New York To London Flight Time [Explained]

The total flight time from New York, NY toward London, United Kingdom, is 7 hours and 27 minutes.

That assumes a regular flight speed for a commercial airplane of 500 mph, which is equal to 805 km/h; otherwise, 434 knots. It moreover adds an added 30 minutes for take-off plus landing. Your exact time might vary depending on the wind speeds. Do you know what is the New York to London flight time?

If you plan a trip, recall adding more time for the aircraft to taxi among the gate plus the airfield runway. This quantity is only for real flying time. 

Your tour starts in New York, New York. It finishes in London, United Kingdom. Your flight course from New York, NY toward London, United Kingdom, is Northern east (51 degrees from North).

The flight time calculator measures the regular flight duration among points. It uses the excellent circle formulation to calculate the travel mileage.

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Boeing 747 Flies New York Toward London in Under 5 Hours

New York To London Flight Time

Of all the stuff you might listen to on a flight, a “we are expected to land around an hour early” is not usually one of them. Another may be flying from New York toward London in under five hours.

Because of extreme situations in the UK, a British Airways Boeing 747 plus Virgin Atlantic Airbus A350 went head to head, flying the way in under 5 hours, compared to the average flying time of 6.5 hours plus up. That is wild.

If you are ever in a pub quiz, despite being one of the elder commercial aircraft still in service, the Boeing 747 remains the fastest viable aircraft. 

Last night, the “Queen of The Skies” verified that yet again, as British Airways 22-year-old G-CIVP listed aircraft completed New York toward London in 4 hours 56 minutes, set a new subsonic speed record.

The flight BA 112 planned to leave New York at 6:30 PM by an arrival time of 6:25 AM into London leftward 17 minutes late. However, it managed to land at 4:43 AM anyway. 

The plane got an exceptional top speed of over 800 mph, which is a jump from the average 570 mph voyaging speed. Maverick would be honored.

In straight competition, Virgin Atlantic’s brand new Airfield A350-1000 “G-VPOP,” which is less than a year old, achieved a flight time of 4 hours 57 minutes, just missing out on the heading. 

But, to be fair to the silver medal owner, the A350 has half the engines, plus did the trip burning approximately half the fuel.

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To recap, this is a way which takes a least of 7 hours from London toward New York, and seldom under 5 hours plus 45 minutes from New York toward London. 

The flight is costed at 6:30 minutes, which creates this time honestly staggering. The flight took benefit of completely wild jet stream situations across the Atlantic because of Storm Ciara – no relation toward the pop star – which made this novel record possible.

Yep, even however, flights from New York to London are approximately 1,000 miles longer than flights among New York plus Los Angeles. 

So they are flying faster, plus flights from London to New York take longer than trips from London to Bangalore, which are approximately 1,500 miles additional. But, hey, blame this on the weather.

British Airways 747 Sets New Transoceanic Speed and Time Record Transoceanic flight speeds could never compete by the Concorde days. However, in a subsonic age, we just saw some novel records set.

New York To London In 4hr56min

As anybody in the UK knows, at the instant winter storm Ciara is triggering some unfriendly weather on the other sideways of the Atlantic. 

Together with this, we have seen an explosive cyclone form over the Atlantic, which is triggering an unbelievably strong jet stream.

International flight times could already be highly variable, founded on the time of year one is traveling. However, winds crossways the Atlantic were on a whole diverse level.

BA112 from New York JFK toward London Heathrow set a new flight time record. First, a British Airways 747 functioned the flight in just 4hr56min. 

But, unfortunately, that flight is jammed at 7hr5min (which comprises taxi time plus a buffer), meaning that the plane reached at 4:47 AM, a full 1hr38min onward of the 6:25 AM planned arrival. WOW.

Virgin Atlantic was not far behind hand British Airways, however. VS4 from New York JFK toward London Heathrow was planned to depart at precisely the same time. The flight was functioned by an A350-1000, plus that plane accomplished the flight in just 4hr57min. It completed up arriving at the gate on Heathrow at 5:05 AM, a complete 1hr25min onward of schedule.

Tailwinds on both flights were as high as 265mph, plus the airplanes reached maximum speeds of above 830mph.

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Previous Transoceanic Speed And Time Records

The earlier record for a New York toward London flight was while Norwegian functioned the route in 5hr13min in January 2018, record a maximum speed of 776 miles for each hour.

Mainly in terms of speed on a transoceanic flight, Virgin Atlantic fixed a record in February 2019, while a Los Angeles toward London flight reached a maximum speed of 801 miles for each hour.

However, British Airways gained all the prizes, beating Norwegian’s record through 17 minutes and reaching speeds of well above 800 miles for each hour.

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These Still Are Not The Minor Transatlantic Flights

I would note that the time records are precise to the New York toward London market. However, there are most certainly still shorter transoceanic flights out there.

For instance, last night Aer Lingus hovered from Boston toward Dublin in a flight time of 4hr49min. Which is not that remarkable when you ponder that the flight is approximately 500 miles smaller (though the 747 has a faster voyaging speed than the A330).

The shortest frequently planned transatlantic flights are from Northeastern Canada toward Dublin.

While New York to London flights are especially short to start with, operating these flights under five hours is next level. They must have had below two hours among meal services onboard.

It is so cool that they set this record. However, I’m sure just about anybody traveling this route in flatbed desires had just slowed down a bit; thus, they might get more rest. Presumably, most persons aren’t in a rush to get anyplace at 4:47 AM on a Sunday.

New York To London Flights Price

Whether you are looking for a grand venture or want to get away for a last-minute break. Trips from New York to London offer faultless respite. 

Not only does discovering London offers the chance to make some magical memories, dip into delicious dishes. And tour the local milestones, but the inexpensive airfare means you will not bust your budget. 

So no matter whether your perfect itinerary includes flying one way, non-stop, otherwise round trip, you’re bound to discover flights that match your program, plus at prices that will not shock your wallet.

Catching a cheap flight from New York to London might mean more dollars toward spending on one-of-a-kind souvenirs while you arrive. 

However, it doesn’t mean you have toward skimping on your tourism experience, a warm selection of inexpensive airlines that will put you in your glad place on their planes. 

And whether that is going to be lost in a hair-raising airport thriller, dreaming on the passing scenery over a glass of sparkling, or jotting down your holiday bucket list at 38,000 feet. 

There is also bound to be amply of chances to snap a few photographs of the high life that would make your friends green with jealousy. After all, enjoying the trip is part of the fun.


With so many reasonable flights plus so many delightful adventures awaiting you. There is no reason to put off the reservation for a fantastic flight from JFK to LHR now. 

So don’t leave it to the last minute toward making your dream journey a reality. Pack your belongings with your go-to travel accessories.

And put together your list of must-see charms and cannot-miss activities, as well as get ready to widen your horizons. And the wonders of London are merely a plane trip away. I hope now you know about New York to London flight time. So book your tour arrangements today!

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