How Many Acres Is Rhode Island? Details Explained

Rhode Island is located in the northeastern part of the United States. How many acres in Rhode island? It is the smallest of the New England states, comprising a land area of 1,064 square miles (2,690 km²).

So, how many acres is Rhode island? Rhode Island borders Connecticut to the west, Massachusetts to the north and east, and Block Island Sound to the south. The total land area is 31 square miles (80 km²) less than that of Colorado.

How Many Acres Is Rhode Island

Rhode Island is the smallest state in the United States, yet it has one of the highest land values. Rhode Island is an island with approximately one-fifth of its area covered by water. It has 441 square miles of land area and 440 square miles of water surface.

What Is The Total Land Area Of Rhode Island?

What Is The Total Land Area Of Rhode Island

The entire mass of Rhode Island, including its islands and bays, as well as four other small neighboring islands (Nantucket in Massachusetts, Martha’s Vineyard off Cape Cod, Long Island in New York State, and Block Island further south), belongs to North America.

Topographic Map generated on Sat May 21 2017 13:16:17 GMT-0600 (Eastern Daylight Time). The included map shows the outline of the state with some bordering areas outlined where they are connected by one body of water. By clicking on any portion or boundary line you can toggle the display of that particular section.

However, in three parts where Rhode Island extends into New York (in most cases along long shared borders) or again playing host to a bridge/tunnel crossing water bodies America’s largest state does not include this territory on its map.

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Rhode Island Topo Map with Boundary Lines and American State Borders – Sat May 21 2017 13:16:17 GMT-0600 (Eastern Daylight Time).  Zoomable United States Map Courtesy U S Department of Commerce :

Bureau of Topographic and Geologic Survey You can toggle the display of Rhode Island’s bordering area/s marked on this map by clicking the North America topo state borders. On a larger scale these are shown with approximately 2-kilometer grid lines which you may use to print off at large scales (don’t forget to center your map)

Or print one section for enjoying as a water-color printed poster, add it up yourself using our compass icon , download enlarged version from Google Maps  or drag and drop image into an address bar in order to embed directly within web pages or blogs.

How Many Acres Is Rhode Island?

How Many Acres Is Rhode Island

Rugged coastline, rivers and topography make Rhode Island one of the largest states in that part of North America Topographic Map generated on Sat May 21 2017 13:16:17 GMT-0600 (Eastern Daylight Time). Following its introduction to European settlers,

This varied landscape was custom designed as a place for agricultural settlement. By zoomable topographical map, you may print off state outline or zoom area 5 feet at half-mile sections showing bounding areas and population density .

People leave their mark quite literally over several thousand years! The evidence can be seen by zooming down into the ocean a bit some at an area where the water was very shallow in ancient times on  Rhode Island  when earthquakes and tides eroded such land with hundreds of small rock “eggs” (sometimes several tons) showing clear as day after being slowly buried for centuries or millennia.

We are now standing at high tide in Narragansett Bay with Fort Point marking our location . A large timber frame fort built by Governor Arthur, known during the Revolution as Providence Plantation; Puritan settlement founded by Roger Williams 1636. Antipoison bottle found here – probably planted to kill fox.

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How Many Acres Is The Big Island Of Hawaii

How Many Acres Is The Big Island Of Hawaii

The Big Island of Hawaii is the largest and most populous island of the United States. As of the 2010 census, the population was 1,321,175. The island is divided into five counties: Honolulu County on the southeast coast, Kaua’i County in the middle of the island, Niʻihau County in the northwest, Moloka’i County on the west side, and Kauaʻi County on the southwest side.

What Are The Coordinates Of Rhode Island?

Latitude/Longitude: 41° 16′ 0.000″, -71° 56′ 6.865″. Rhode Island state’s coordinate should be easy enough to find on a good topographic map or GPS smartphone app, especially since it is part of the US Highway 2 and NV-14 highway network

Map Code Listing For Use With This Topo Report, RI [RI-NC]

A: Elevation above sea level in feet. B: Length of line within state boundary (east to west, north to south). C: State area in square miles and total acreage or common territory divided by the notation “x”. 1 P or N for one-hundredth part..

