What Happens If I Miss A Flight On Purpose? [Explained]

Missing a flight is quite common among regular travelers. This can happen on or without the will of the passenger. Your car could break, or you can have some emergency that is more important than catching a flight. If you are planning to miss a flight on purpose, you might be thinking about the outcome.

The thing is, you should not miss your flight on purpose because that may get you into the bad book of airlines. However, it is essential to know for everyone what happens if I miss a flight on purpose

What Happens If I Miss A Flight On Purpose

Missing Your Flights on Purpose

Most favourite reason to skip a flight is “hidden city ticketing.” You can reduce your traveling cost by a considerable margin with this trick. This is not something illegal, but it is not something ethical as well. 

For a better understanding of  “hidden city ticketing,” let us give you an example. Let’s say you want to go to Alabama from New York. For that, the ticket may cost you 400$. But if you get to a plane with the final destination in Florida but stops at Alabama for a second lag, it might cost 250$.

The unusual pricing of the air ticket depends on multiple things. So if you are planning to miss your flight on purpose, do proper research for “hidden city ticketing” on your destination. 

What Happens On Missing A flight

What happens on missing a flight

Logically, your ticker becomes void if you don’t appear at the departure time and the plane leaves. If you have a non-refundable ticket, you won’t be able to ask for compassion on your fare. If your ticket is a multi lag missing, any lag will automatically cancel all other lags as well.

Let us try to understand that with an example. Suppose you started from City A and your destination is City D. Your airbus will stop on City B and City C before reaching the final destination. If you miss your flight on City B and reach City C by another route, your ticket won’t be valid anymore. If you miss your plane on City B, your other City C and City D flights also get cancelled for that sit.

This is not the end of the story. If your booking was an around trip, then all of your returning flights also get cancelled. 

What Happens To Your Properties On Missing A Flight

On international flights, the airline service waits for the passenger to check-in till the last moment. But if you have a one-way trip and do a no-show, all of your properties are taken out of the checked-in properties. But if you miss your flight on second lag, your properties fly with the plan as well.

On domestic flights, the rules remain the same. Suppose you have a property on the flight container. Missing it on the second lag means your luggage will drop at the flight’s final destination.

Can I Get A Refund For The Missing Flight?

Most of the time, you won’t get any compensation for missing non-refundable flights. However, every airline has a “flat-tire rule.” If you miss your flight by anything beyond your control, you may get a refund or a new ticket without any cost.

If you think you will miss your flight due to a vehicle breaking down or bad weather conditions, call your airlines to cancel your flight. Some airlines allow you to cancel your flight even 10 minutes before departure. If you can make it through the rules, you may get some cash or e-credit for your future flights with the airline.

What To Do If I Miss My Returning Flight

If you booked an around trip flight with your airlines, they would charge both outbound and inbound tickets together. If you miss your returning flight, your ticket is cancelled for all lags. 

But if you make sure you called the airlines before the due time that you won’t make it in time, they might let you fly on the next flight. 

Some airlines may give you the next booking totally for free. Yet there are complaints about unrealistic pricing for last moments flights. Check your airline’s regulations for missing a returning flight. Usually, they will charge you about 100$ per seat to get the next immediate returning flight. 

Check your airline’s policies. Many airlines let you exchange your ticket with another date if you fly to the same final destination. But you will have to pay the difference between your ticket and the new ticket. On the other hand, if your new ticket is cheaper than your current one you won’t get any compensation.

Will I Be Charged For Missing My Flight

The definite answer is “No” no airline policy says you have to pay any fees for not showing up for flights. However, if you are in the bad book of airlines for skiplagging or hidden city ticketing, they might charge you. 

When you constantly skip your lags to reduce your flight fare cost, the airlines follow your track. They might charge money from your credit card or ask for a higher price when you try to get a ticket. 

But as long as you are not missing your flight for saving money by using loopholes, you won’t be fined.

Is It Illegal To Miss A Flight On Purpose?

It is not illegal to miss a flight on purpose. However, this is not a good practice as well. You won’t be charged or arrested by authorities skipping flights. But it can make things quite awkward for you. 

When you buy a ticket from an airline, you sign a contract with them. But if you leave your seat, the airlines have their right to sue you for hampering their business. But most of the time, it extends that they will ban you from flying with the airline. 


We hope you got all your answers regarding what happens if I miss a flight on purpose from here. If you are trying to skip your flight to save money, we suggest doing a little research for cheaper flights. But if you are going to miss your flight out of emergency, you have nothing much to worry about. 

Meta: Either you are a frequent flyer, or occasional you the thought might cross what happens if I miss a flight on purpose? So here is everything you want to know.

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