Are You Traveling As Part Of A Group Or Organization?

Occasionally or regularly people have to travel. Whether people want or not, they must travel. It becomes a mandatory part of human beings. So, are you traveling as part of a group or organization?

The person directly connected with traveling is called a traveler though the driver is also connected with tripping.

In every office and organization, a tour occurs to refresh the mind of their people. It’s better than individually going to another place for sustenance.

Are you traveling as part of a group or organization

I also traveled with a group. That was a memorable moment of my life. Though I went through an organization, too, both have different perspectives.

Traveled With A Group Of My Friends

Traveled with a group of my friends

One of the best pleasures I got with my friends was spending some good momentum in Cox’s Bazar. It’s ridiculous to hear that a person never arrived at Cox’s bazaar before.

You know seeing the ocean is better than anything. Every place has different vibes. Some will love ascending mountains.

On the other hand, some people will love adventuring in the forest. There they want to create differentiation. By the way, I was a student at a university; I have many companions but too little I love.

For you, not everyone will understand. So at that point, I had a group. They planned on going to the largest sea beach in the world.

They offered me, and I accepted. Why do people reject an opportunity like that to revive themselves?. We bought tickets to Cox’s bazar from Cumilla.

I was very excited. My exhilarations made me feel resuscitated, though it was just beginning. That is the satisfaction of traveling.

I packed everything for the upcoming three days as I would be in Cox’s bazar. On 26 October we started the journey at 11 pm. The bus went about 11.45 pm.

The whole road seemed like a vehicle less, and the bus was running in its way. The road’s night view attracted me a lot; it appeared like I’m in another world.

The night journey is always stunning for me. After going through a 7 hours journey, we reached the longest sea beach.

The View Of The Beach From The Roadside Is Worth Seeing

The view of the beach from the roadside is worth seeing

We managed a CNG to the hotel side. The CNG was running beside the beach. I’m not able to explain those feelings.

But I can remember that for the first time, it was a fantastic occurrence. I could see the reflection of the ocean to the sky.

I was staying there for a long time. My friends were talking to each other about how they could manage a good hotel.

After stepping there, managing the hotel became the main issue because if you don’t have a perfect one, the whole tour will be useless.

Analyzing for 2 hours, we got the best one for us. We finished our formalities and checked in to have a perfect room.

It was a long journey, and we were so tired.  Therefore, we took a shower and completed our lunch as soon as possible after we got asleep.

Enjoyed The View Of Sunset And Sunrise

Enjoyed the view of sunset and sunrise

After having a long trip, we slept a lot. In the afternoon we went to the sea beach. It is the best scene I’ve ever grasped.

Because of sunset, the whole ocean was glittering; I visited every stall with accompanies and saw so many varieties of products.

I bought some gifts for my family. Then I ate some seafood. I didn’t like the Octopus.

The next day in the morning, we came to the beach again to see the sunrise, with no doubt that was a tremendous scene. After staying one more night, we returned to our sweet home again.

The Best Side Of Traveling With A Group

The best side of traveling with a group

Friends are always a blessing for everyone. If you make a tour with your friends, it will always be memorable for you.

I had a problem with the journeying bus; I became sick when I was on the bus. My friends helped me a lot. One of my friends brought medicine for me so that I could recover soon.

So from that point of view, wherever you go with your groups, we will have lots of advantages, shortage of money, becoming sick, etc. in every situation, they will be your best partners.

Have You Ever Traveled With An Organization?

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Here the answer will be affirmative. I had the opportunity twice to peregrinate with organizations.

When I was a kid of 10 years, from my father’s office, we went to Gazipur.

It was unforgettable for me too because for the first time in my life in any competition I made my parents happy. There I got two first prizes; still, these prizes became an ornament of my house.

The second one was with BNCC ( Bangladesh National Cadet Corps), with whom I gave a tour to Mohamaya and khoiyachora, which were located in feni, Chittagong.

It was an adventurous tour throughout my whole life. The hills of Khoiyachora were too risky to climb. But I completed the climbing though I had some injuries after.

At noon we finished our lunch with our seniors and juniors. Then we started our journey to Mohamaya.

That place was also bewildering. Therefore we became ready to return home though I wished to stay there more.


It doesn’t matter whether you are going to a place with a group or organization or with your family; it always becomes a pleasure to stay in a fantastic place far from home.

You will have some advantages in staying with your group of friends also you will have some benefits in visiting with an organization.

But there is a dissimilarity between a group and an organization. I know the fact because I have traveled with both. From my point of view, I don’t want to compare them.

Because traveling is always a great thing for everyone, the more you travel, the more you will gather knowledge and experiences. I hope the “Are you traveling as part of a group or organization” article helps you the way you wanted.

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