How Many Pounds Can I Carry On International Flights?

You or many people can say the maximum people ask the same question & that is how many pounds can I carry on international flights?

The allowance or permission becomes more vital in international flights than domestic ones; on the other hand, you may face some restrictions while traveling from one province to another.

I love traveling all over the world, & I visit various nations; I board a flight at least once a year & that’s how I gathered my experience. It is always a constant that I will go abroad with a lightweight luggage, but come back with a heavier one because I love shopping no matter wherever I go. Anyway, let’s get to the point & find out all the rules & regulations regarding an International flight, including the limit of weight in your luggage while going on a flight.

How Many Pounds Can I Carry on International Flights

What Are The Basic Rules Of Boarding An International Flight?

What Are the Basic Rules of Boarding an International Flight

If you’re about to sit in a plane or travel by air, you must know some things you must follow; otherwise, you won’t be allowed there.

Let’s check the list of things you must know or follow during your journey by flights:

  • First of all, you are supposed to take your boarding pass along with your passport, visa, & air ticket because you have to show the pass & the people on duty won’t let you sit if you miss bringing it.
  • Secondly, you shouldn’t wear such clothes or makeup that makes you look suspicious, or your face looks unrecognizable to anyone; that may cause problems for you at the airport.
  • You can’t carry anything you want on a flight; for instance, you cannot carry any weapon, explosive item, or any other thing that can be proved dangerous for the flight or harmful for other passengers.
  • On the other hand, you will have restrictions about the size & total weight of the luggage you will be carrying; you cannot carry as many things as you want.

Now you may ask your expected question: how much pounds can I carry on international flights or what size of bags is allowed on flights. The answer may vary due to different airlines, but there are some standard measurements that all international airports should follow.

For example, the standard weight you can put into your luggage is 40-50 pounds; some airports prefer the weight except the bag & some count it including that. No matter what system your local or destination airport follows, you should be more cautious about the weights & keep it less than the highest limit.

Moreover, you may not know, but there is a standard measurement of each side of a three-dimensional luggage or bag suitable for carrying on flights. The linear calculation of each side should not be more than 20 or 21 inches or around 50 centimeters; therefore, the dimensions’ total sum should not exceed 60-62 inches or 150 centimeters. Please remember that these are the highest dimensions; so, you have to carry either this sized or smaller bags on your flights.

What Are The Units To Calculate The Weight Of Bags on Flight?

What Are the Units to Calculate the Weight of Bags on Flight

You all know that you can count the weight measurements in different units like FPS, CGS, or MKS, but the FPS & MKS are mostly used to calculate the bags in airports. If you measure in FPS, you will find the weight results in pounds, but you have to calculate in kilograms while you measure in MKS.

As the MKS method is the standard unit for measuring anything, you have to count the luggage’s weight in kilograms, mostly in airports, but calculating in pounds is also a traditional one. Suppose you know how much your bag weighs in kilograms, but you want to know in pounds. You have to know the interrelation between kg & pounds. A kilogram is more than twice a pound, indicating it to be heavier; you can say 1Kg= 2.2 lbs ( pounds is known or written as lbs).

Which Airlines Allow How Much To Carry On A Flight?

Which Airlines Allow How Much to Carry on a Flight

No matter which state or which country you are living in or traveling to, you would definitely love to travel on the renowned airlines; therefore, you must check the list of airlines & their allowed size & weight.

Let’s see what airlines allow which size of carry luggage & holding bags:

  • Aer Lingus follows the dimensions of a carry bag 50×40×24 cm & that will weigh up to 10 Kg; moreover, it allows the passengers to have a 23 kg holding bag with 158 cm cubed.
  • Air Canada also allows almost the same size of carrying bags 50×40×25 cm & the weight is the same; 10 kg is the highest level.

However, if you’re traveling by Air Canada, you may take a 23 kg holding bag like the previous one.

is more liberal than Aer Lingus & Air Canada because it allows a 12 kg carry bag & a laptop or a handbag; moreover, the measurements are 50×35×25 cm.

It will allow up to a 20 kg load into a holding bag, but don’t worry because the permitted weight can vary due to different routes.

only allows a carry bag & a personal item to take with you; the bag’s dimensions are up to 56×36×23 cm, but you should be careful while choosing your items.

  • British Airways allows a large carry bag for international flights & you may properly use it; moreover, you can take a double load if you’re on a domestic flight.
  • Singapore Airlines doesn’t put any restrictions regarding the size or dimensions of the bag you will be carrying, but it can’t weigh more than 7 kg.

Therefore, you should travel via these airlines only when you have a small number of belongings to carry, or you’re going on a short trip. No matter what airline you have chosen to travel to, get to know the size & weight chart; otherwise, you may have to leave your things behind at the airport.

