Reason Behind Why I Don’t Like Travel [Explained]

It’s not so unknown that traveling is beneficial for us. Travelling has lots of advantages which boost our mind and physical health.

But you know if I talk about myself it’s not so fascinating for me. That apathetic thinking comes to my mind for so many reasons.

Maybe from another’s point of view, it’s funny, but it isn’t very complicated to explain to me.

Why I don't like travel

Let me explain to you why I don’t like travel.

Reason Of Why I Don’t Like Travels

Problem With New Places

Problem with new places

New places are always minded and refreshing for everyone. When people arrive in new places, they become very pleasant.

As they will learn new things from a new environment, it should happen. To grasp the whole scenario, they forget about their past sorrows and difficulties.

But from my point of view, I can’t cope up with the new environment.

I feel like losing my control there. Unknown places are always a treat for me. Everything is unpredictable, where I don’t know anything, that thing kills me inside.

This feeling is unexplainable also; if I explain, no one will understand the core of the meaning. There is no treatment for this phobia. I always have to fight against this. Here the same way people laugh at me.

Sometimes you have nothing to deliver in front of them; yes, it’s not so equivocal. A new place, a new challenge, and a new boxing ring for me.

They don’t need to be understood. Some say one problem has many solutions but many problems, but it is hard to find one solution. Except for these, I figured out my solution is not to travel again.

Anxiety Demotivates Me Every Time

Anxiety demotivates me every time

I’ve delivered lots of times before that anxiety plays a worse role in creating the demonization of traveling.

You can do meditation for this; meditation is the best solution to getting rid of anxiety. But how much it helps you?

Maybe you can reduce your level by 10%-20%, but what about the rest of 80%? So here it’s equivocal.

I just can’t acquaint myself with new people. This situation makes me uncomfortable facing them.

No one has the power to read one’s mind. The bad and good character combination makes you careful in inputting your next step.

But from accumulating others’ experiences, it’s a really rare case to see second-class behavior. As you are a tourist, they will willingly show some respect to you.

Despite hearing these kinds of positive things, I can’t change my mind. My imagination is not negative from my point of view. If anyone here at my point, they will understand my fact.

One important thing is that I can feel whole over the world’s places by seeing them on social media and collecting the experiences from the people who used to be tourists in lots of countries. I think that’s a great thing to utilize your experiences.

I Can’t Afford Much For Traveling

I cant afford much for traveling

For saying no to travel money is another reason. I don’t have enough cash to travel from one country to another.

Travelling gets its satisfaction when you will travel everywhere to see the mysterious creation of the almighty. For example, people start struggling to earn money and lead a pleasant life at this age.

Whatever wishes you have, your destination will not fulfill that kind of thing at some point, but most of the time, it’s infrequent.

In the same way I have created the maintenance here. Without generating maintenance, you won’t be able to cope up with future obstacles.

You have no choice but to amass some money for plans, food, buying things, etc., so it’s intricate to have lots of money for traveling from one way to another.

There are a group of people who manage sponsors for their travel. Yet, it’s not so uncomplicated to find a sponsor for the trip.

You know where you can’t look down upon me since I don’t have any other choice to ignite my reasoning.

Accumulating Experiences From Other People Is Better Than Traveling

Accumulating experiences from other people is better than traveling

In this word, you find some people who don’t love traveling. I try to process the experience in my mind to have experienced too, I can know about new people and new places.

It’s better than wasting money from visiting one place to another.

Why Do I Fear Plane Journeys?

Why do I fear plane journeys

The plane journey is so adventurous for everyone. Who else doesn’t like grasping the feel of the sky?

But maybe I’m the only guy who feels nervous traveling through the air; I hope lots of people here also have the same phobia.

Sometimes I see on social media that one of the planes from a country has crashed. I’m talking ad hoc because it’s a very shocking action for me.

Moreover, when the plane is about to take off, it seems like something worse will happen, and then my behavior changes like a child. I can’t do anything about this feeling to see that people laugh at me. You know it’s like ad nauseam.

Why Is The Bus Journey Always Uncomfortable For Me?

Why is the bus journey always uncomfortable for me

Whenever I go on an extended tour through a bus, it becomes a challenging situation for me. Besides, my thinking hits my brain by saying, you should escape from here.

Hallucination is one of the worst reasons for this Resistance. This journey is always uncomfortable for me whenever I go. It seems like I’m out of my mind.

Nausea destroys me inside at that moment. Having these all obstacles, sometimes I have to fall into these kinds of situations for my importance.


It’s not so uncomplicated that I don’t like traveling by processing all the information here in mind. You can have a fear of flying in the sky. Moreover, you can feel uncomfortable.

You cannot judge new people in new places and can’t control yourself in such new places.

Despite understanding all impediments, they laugh at the person without any reason. People have to understand their feelings. I hope now you know why I don’t like travel.

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