Easy Travel With Luggage On Megabus: Expert Advice

Travelling can be a fun and rewarding experience but also stressful and overwhelming, especially when you have to lug around heavy luggage. Megabus offers an affordable and convenient option for those who prefer to travel by bus.

However, navigating the ins and outs of travelling with luggage on Megabus can be challenging, especially for first-time riders. That’s where expert advice comes in handy. We’ll share some insider tips and tricks to make your travels on Megabus a breeze regarding luggage management.

From choosing the right luggage to packing efficiently, we’ll cover everything you need to know to ensure a smooth and hassle-free trip. We’ll also explore the different types of luggage storage options available on Megabus and how to make the most of them. With our expert advice, you’ll be able to pack smarter and travel lighter, so you can focus on enjoying your journey.

Luggage On Megabus

Accessible Easy Travel With Luggage On Megabus

Accessible Easy Travel With Luggage On Megabus

To ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey on Megabus, it is important to pack light and efficiently. This will make it easier for you to carry and store your luggage during your trip. Familiarize yourself with Megabus’ luggage policy in advance to avoid any surprises or extra charges.

Opting for a suitcase or bag with wheels can greatly ease the manoeuvrability through the bus and station. Consider using packing cubes or compression bags to maximize space and organise your belongings. Arriving early will give you ample time to secure space in the luggage compartment, alleviating any rush or stress.

Additionally, it is essential to be considerate of other passengers by keeping your luggage compact and out of the way. By following these tips, your travel experience with luggage on Megabus will be accessible and easy.

The Weight And Size Limits For Megabus Luggage

Knowing the luggage’s weight and size limits is important when travelling on Megabus. According to their guidelines, a piece of luggage must not exceed 62 inches when adding the total exterior dimensions of the piece (length + width + height).

Additionally, the luggage should not weigh more than 50 pounds. It is important to adhere to these limits to ensure a smooth and hassle-free travel experience. Passengers can also consider bringing smaller, more compact luggage options to ensure that they meet the size requirements.

Megabus Carry-On Bag Restrictions

Megabus Carry-On Bag Restrictions

Understand the specific carry-on bag restrictions imposed by Megabus. Pack efficiently and prioritize essential items to fit within the size and weight limitations. Consider using compression bags or packing cubes to maximize space and organization. Be aware of any additional liquids, electronics, or prohibited item restrictions.

Plan ahead and check the Megabus website or contact customer service for any updates or changes to their carry-on policies. Megabus allows passengers to bring one small carry-on bag with dimensions not exceeding 9 x 14 x 22 inches and weighing no more than 25 pounds. It should be small enough to fit in the overhead storage compartments or under the seat.

Remember that larger bags, extra pieces of luggage, or bags exceeding the weight limit may require an additional travel ticket. Ensure you pack your belongings carefully and adhere to the guidelines to avoid any inconvenience during your journey.

Ways To Secure Your Luggage While Travelling On Megabus

Securing your luggage and protecting your belongings is important when travelling on Megabus. Start by choosing a durable and secure luggage option, such as a hard-shell suitcase or a lockable backpack. This will help prevent damage and deter theft. To add an extra layer of security, use TSA-approved locks on your bags. These locks are specially designed to be opened by airport security if necessary.

Instead of checking in your valuables with your luggage, keep them in a personal bag or carry-on. This way, you can ensure they are always within sight and reduce the risk of loss or theft. Using luggage tags with your contact information will make it easier to identify your bags and prevent mix-ups.

Lastly, be mindful of where you store your luggage on the bus. If available, utilize overhead storage compartments and keep your luggage within sight. Following these tips lets you have peace of mind and enjoy a secure journey on Megabus.

How To Handle Excess Luggage Megabus?

How To Handle Excess Luggage Megabus

Handling excess luggage, Megabus, can be challenging, as the company has strict policies regarding baggage allowances. It is important to carefully review the luggage restrictions before your trip to avoid any issues. If you find yourself with excess luggage, a few options are available. First, you may be able to pay for an additional bag or overweight baggage if it exceeds the weight limit.