Taking Measures

When it comes to flying with your luggage, the rules are a little different depending on where you’re going. Generally speaking, you’re limited to a carry-on bag that’s size and weight is equivalent to the size and weight of your carry-on bag when traveling domestically.

That means that if you’re flying in the U.S., you can bring a bag that’s up to 23 inches by 15 inches by 7 inches, or a single item that’s no larger than 3 pounds. If you’re flying internationally, that limit increases to a 41-inch by 22-inch by 11-inch bag and a total weight limit of 44 pounds.

In addition to the regular carry-on restrictions, some airlines have additional restrictions concerning items such as firearms, explosives, flammable materials, and food. It’s always best to contact your airline prior to your trip in order to confirm all of the specific details concerning your flight.

Carry-On Bags Size And Weight Limits

Carry-On Bags Size And Weight Limits

The carry-on bag size and weight limits for all U.S. airports have been increased, effective immediately. These new limits are as follows:

-Baggage allowances for travel within the United States have been increased to the following: a single item that is 21″ x 14″ x 9″, or 55cm x 36cm x 23cm, or a single item that is 21″ x 16″ x 11″, or 53cm x 40cm x 28cm.

-A second item that is 13″ by 18″, or 33cm by 45cm, can be placed in the same bag as the primary item.

-The weight of each item that can be carried in a carry-on bag is limited to 3 pounds, or 1.5 kg (without liquids, gels, aerosols, creams, food, or furniture).

This new policy is in response to feedback from airlines and their customers about the difficulties of carrying large items on flights. We hope this will make traveling with larger items easier and more comfortable for everyone involved. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we work to implement these changes.

More Information About Baggage

More Information About Baggage

Baggage is one of the most important items you’ll bring with you on your trip. Not only does it have to be comfortable and safe to transport, but it also has to be able to hold up under a lot of wear and tear. Here are some tips on how to choose the right luggage for your trip:

  1. Decide what you’ll be using your baggage for – Will you be using it for travel, work, or both? This will help you decide what type of luggage is best for you.
  2. Consider how much gear you’ll need – How many clothes will you need to pack? What size of suitcase do you need? All of this will help determine the size and type of bag that’s right for you.
  3. Get a good quality bag – Don’t skimp on the quality of your bag – it’ll be with you through a lot of wear and tear. Make sure to get a sturdy bag that can handle being tossed around, kicked, and dragged around.
  4. Get a travel insurance policy – You never know when something might go wrong while traveling, so make sure to get travel insurance in case something does happen. This way, even if your baggage is lost or damaged, you’re still covered.


Anything here is not constant & things may obviously vary; that’s why if anybody asks you how many pounds can I carry on international flights, your answer should be the standard one. Moreover, it would be better to use a range, not a single number, because every airport follows that ratio.

However, the right way to pack your bag before the flight is to measure all the items’ weights that you will carry before putting them in the bag; thus, you can avoid any unwanted situation on the flight.


How Can I Measure My Carry-On Bag To Make Sure It Fits?

There’s no one answer to this question, as every person’s carry-on bag is different. However, some general tips that may be helpful include measuring your bag using the following dimensions:

Length: Should be at least shoulder-width or wider, but not wider than your hips

Width: Should be at least shoulder-width or wider, but not wider than your shoulders

Height: Should be no more than twice the width of your waist at the navel (for men) or twice the width of your waist at the bust (for women).

How Much Pound A Person Can Carry In International Flight?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it differs depending on the airline and the particular flight. However, generally, you are allowed to bring a limited amount of luggage with you when traveling internationally. This includes your carry-on and checked bags, but excludes any food or beverage items. So, depending on the airline you are flying with, you may be able to bring a limited amount of pounds with you.

Is There A Weight Limit For Carry-On Bags International?

There is no specific weight limit for carry-on bags when travelling internationally, but it is always best to check with your airline beforehand to make sure your bag will fit under the flight restrictions. Some common restrictions that airlines put in place are the size and weight of carry-on bags, as well as the type of bag (such as a backpack or suitcase).

How Many Luggage Are Allowed In International Flights?

Every airline has specific guidelines regarding the maximum amount of luggage that can be brought on a flight. These guidelines are typically based on the airline’s size, weight, and route. Some airlines allow a limited number of larger items, while others allow a much greater number of smaller items. It is always best to check with your airline before you travel to ensure that you are following the appropriate guidelines.

Does Any Airlines That Allow 2 Free Checked Bags International?

Yes, there are a few airlines that allow passengers to check two bags for free. These airlines are usually those who offer low-cost flights, as they want to attract more customers. Airlines that allow two free checked bags usually have strict limits on the number of bags that can be carried in each passenger’s luggage.

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