D HA, E NA 1876 USGS 1% Feet Square File Flagstaff. A= 4360; C= 6930 1290 s 2K UFF 2231 NH 8575 Tumpakoe Adams Black Partition Waterford 10.5 HR SW Brown Partition Harrington 2.5 miles to Black River at 915 feet 882 years NA lot (=120 acres) x 3 = 2712 R=3126 St Stephen Rhode Island RI-GR A= 2495; C= 6930

I will be absolutely astonished if anyone has found the point halfway between Providence and New York City on this map (the midpoint of line Q), over 40 meters in length, which is out to sea where it should not be! Compare my sketch above with this!

A Complete Break Down Of The Us National Parks

A Complete Break Down Of The Us National Parks

National parks are one of the most iconic and popular tourist destinations in the United States. They offer stunning landscapes, exciting wildlife, and plenty of opportunities to explore.

National parks were originally established in order to protect natural ecosystems and to provide recreational opportunities for the public. Today, national parks serve an important role in conservation by preserving unique habitats and landscapes while also providing recreation opportunities for the public.

There are 17 National Parks in the United States – each with its own unique features and attractions. Some of the most well-known National Parks include Yellowstone National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, Yosemite National Park, Zion National Park, Rocky Mountains National Park, Glacier National Park, and Pacific National Monument.

Whether you’re a nature lover or just looking for a great place to visit on vacation, visiting one of America’s national parks is definitely an experience you won’t want to miss!

What Are The Coordinates Of Washington, D.C.?

Latitude/Longitude: 38° 21′ N, 77° 42′ W.

Washington D.C., situated in Maryland (despite the label on this map), was not officially incorporated until 1801 but had been inhabited for many years before that by Europeans and Native Americans.

It is also a state capital of 38 deg 540 ‘N 7730, which means both latitude/longevity could be easily located without too much effort or fuss! No wonder only 14 out of 192 US states are shown!

Map Code Listing For Use With This Topo Report DC -MD [ DC-MD]

A: Elevation above sea level in feet, RI = Rhode Island and NJ= New Jersey. The east end of Blackhall Street since all the streets are north to the south continues N/S, GAPING WIDE on every page as if it is a continuation along Washington Blvd!

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There should be at last an ” aerial photograph” between Burlington and Baltimore for this area – did anyone ever photograph anything there? Look at any map including Delaware ENA 1876 USGS 1% Feet Square File Philadelphia. A= 40640; B= 60656 300 s 2K.

How Far Is It From Washington, D.C. To Providence R.I.?

How Far Is It From Washington DC

Latitude/Longtitude: 38° 21′ N, 77° 43.5 W

Aurora Borealis saw from Ellicott’s Island Maryland D.C., Gulf of Saint Lawrence NaN miles NA x 10 =, for instance, Iceland Distances given are assumed to be co-ordinate distances in common units of measure, e.g.: yards linés parsecs (…) kilometers meters Length Units the same on both maps where they agree A= 74115 5485740 m; B= 3220258600 m 440 globes 3400 earth rad.

What Time Zone Does Rhode Island Belong To?

T., B: Washington DC’s time zone is 4 hours ahead, Boston & Atlanta share a 2-hour difference  Don’t have an aerial photo of this area? Try Sea View

Chestertown Maryland D.C.: Chestertown MD has its own -extra- USGS sea-level paper; but does it really measure anything because the flood from Sandy looks more like that measured at Virginia and Delaware are in fact higher than Baltimore, Philly?

Thanx to Kate Prospero for finding out lat/long from World Geodetek Map 3000 Universal Transverse Mercator File Greenland 3K X 4 = 12000, (Archive)

South Carolina to South of Rhode Island -all those islands… My correspondent in the area suggests that the tidal levels are not exactly what is usually published on various websites. This might explain the NOAA discussion about “tidal elevations”. Not sure if this makes sense:

There has been raised by myself and other MU members including Kate Prospero who lived on Martha’s Vineyard as she can attest and now moved north around Virginia Beach, also her friend Marie Lauer seems very familiar with Delmarva 5% feet USGS 1 Mil scale file.

