How To Unlock A 3 Digit Combination Lock? [Step-By-Step]

Well, you may have used many designed traveler bags while going on a vacation or business trip; moreover, you may have observed the difference in their locking systems. 

However, you must have seen the 3 digit combination locks on the suitcases; therefore, you must find out how to unlock a 3 digit combination lock.

I also bought a Samsonite suitcase with a combination lock & learned the method after using it for some time; trust me, it was easier than dealing with a traditional lock with keys because those locks can easily break, or the key may get lost.

However, let’s read the article to know how a 3 digit combination lock opens or other methods to unlock it during any exceptional cases.

How To Unlock A 3 Digit Co

How To Unlock A 3 Digit Combination Lock

Combination Lock In Traditional Way?

How To Unlock A 3 Digit Combination Lock In Traditional Way

Well, whenever you want to unpack the things or open the bag for any purpose, you must follow the easiest or simplest steps:

• First of all, you have to turn the lock at the most suitable side up until it clicks because that’s the first step to unlock the suitcase. 

• Secondly, you have to turn the most left number wheel & set it to the first digit of your code, & next, the middle one, to enter the 2nd digit of the combination code.

• Lastly, you must turn the rightmost number wheel to enter the code; then, you would see that the lock will be open.

While rolling the numbers, you should always keep noticing the hash mark because your code’s each digit should be aligned with that mark. However, it would be best if you held the latches to pull them out of the lock holes, finally unlocking them.

How Can You Fix The Jam Lock When You Forgot The Password?

How Can You Fix The Jam Lock When You Forgot The Password

Well, if anybody asks you that his or her suitcase lock is jammed, what to do, especially when it’s regarding the key numbers, you must suggest that person reset his suitcase lock again. The reset method of a jammed suitcase lock & fixing it is one of the most straightforward tasks to do; one has to follow the rules below:

• First of all, you have to take the lock pads out; you are supposed to do that one by one. At first, you have to bring the first one, & then the second & third one respectively.

• Please create pressure on the lock because it is necessary to rekey or reset the lock; the dials will click while spinning if you put sufficient pressure on the lock.

• Next, you have to dial three numbers; for instance, it can be 111, 222, or 999, but you have to press the three numbers ideally. Thus, your lock will be open if it was closed & you can bring the things out if you want to unpack things, but what next?

• You must start the primary reset process in the next step immediately; you have to set the dials in 000 order because that’s how the procedure begins.

• However, you must turn the shackle of your lock into a 90° angle clockwise; that’s the step to push the shackle out of the lock & that should be your next target.

• In the next step, you have to set your desired 3-digit code on your lock; it may be a new one or the same as the previous one, but you have to set it & remember it well.

• Lastly, you have to put the shackle & pull it to its respective place; moreover, you must set the lock into its previous position. Thus, you can have your suitcase lock-free to use again & if you remember the code, you might not face any problem further.

After you have fixed the jammed lock, you must recheck it to ensure that it’s working correctly or not; if it’s okay, your work is done.

How To Open A Jammed Suitcase Combination Lock: Step By Step Guidelines

If you want to learn & properly open a combination lock that is jammed, you have to know & follow the steps given below; please make sure you are not missing any of these:

• Please take the luggage or suitcase from such an angle so that you can see the whole locking system & easily reach that; after that, you can start the process.

• If you don’t have plenty of light in your room, don’t be stressed because your suitcase lock comes with a spare light to recover it if it’s the combination one.

• Once you have turned on the light inside & saw the numbered wheels inside, you should start spinning them from the left corner; however, you will see three wheels in total.

• Please keep spinning the wheel until you hear a sound like a click; anyway, you can go through the middle & right one afterward.

• In the next step, you have to hold the lock of the lock outside to release the clasp in there.

• Moreover, you have to reset your combination suitcase lock holding the button inside it; please press it tightly & rotate the number wheels again. 

• Anyway, set the new combination number & you can release the button finally; please check if the new combination lock is properly working or not. This is technically the last step of repairing the jammed lock; you must write down the new pin on a paper or something that you will never lose & it will remain confidential.

However, you have seen that the steps given are very much easy & if your suitcase lock has no complicated problem, you can fix the issue within half an hour. Therefore, you don’t have to depend on other people to repair your lock, but what if it has other problems?

Suppose any part of your suitcase lock has broken or changed its alignment; you must find out where it is & if you can fix that or not. 

For instance, your bag lock’s wheels are somehow broken. You have to take it to the showroom if it’s within the warranty period; you may otherwise call for some professional help.

You may have to replace some items sometimes, or if the damage that occurred is irreparable, you may have to change your travel bag as well; that won’t happen unless your bag encounters any hard thing or accident. Moreover, some parts may damage if the suitcase & its lock gets much older.

How Can You Take Help from the Manufacturing Brand or Associates?

How Can You Take Help from the Manufacturing Brand or Associates

Well, some branded suitcase locks come with keys though they have the same number wheels & other features like a 3 digit combined lock; however, when you have operated the suitcase with the key & suddenly lost it, what should you do to get help to open?

• First of all, you have to take the suitcase to the store where you have bought it from; there you have the whole team that can assist you. 

• Secondly, you must find out the serial number because it should be around the lock; therefore, you must find it out for the unlocking process.

• Thirdly, you have to take a form to fill up that consists of various information that the company would take for giving you a new key or new code.

• Next, you must submit some authentic proof that you own the lock so that the people can help you solve the problems; you may even have to contact the owners for the further process because you can’t take the PIN key & new combination anyways.

• However, after these processes, the company will issue another key & combination number for your lock; therefore, you are supposed to keep things safe & note down the brand new code. 

This was the easiest way to unlock your suitcase without knowing the PIN, but please remember that it can’t always be your option; moreover, you may have to create some shaped items or duplicate things if you want to make the lock open easily for the unlock process.

However, you may have to cut some papers or other items during the process, but that will be quite time-consuming as well; therefore, I won’t suggest you try to open the combined lock without the number. 

Moreover, it would help if you also found the suitcases that come with a combination locking system; you can visit various websites to find which ones are the best travel suitcase with 3 digit combined lock because the quality & features vary due to brands & you should choose them from the renowned brands.


I hope you now know how to unlock a 3 digit combination lock after reading the article well because it directs you well; moreover, it has guided you on what to do if your lock gets jammed or you somehow lose the key.

Anyway, choose the best traveler bag & make sure that you have got a manual from the manufacturer; operate your bag & lock it well & carry your stuff safely.

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