How Far Is Boise From Salt Lake City?

Boise is located about 443 miles from Salt Lake City, and it’s a great city to visit if you’re looking for a vibrant atmosphere and easy-to-access attractions.

In fact, Boise is home to the Idaho State Fair, one of the largest state fairs in the United States. So if you’re thinking of making a trip to Idaho this year, check out Boise. This article will provide driving, flying, and road trip distances between these cities. Curious to know how far it is Boise from salt lake city? Read on for detailed instructions on driving, flying, or traveling from Salt Lake City to Boise.How Far Is Boise From Salt Lake City

An Estimated Distance Of Boise From Salt Lake City

An Estimated Distance Of Boise From Salt Lake City

Boise is located in the northwestern region of the United States and is roughly halfway between Salt Lake City, Utah, and Denver, Colorado. It takes about two and a half hours to travel by car from Boise to Salt Lake City.

According to Google Maps, the estimated distance between Boise and Salt Lake City is about 4,764 kilometers (3,000 miles). Assuming you are using the official map of the United States, Boise is about halfway between Salt Lake City and Los Angeles. It would take about three days of driving time to get from Boise to Los Angeles. Let’s talk about how you can go there.

Driving Non-Stop From Salt Lake City To Boise

Driving Non-Stop From Salt Lake City To Boise

The drive from Salt Lake City to Boise is long and tiresome. But it’s worth it to experience the stunning scenery and people of Idaho. The route is a non-stop journey of 653 miles, and there are several ways to get around the mountainous terrain.

If you’re looking to make the journey as fast as possible, take the fastest route – which would take approximately 9 hours and 45 minutes.However, if you’re looking to savor the journey, other options will take longer but provide beautiful views. For example, take the scenic route that goes through Boise.

Or, if you’re feeling adventurous, take the route that goes through the mountains. Make sure to bring plenty of supplies and snacks. No matter what route you choose, the drive can be quite tiring.

Flying Non-Stop From Salt Lake City To Boise

Flying to Boise is also an option, but there are other fastest or shortest ways to get there. It takes about 4 hours and 45 minutes by plane from Salt Lake City to Boise, so you’ll spend a lot of time in the air. However, flying may be your best route if you want a more relaxed travel experience.

.Plus, flying provides amazing views of both cities as you fly past them. If traveling with friends or family is important, consider booking your tickets together so everyone can enjoy their private view.At the same time, Boise’s location is in the Western United States, about 480 miles west of Salt Lake City.

Flying non-stop from Salt Lake City to Boise is a relatively easy task – it takes about 5 hours and costs $339 roundtrip. Southwest Airlines and Delta Air Lines also have flights to Boise from Salt Lake City if you’re looking for additional airline options.

Salt Lake City To Boise Road Trip

Salt Lake City To Boise Road Trip

It’s a long journey, but it’s worth visiting Boise. Boise is a great city with plenty of things to see and do. It has some great restaurants, shopping opportunities, and natural attractions.

Additionally, the road trip is relatively easy – there are no major hills or mountains to contend with. You can take your time exploring all the different places that Boise offers. The distance between Salt Lake City and Boise is about 4,500 miles. It would take 10-11 days to make the trip.

Salt Lake City To Boise Airports And Flights

Salt Lake City To Boise Airports And Flights

As the capital city of Idaho, Boise is a city that is home to many people and attractions. Boise is also close to several airports, making it easy to travel between the city and various destinations. Suppose you’re looking for a weekend getaway.

Boise is a great option – several airports nearby serve major airlines. It’s also easy to find cheap flights to Boise if you’re looking for a quick and easy trip. So, whether you’re planning a business trip or a weekend getaway, Boise is a great city to explore.

Boise’s location is about 450 miles west of Salt Lake City. Multiple airports serve Boise, including Caldwell and Eagle. Multiple flights go between the two cities, with the quickest trip taking only about 1 hour and 20 minutes.

How Far Is It The Other Way?

Salt Lake City is a city located in the US state of Utah. It is the capital and most populous city of the Salt Lake Valley, with over 2 million residents in its metropolitan area as of 2015. Apart from being an important city in Utah, it also serves as a major transportation hub for east-west and north-south travel throughout northeastern Arizona, western Wyoming, portions of southern Idaho, and eastern Nevada.

Regarding distance, Boise is about 297 kilometers (185 miles) northeast of Salt Lake City.Since Boise sits on the west coast of North America while Salt Lake City resides on the Eastern Seaboard, flights between these two cities are often booked out well before their departure dates due to high demand. If you’re looking to connect between these two destinations, be sure to check online flight options so that you can plan your journey accordingly.


Since Boise is located in Idaho, it is technically closer to Salt Lake City than it is to any other city. However, when you take into account the different time zones, Boise actually falls behind Salt Lake City by about four hours. If you’re looking for a place to spend the night before traveling to Utah, Boise is the wrong choice.

From Boise to Salt Lake City, driving will take around 10 hours and will likely involve driving through Hoover Dam. In this blog, we’ve discussed how far Boise is from salt lake city. We’ve covered everything from driving to flying, driving, and taking a road trip. Thanks for reading, and we hope that you found this blog helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Is Boise So Popular?

Boise is located in the heart of Idaho between two mountain ranges, making it an ideal location for farming. The city has a pleasant climate which makes it perfect for year-round living. You can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities like hiking, biking, skiing, and fishing in and around the city.

What Is The Best Way To Travel From Boise To Salt Lake City?

Flying is the best way to travel from Boise to Salt Lake City. Flights can be costly, but with some research, you can find more affordable deals. You should also take Amtrak if traveling between the two cities is important. Driving from Boise to Salt Lake City will take around 10 hours and will likely involve driving through Hoover Dam.

Is It Cheaper To Live In Utah Or Idaho?

It is cheaper to live in Idaho. Cities are based on the cost of living, including food, housing, transportation, health care, and entertainment. In Idaho, groceries are cheaper than in Utah, and utilities are also cheaper.

However, Utah has more jobs and a higher income. Regarding education, Utah ranks poorly compared to Idaho regarding graduation rates for high school and college students. Idaho has a higher rank for overall quality of life.

Which Airline Can Get You The Lowest Price On A Boise To Salt Lake City Flight?

Regarding getting the lowest price on a flight from Boise to Salt Lake City, Southwest Airlines and Delta Airlines are some of the best airlines to consider. These airlines typically have cheaper rates for flights from Boise to Salt Lake City than other airlines do. So, it depends on your specific needs and preferences regarding which airline will offer you the best deal.

What Are Some Other Alternatives For Getting From Boise To Salt Lake City?

There are a few alternatives for getting from Boise to Salt Lake City. You can fly and then take a rental car from the airport, ride the Amtrak route California Zephyr which will take about 5 hours, or drive, considering that it will be around 10 hours long.

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