Another option is to ship your excess luggage separately or store it at a nearby facility until you return. Alternatively, you could consider downsizing and packing only the essentials to fit within the allowed limits. Planning ahead and being mindful of the baggage restrictions will help ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey on Megabus.

Tips For Travelling With Luggage Megabus

When travelling with luggage Megabus, it’s important to remember a few tips. First and foremost, pack light to accommodate the limited storage space available. Opt for a compact suitcase or duffel bag that can easily fit in the overhead compartment. To ensure you have enough space for your luggage, it’s a good idea to arrive at the bus stop early and be one of the first to board.

It’s also advisable to keep your valuables in a small backpack or purse that can stay with you in your seat. If you have oversized or heavy luggage, consider shipping them to your destination instead of bringing them on the bus. Lastly, be mindful of other passengers by avoiding blocking aisles or taking up extra seats with your luggage.

Should You Check In Online For Megabus Travel?

When travelling on Megabus, checking in online can be a convenient option. By checking in online, you can save time at the bus station and avoid waiting in long lines. It allows you to easily secure your seat and receive your boarding pass ahead of time. Additionally, some routes may have specific requirements for check-in, so it is important to review the instructions provided by Megabus.

However, it is worth noting that checking in online does not guarantee a seat on the bus, as seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Therefore, arriving at the bus stop in advance is still recommended to ensure a smooth travel experience.

How To Pack For A Trip On Megabus With Luggage

When preparing for a trip on Megabus with luggage, it’s essential to pack efficiently to maximise the limited space available. Start by packing light and bringing only the essentials you’ll need during your journey. Opt for smaller suitcases or duffel bags that can easily fit in the overhead compartments. Consider using packing cubes or compression bags to maximize space and organise your belongings.

Before you embark on your trip, check the Megabus website for specific rules or restrictions regarding luggage size and weight. This will ensure you comply with their guidelines and avoid any issues during your journey. Additionally, if you have larger items or excess luggage that may not fit on the bus, it’s worth researching nearby storage facilities or locker rentals at your destination.


Travelling with luggage on Megabus can be easy and hassle-free by following simple tips. Make sure to check the weight and size limits for your luggage to ensure compliance with Megabus regulations. Additionally, be aware of the carry-on bag restrictions and compare luggage limits with other bus services if necessary. To secure your luggage while travelling, consider using locks or securing straps.

If you have excess luggage, handling it properly by paying for additional baggage or shipping it separately is important. Pack efficiently and consider checking online to save time and avoid last-minute stress. With this expert advice, you can have a smooth and enjoyable journey on Megabus with your luggage.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Is Megabus Strict With Luggage?

Ans: Megabus has specific guidelines for luggage size and weight. Adhering to these guidelines is crucial to avoid issues or additional charges. During busy travel times, Megabus may enforce luggage restrictions. Familiarize yourself with their policy beforehand for a smooth journey.

2.How Much Luggage Can You Take On Megabus?

Ans: Each passenger is allowed one piece of luggage for free on the Megabus. The free luggage should not exceed 62 inches in dimensions and 50 lbs in weight. Additional or oversized baggage may require an extra fee. Always check the specific luggage policy to avoid surprises.

3.How Many Suitcases Can You Take On The Coach?

Ans: The luggage allowance for coaches may vary depending on the bus company. Most companies allow passengers to bring one or two suitcases. It’s important to check the specific policy of the coach company you’re travelling with to avoid any issues. Oversized or overweight luggage may have additional fees or restrictions.

4.What Size Luggage Can You Take On The Tour Bus?

Ans: When travelling on a tour bus, the size of luggage you can bring may vary depending on the bus company’s policies. Generally, most tour buses allow one or two pieces of luggage. Check the dimensions and weight restrictions the bus company provides beforehand for a smooth journey. Pack light and consider using compact suitcases or duffel bags that meet the size requirements.

5.Can I Bring A Carry-On Bag And A Personal Item On Megabus?

Ans: You can bring a carry-on bag and a personal item on Megabus. Each passenger is allowed one carry-on bag, which should fit in the overhead bin or under the seat. The dimensions of the carry-on bag should not exceed 62 inches (length + width + height) and should weigh no more than 50 lbs. You can also bring one small personal item, like a handbag or laptop bag, which should fit under the seat in front of you.

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