. How Do I Choose A Good Stamp Collection Kit?

First, it is important to know what you are looking for in a stamp collection kit. Are you looking for something that will help you build your own collections? Do you want something that can be used as a starter kit and also have some fun with?

If the answer is yes, then the best thing to do would be to go through Amazon’s stamp catalog and see which one catches your eye.

Another option would be going through Stampin’ Up! which has been offering stamps since 1983. The Stampin’ Up! website offers information on all of their products including how much they cost, what materials they are made from, where they can be purchased, etc.

4. How Can I Collect Passport Souvenir Stamps?

The first thing that comes to mind is buying a passport and using it as your souvenir.

Alternatively, you can also purchase stamps from the post office.

5. What Is Souvenir Stamp?

A souvenir stamp is a stamp that is issued by a country or organization to commemorate the visit of an individual or group to their territory.

The first souvenir stamps were issued in England on May 18, 1840, and were sold for 1d each.

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