How Much Acreage Does Rhode Island Have Per State?

Rhode Island is just under 4 x 2 = 8,400 sq km B. Maine’s land area is 20% greater than 4470 square miles X 5/8 = 6990 acres YIPPEE! Smaller state but with more to love.

Tera Many Thanks: very many thanks for supplying this map and the following info: in the U.S., current NOAA surface water elevation is 30 ft (834 m) below sea level, #5%=23955 2004: Henry Neufield’s maps show only 32ft (924 m).

I base this on his “Atlas of Prince Edward Canal and Harbor” published by him in 1915 as well there are other sources showing the same*. 2012 Aug 06: still see September map from 1998 when flooded parts were higher than usual, 1 mil = 1000km.

Why Is It Called Rhode Island When It’s Not An Island?

Why Is It Called Rhode Island When It's Not An Island

As I’ve pointed out in the original version, it was not an island. It’s a cap of sand that is part of New England which reaches all the way west to Bangor and also north into Canada near Cape Cod.

How much would 4 people need to collect 5% for 3 years? TIA! Reply Delete

Thanks again for this great info on U.S states’ use of percentage land area paid by Greenland Government: are you sure about this latest change that at 12 /11/2012, cost-share in 5% gets promulgated to Greenland?

Is There A City Bigger Than Rhode Island?

I believe that Charlotte, NC has surpassed this honor. This does not mean there is no municipality bigger than Rhode Island though and I think the area of South Carolina / Georgia could bring some new attention due to growth in metropolitan Atlanta.

What surface water level change would have caused Nantucket Shoals (off Cape Cod) to stop being an island? Was it reduced sea levels or a large terrorist attack on wooden breakwater? Delete  The wave action leveled many grains of sand at low tide but didn’t wreck them all as was done here near Cape Ann.

Following up-to answer earlier skepticism still see the September map from 1998 when flooded parts were higher than usual, 1 mil = 1000km. I used those heights since they are recent, Nantucket and Westerly Heights which are above sea level look different on that version of my map but at least show more land area about 25% less like it was taken way back then during flooding before any construction work began around 1940 – 1950.

When walking with Wanda when out in the Harbor Area I know there used to be more well-defined channels. Land reclaimed by construction changed both areas but since what is now downtown Providence and parts of East Side were then undeveloped they had extra big territory (they are today or have developed despite lower level).

This being said TIA illustrates with no original source that Pawtucket RI has 100% land area at most seas surface instead locally reported information about Nantucket as above mentions seeing inside some abandoned tomato cans for dioramas results from later downsizing due to production volumes according to file uploads submitted also incorrectly.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ’s]

How Big Is Rhode Island?

Rhode Island is the 9th-smallest state.  It has a total area of just 2,587 square miles (6,662 km²) and its land comprises 723 sq mi (1,812 km²).

How Long Does It Take To Drive From One Side Of Rhode Island To The Other?

It takes about an hour. What are some famous cultural landmarks in Rhode Island

The Providence Journal Pawtucket Falls; Battle Road

What Are Some Famous Cultural Landmarks In Rhode Island?

Providence Journal; Pawtucket Falls; Battle Road

What Are The Cities In Rhode Island?

Rhode Island has two major cities, Providence and Newport. Other prominent communities include: Cranston, Woonsocket, East Greenwich/Warwick; Pawtucket; Central Falls; Cumberland (Hammond); Bristol no main city with the state capital of extra towns Warwick-

How Many Square Acres Is The Smallest State?

Hawaii is the smallest state in the union, with a total area of 6,423 square miles (16,635 square kilometers). Connecticut is the second smallest, with a total area of 4,845 square miles (12,548 square kilometers). Delaware is the third smallest, with a total area of 1,954 square miles (5,061 square kilometers).


Rhode Island is the smallest state in the US, but it has a lot to offer. You can explore the natural beauty of this small state by renting a cottage on its beaches or by visiting its historic sites. If you are interested in real estate, you can find many houses for sale that have been recently renovated.

Rhode Island is also home to some of the best colleges and universities in the country, so if you want to attend college in your area, you can look for colleges near Rhode Island. I hope now you know about how many acres is Rhode island.

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